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Subj: Heart problems?
Date: 3/29/2006
I have started taking Phentermine this week. I have a OB/GYN Regular exam in about three weeks. Should I quit taking this medicine before the appointment or will it affect any test that my doctor or the lab perform? And, does just the phentermine cause heart problems? I know that the combination Phen-Fen did so I was wondering just how safe this really is?


AskDocWeb: You do not need to stop phentermine just because you are having a pelvic exam. But make sure that your OB/GYN is aware that you are taking phentermine. As long as you avoid using fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine there shouldn’t be any heart problems while using Phentermine.

Subj: Concerned about blood pressure
Date: 4/6/2006
I am getting ready to take this. I am a little concerned about my blood pressure. It has been running 145/84. My doctor said it was ok, but I would like a second opinion. Also, do I need to stop drinking coffee?


AskDocWeb: You don’t need to quit drinking caffeine, but do place a reasonable limit on the total daily amount. Your blood pressure is on the high side of borderline normal but if your doctor thinks it’s okay then you can go ahead.

Subj: Phentermine vertigo
Date: 4/6/2006
I took phentermine for about one week two and a half weeks ago. A day after I had taken my last pill I began to experience vertigo. I have never experienced vertigo before and it has persisted for two and a half weeks now. Could this have something to do with the drug?


AskDocWeb: Yes it could, talk with your doctor before you go any further on this drug, it may not be for you.

Subj: Extremely tired on Phentermine
Date: 4/12/2006
I have been on Phentermine for 2 weeks, I have already lost 8 pounds, however, I have been feeling extremely tired, lost in a zone and at times I feel dizzy. Could this be a result of this drug? Thanks for your time.


AskDocWeb: Yes, we’ve heard from others saying that they are tired also, but not dizzy. You should discuss this with your doctor before symptoms become worse.

Subj: Loosing weight too fast?
Date: 4/13/2006
I have been taken phentermine 37.5 for about a week now and I have dropped about 14 pounds. I want to know if I may be loosing weight too quickly. Also I am taking hctz 25 mg, that is a blood pressure medication and I wanted to know if that would have a bad effect on me being that I am taking that medication as well as the phentermine and a 325mg iron pill for anemia daily.


AskDocWeb: Yes, we believe you are losing weight too fast. Check your blood pressure daily to make sure it hasn’t been affected by taking phentermine. And make sure you are eating a balanced diet. The faster you loose weight the more likely it is to come back when you quit the weight loss program.

Subj: Phentermine stopped working
Date: 4/13/2006
It seemed to have worked in the first few weeks. But now that I am into my third and 4th week I feel like it’s not working. I also have a funny taste in my mouth and experience severe cases of dizziness every so often. I drink a lot of water through the day. Could that much water be diluting the effects of the pill?


AskDocWeb: No, drinking water doesn’t affect the way phentermine works. The dizziness may be a sign that you need to go see your doctor.

Subj: Concerned about anxiety
Date: 4/19/2006
Hi, I have been taking phentermine for 3 weeks, I have lost 12 lbs. I am concerned about anxiety. lately, I have been tired, zoning out, and feeling as though I may pass out. I have had a lot of blood work to rule out other causes. but everything was negative. Do you think it’s possible that the Phentermine is causing anxiety? If I stop this med at 4 weeks, to take a break, will the anxiety go away, and when I start up again with Phentermine, will I go through all the side effects?, like restlessness, tired, up at night, etc. Thanks for listening, I look forward to hear your response.


AskDocWeb: Since Phentermine is the only pill you are taking, it is quite likely the cause of the anxiety and will stop when you discontinue. But it will also return when you start again. Make sure your doctor knows about that feeling that you are about to pass out.

Subj: Phentermine stopped working
Date: 4/22/2006
I have been taking phentermine for about 4 weeks, the first two weeks the medication worked wonders but now it isn’t really doing anything at all. I have lost about 10 lbs. I would like to loose another 10. It is definitely a short term medication.


Subj: Phentermine and blood pressure
Date: 4/23/2006
I have been taking this medication off and on for about two years now. I ordered 3 90 day prescriptions in approximately three years. I am wondering if I should be worrying about my blood pressure. I recently visited my doctor twice within a couple of weeks. The first meeting all my health was fine, the second meeting my blood pressure was abnormally high. I did not take Phentermine on the day of the first meeting but I did the second, so is it the nature of the drug to temporarily raise your blood pressure and pulse? If that is so, what would be the best way to incorporate my gym schedule? Should I work out before taking or take early in the morning etc.? I have also noticed a loss in my sex drive, will that come back?


AskDocWeb: It is the nature of this drug to raise your blood pressure. When to take it depends on your gym schedule. If you work out in the morning then yes, it would be a good idea to do your workouts first. If you work out in the afternoon or evening then taking the Phentermine in the morning will avoid the sleep problems. And do keep a record of your blood pressure at least three times a week and report these to your doctor.

Subj: Sore throat with Phentermine
Date: 4/25/2006
I have been taking phentermine hci 37.5 mg. for three days. I have been cutting them in half as I am nervous about taking anything. I have about 20 lbs. to lose. I have had a sore throat (painful to swallow) since about 10 hours after my first dose. It is not getting better or worse. Can you offer any suggestions or information about this? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: This is a side effect that should be reported to your physician.

Subj: Avoiding addiction
Date: 4/25/2006
To be a little safer in regards to becoming “addicted” do you think that taking it every other day may help this? Or, do you think your body will roller coaster from the on & off?


AskDocWeb: We think your body will do the roller coaster ride.

Subj: Blood clots?
Date: 4/25/2006
Any chance of blood clots with this med? Also is it ok to take on blood pressure medicine under Dr.’s care. Need to lose weight badly.


AskDocWeb: Caution is to be exercised with people with even mild hypertension (high blood pressure). There is no mention of blood clots listed however, one of the contraindications for Phentermine is blood vessel disease. You will have to watch your blood pressure very carefully because it may go up, if it does then contact your doctor.

Subj: Phentermine side effects
Date: 4/26/2006
Hi, I have been on Phentermine for roughly 2 weeks. I have lost about 12 lbs. thus far. The side effects that I get from this drug are diarrhea, dry mouth and burping. I burp constantly. I do not feel a rush, dizziness or any other symptoms that are stated on the information. I am usually exhausted so insomnia is never an issue.

Although I find these side effects bothersome I must admit that I no longer have any appetite and have to remind myself to eat. I drink a great deal of liquid as I have the dry mouth. It is worth a try if you have had no success in the past with other weight loss programs.


Subj: Restless leg syndrome
Date: 5/3/2006
Hello, I have RLS (restless leg syndrome) I have just started taking the med and wondering if this will bother my RLS in any way, because they both have something to do the Central Nervous System? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Phentermine may cause overstimulation and increased blood pressure. With this in mind it is probably not a good idea because of the RLS. We wouldn’t take it if the RLS were a severe problem. Consult with your doctor on a good 1200 calorie a day diet, and try walking three times a week for a mile to start. Good luck.

Subj: Painful bowel movements
Date: 5/4/2006
Is it common to have painful bowel movements? — I noticed some bleeding today…is this normal for the first few weeks, please let me know…a/s/a/p thanks,


AskDocWeb: The bleeding with your bowel movements should be addressed by your doctor, this isn’t normal. Phentermine can cause constipation so you may want to put more fiber and water in your diet to soften your stools and make the bowel movements a little easier on your system.

Subj: High blood pressure
Date: 5/5/2006
I am taking medication for high blood pressure and I just tried taking Phentermine today. It made my blood pressure go to 149/106. Is there another version of this drug that won’t raise my blood pressure so high?


AskDocWeb: In your case it’s best to consult with your doctor about an alternative solution to your weight loss.

Subj: Changes to menstrual cycle
Date: 5/6/2006
Hello – I started taking Phentermine almost 2 weeks ago followed with diet and exercise. My question is could starting this have any changes on my menstral cycle – being late or anything like that?


AskDocWeb: Yes, changes in menstrual cycle have been reported by others. It is also possible for an increase in exercise or the stress of dieting to affect your menstrual cycle.

Subj: About to start a pregnancy
Date: 5/8/2006
I have lost almost 15 lbs in about 6 weeks….BUT my main concern is how it can contribute to birth defects. My husband & I are about to start trying to get pregnant & I have heard that Pentermine could contribute to some horrible birth defects & that it needs at least a month to get out of your system before becoming pregnant. Is this true? If so, can I get some feedback regarding this? I don’t want to stop taking it, but if it harm my unborn baby, then NO WAY will I continue to take it. Please advise. Thanks so much!! 🙂


AskDocWeb: We saw no evidence that Phentermine can cause any birth defects but in your situation (starting a pregnancy) you should not be on a diet product unless recommended by your doctor.

Subj: Phentermine and antidepressants?
Date: 5/8/2006
Is it ok to be taking phentermine while on antidepressants, naproxen, coumadin, and xanax? Does it effect menstrual periods?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine may cause severe hypertension or hypertensive crisis. Our reference says to avoid using it within 14 days of MAO inhibitor therapy. And yes, it could effect your menstrual period. Read more feedback from users.
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