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Use this discussion forum to share your experience with Phentermine side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Phentermine review.

Subj: Phentermine feedback
Date: 5/21/2003
I was taking phentermine 37.5 white/blue tablets and had an allergic reaction (throat swelled). I was cutting the pill in half and taking half in the morning and half in the afternoon. This allergic reaction did not occur until 5 days after I started taking the pills. I lost 6 pounds and really want to continue, but I can’t. What other types of phentermine can I try or should I not take any form of phentermine?

AskDocWeb: There are several types of phentermine available. Check with your doctor to find the one that is right for you. (Also see “What is Phentermine“)

Subj: General Questions
Date: 5/25/2003
I have been taking Phentermine for 1 month now. I am very pleased with the results I have seen thus far.

I haven’t had any side effects other than dry mouth and needing to yawn, and not being able to completely yawn.

I wanted to lose an additional 15 to 20lbs that I haven’t been able to get rid of, and have lost 9lbs so far.

If given a drug test from my employer, will Phentermine come back as a controlled substance? I ordered it online and was given a prescription, however, I couldn’t tell you if it was really legit. Thanks


AskDocWeb:Yes, it is possible that will show up. Phentermine has been reported to show up as a false positive for amphetamines and ecstasy on urine tests (Ref: 3, 4, 11)

Subj: Getting really discouraged
Date: 7/18/2003
I have been on phentermine since the middle of March, I have changed my lifestyle pretty drastically and still have not lost a bit of weight. I took it for 4weeks then stopped for a couple of weeks and then started again, I began drinking a lot of water in place of my usual soft drink have been eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising daily (I even use my daughters jump rope for a while). I am getting really discouraged and depressed and I’m starting to become embarrassed talking about this with my doctor, I feel as though maybe he doesn’t think I have been trying hard enough. I was told he would do some blood test before even prescribing me this medicine but he didn’t. I was just wondering if maybe somebody could tell me something else to do or something I might be doing wrong.


Subj: Phentermine or allergy
Date: 9/9/2003
I have been taking phentermine for 7 days. I am experiencing a sore throat, no fever/dry itchy cough.
Is this a side effect of the drug or just seasonal allergies?

AskDocWeb: If you have difficulty breathing, throat closing up, swelling of your tongue, lips, or face, it could be an allergic reaction, which may require immediate medical attention. A sore throat is not listed as one of the possible side effects of Phentermine.

Subj: phentermine
Date: 11/10/2003
I am concerned my daughter has abused phentermine as she has been on them continuously for nearly 3 years. She is very slim now, but refuses to not take them. I think the Dr. is wrong to keep giving them to her. Am I worried over something legitimate?

AskDocWeb: If she is very slim now then there would seem to be a problem. Can you get her to different doctor for a second opinion?

Subj: Don’t be discouraged
Date: 1/15/2004
I started taking Phentermine 15mg in September. The first week, I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables in order to detoxify my body. I lost 9lbs the first week. To date I have lost 42lbs. If I had exercised, I probably would have lost more! After 3 months, I went up to 30mg. I have now joined a gym, I am more motivated than ever. My side effects are dry mouth and loss of sex drive. It’s a small temporary price for a lifetime of good health. Don’t be discouraged…I didn’t think I would ever lose it either. You just gotta stick to it. A few months of misery (dieting) will be worth it. You can do it!


Subj: phentermine with ortho tri cyclen lo?
Date: 1/20/2004
Will the phentermine diet pills interact with my ortho tri cyclen lo? Will it cause it not to work?


AskDocWeb: We found no reference to either effecting the other.

Subj: Phentermine and Hep B
Date: 2/14/2004
I am wondering if Phentermine is dangerous to take if I have Hep B? I have heard that the medicine is processed in my liver and I want to know if it will cause any further damage??? Can I take it???


AskDocWeb: We found nothing about liver problems while researching Phentermine. Please talk to your doctor about taking Phentermine. You may need to be aware of other considerations.

Subj: Pain
Date: 2/15/2004
Well, I have been taking Phentermine since October to now for 5 months and lately I have been feeling pain in the tummy and back pain. Is it normal? Is there any side effect of this drug?


AskDocWeb: Yes, there are side effects of Phentermine. We list them for you here. Pain in the tummy and back pain were not listed among the side effects we found but back pain is often mentioned in forums like this one.

Subj: Give it a go
Date: 3/27/2004
I have been taking phentermine for about 4 months now and even though I have lost quite a bit of weight, it hasn’t come without some annoying side affects. For the first week or so they are quite intense for some people but if you stick with it they tend to go away pretty quickly. I don’t however recommend taking them for as long as I have, as I have found that the longer I take them the more unusual things start happening to my body. For example my hair has started falling out at a quite alarming rate, my skin is extremely oily and very fragile and does not seem to heal. I have a horrible upper body rash and excessive sweating, my bowels have also been affected one day I will be constipated and a few days later it will be a orange jelly like substance. I have also found that I have lost alot more weight off the whole right side of my body compared to my left.

I have researched phentermine and haven’t come across any of these symptoms in any of the information I have found so I can’t say for sure that it is the tablets that are causing them but it has been only in the last month that they have surfaced. For me the weight loss overweighs the symptoms and will continue to deal with them. I recommend that people should give it a go, everybody reacts differently to medication.


Subj: 40 pounds
Date: 4/9/2004I was diagnosed with M.S. a year ago. I became really depressed. I have since, embraced my condition, but I have put on 40 pounds. Will a doctor prescribe me phentermine, or will my M.S. not allow this?

AskDocWeb: Phentermine is for use by those who are obese. And although you have put on 40 pounds, that by itself, does not make you obese. You can use our free
Body Mass calculator to find out if you are obese or not. As to using Phentermine with the MS condition, that is for your doctor to decide.

Subj: Prescription
Date: 4/18/2004
I would like to request a prescription for phentermine, please get back to me with this info. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Sorry, MP, we do product reviews here, not prescriptions.

Subj: Heart problems?
Date: 4/21/2004
I took the phentermine and the pondmine together about 7 years ago then they band the 2 that you take together. I got pregnant my 1st baby gained of course. Went back on just the phentermine when my daughter was 4, lost the 1st 13 pounds. I don’t remember how long it took me but, over all, I lost 52 pounds. I had another baby since then, I am back on the diet pill.
What I am wondering, is it safe to take that one alone or does it cause heart problems like the 2 that you took together? I went to my doctor and got 4 months supply. I have never had my heart checked. I was told that its not affective after about 4 months, so take it for 4 months and then go off it, then take it again. Does that affect your heart doin that?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine does increase your heartbeat so it makes sense that your heart should be healthy if you take it. We suggest you get a physical to make sure you have a healthy heart. And tell your doctor if you experience any chest pain, irregular heartbeats, palpitations or a pounding heart.

Subj: Caution
Date: 5/4/2004
A word of caution on this medication. I’ve used Phentermine off and on for years with amazing results. It effectively stripped away those hunger pains and gave me incredible energy. It somehow eliminates procrastination with its amphetamine-like effects. You’ll find the energy to exercise and clean house at midnight.

In short, the weight comes off, but the damage is real and long term. I am a 32 year old who has suddenly been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, a heart murmur, and essential tremor (what Katherine Hepburn was diagnosed with, which causes shaking in the hands and arms, and can extend to the head and voice). I’ve never taken the Phen-Fen combination–only Phentermine. The effects on the central nervous system have left me wondering if it may contribute to permanent tremors even after stopping the medication.

In addition, I believe the medication resulted in permanent memory loss and difficulty concentrating. I’m also always tired and feel the medication is unquestionably addictive.

I never took more than the prescribed dosage, but taking Phentermine over a prolonged period of time may have caused some serious problems and I would give anything to have my life back. It may help you achieve your weight loss goal, but I would seriously consider other options before you decide on this medication.


Subj: Long term use of Phentermine
Date: 5/7/2004
I have been taking Phentermine 37.5 mg since I was 22 years old, I am now 41 years old. I take the medication because it takes away my depression/bi-polar tendencies. I am wondering if this long term use will have any effect on my heart and or brain. I have not experienced any brain or heart symptoms to indicate any damage. I am only slightly over weight, but as I said, I don’t take it for weightloss, I take it for mental well being. Not under doctor’s advice mind you, self-prescribing.


AskDocWeb: We found no long-term studies on the effects of this drug. According to the manufacturer, Phentermine is not intended for use for more than a few weeks. It is habit forming, both physically and psychologically. That means you can become addicted to Phentermine. Anyone using it continuously for several weeks, may experience withdrawal effects if you stop taking it suddenly. Before you stop taking this medication, talk to your doctor about how you should go about stopping. Your doctor may have a safer alternative to maintain your mental well being.

Subj: Help
Date: 5/24/2004
I would like to know if other women have had the side effect of using phentermine. I have been taking this for 4 weeks now and my weight loss is good but 1 week after beginning it my menstrual cycle came on and will not end. My gyn has me taking the new birth control pill seasonale to reduce the number of periods I have. Will this stop eventually and when? Should I call my gyn for another birth control pill? Is there a stronger dosage of Seasonal to combat this pesky side effect? What has been the experience of others or will I have to choose between the pill and the phentermine?


Subj: Anyone else have this?
Date: 5/24/2004
I have been taking phentermine for about 6 months on and off. I have noticed wonderful results in my seek to lose stubborn weight. I have just started to notice that my viens in my legs and arms are very visual. I have never had this before. I also brusing very easily. Could this be side effects of phentermine use or is this common with weight loss pills? Thank You!!!


Subj: Should I stop?
Date: 5/25/2004
I began with a presription of 30 mg. for 2 weeks. Did fine, experienced some dry mouth during the second week. Then I went off it and now have begun a 30 day regimen. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but have had no symptoms that I would normally feel if someting was bothering that (enlargement in throat). I noticed though that I have had some blurriness of vision both times. Should I stop since that is a regular side affect or is that an indication of elevated blood pressure?


AskDocWeb: Please see your doctor about this. We do not diagnose or give medical advice. If you want a diagnosis, see your local health care provider.

Remember, this is a product review website. It is a resource for you to read, or tell others about side effects and how well (or not) these products work.

Subj: No serious side effect
Date: 5/27/2004
Hi,I love this product, but I was wondering after I take it in the morning is it normal for me to be so sleepy after about 2 hours later? I’ve been taking it for about 2months. I lost close to 15lbs. no serious side effect, just sleepy.


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