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Phentermine review
Date: 1/28/2016
Used Phentermine for about 3- 4 months but have stopped. Very short term benefit of reduced appetite and more energy/motivation to work out, but after a couple weeks it did not work as well. I continued for almost 3 months and lost 13 lbs on a lo carb high protein plan, then side effects got worse and appetite was back. Tried stopping a few days at a time and then resuming med, but it didn’t work and side effects continued. Gained back 5+ lbs over holidays, despite sporadic use of this med., and continue to have dry mouth and awful taste in my mouth. Have tried the dry mouth sprays/washes and they don’t help. Wondering how long it will take for this effect to stop, seeing my doc in another week. Have noticed increased rashes as well but not sure related to this. Have not taken 1 pill in over 2 weeks but mouth still affected. Saw other references to “wheat rash” on tongue by others, wondering if that’s what happened. Overall didn’t really work well for me.


Is the tablet time released?
Date: 2/23/2016
Hello, I started 37.5 mg on the capsule 1/19 and lost 13 lbs by my check up on 2/18. I was given 2 more months worth, but this time my doctor gave me a tablet instead. It’s the generic for Adipex-P. Is there any difference between the two? Is the tablet also time released? I usually take it about 1230-1.


AskDocWeb: The Apidex-P that comes in the speckled tablets is the same medication. It is immediate release, not time released.

Can’t take deep breath
Date: 4/21/2016
Hello, I just started taking phentermine 30mg plus a thyroid pill that was prescribed and I feel like I can’t take a deep breath during the day. My heartbeat is fine and there is nothing else wrong. I just need to know if it is still safe to take the medicine.

Can’t take deep breath

AskDocWeb: Any difficulty with breathing should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible.
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