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Use this discussion forum to share your experience with Phentermine side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Phentermine review.

Subj: Trying for a baby?
Date: 10/11/2007
I’ve been taking Phentermine under the care of my nutritionist for about a month now. He advised me to stop taking these pills if I find out I’m pregnant. That, I understand and is a no-brainer. What I’m concerned about is that I’ve just recently stopped taking the pills and my husband and I are trying at the end of the month for a baby. Do you know how long I should allow for the drug to leave my system before trying to conceive?


AskDocWeb: To make sure you are going to have a healthy baby, we believe it would be a good idea to be completely off the drug for one month before conception.

Subj: Anxiety attacks
Date: 10/16/2007
I went to get the pills today but I haven’t took one yet because I have had anxiety attacks really bad after the birth of my second child. I want to loose 30 pounds so bad but I’m so scared at the same time…has anyone ever had really bad anxiety attacks off of this?


AskDocWeb: None have been reported yet but this is something you need to discuss with your doctor. You may need treatment for the anxiety attacks before you start phentermine.

Subj: Lost 36 pounds
Date: 10/17/2007
I have been taking phentermine for the past 7 months. I have lost a total of 36 pounds.


Subj: Phentermine with lexapro?
Date: 10/18/2007
My doctor prescribe my phentermine and I did not use all of the third refill, before this I was diagnosed with depression and recently with bipolor, can I take phentermine with lexapro? When I take phentermine it gives me the boost I need to get through the day.


AskDocWeb: The PDR doesn’t list any drug interactions but your doctor will have to decide if the benefits outweigh the potential risks. Please do not take any prescription drugs without your doctor’s knowledge and approval.

Subj: My hands shake
Date: 10/23/2007
I have lost 16 pounds in about 6 weeks. HERE IS MY QUESTION. I stopped taking the whole pill 37.5 because I was getting to shaky. I had to start taking a valium in the morning just to go to work. At night I am drinking alcohol (vodka) and also taking vicodin. I KNOW I KNOW… There are days at work that my hands shake so much I can’t even write. I am having some panic attacks also. I have to write in front of people and sometimes can’t. What do I do?


AskDocWeb: You should talk with your doctor before things get any worse.

Subj: Buzzy and wired
Date: 10/25/2007
I just started taking Phentermine today. Have had an endless amount of energy all day and feel very “buzzy” and wired. It is now 3:30 AM and I have not been able to sleep. I also take .031mg. of Halcyon at night. I would like to know if I could cut the Phenermine in half and hopefully sleep tomorrow night. I would hate to throw out a 30 day supply for a lesser dose.


AskDocWeb: Don’t change your dose without checking with your doctor first. Sometimes insomnia can be avoided by taking the Phentermine in the morning.

Subj: Is it safe?
Date: 10/29/2007
I have been thinking about trying Phen 37.5mg, but I have had a few concerns about it from things I’ve read. I am 25 years old and my BMI is 37. I take Nexium 40mg once a day for an Ulcer, but other than that I have no other health problems. Is it okay to take this with Nexium? I am really scared about the heart and breathing problems I keep reading about. Is it safe to try them for like a week and see how I feel?


AskDocWeb: This is a prescription and that means the question of safety can only be answered by your doctor. Your health may need to be monitored while taking this drug.

Subj: Baby defects or possible miscarriage?
Date: 11/5/2007
I have been taking phentramine since May 1st and have lost 40 lbs. Now me and my husband have decided to have our fourth child and would like to know if there is a waiting period before becoming pregnant? Today is Monday and I stopped taking it the pill yesterday? How long does it take to get completely out of you system? Have there been any reports of baby defects or possible miscarriage? Hope to hear a response soon. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: None have been reported but consult with your OB doctor or GYN to make sure. The waiting period may be a couple of months.

Subj: Abusing Phentermine
Date: 11/6/2007
I’ve been taking Phentermine for most of 3 years now, and I don’t need it. I’m healthy. I work out, and am average weight. I started taking it to cope with my grueling and highly stressful job. I like the energy and focus benefits. I’m able to get everything done in my day, work out, get my house in order, and maintain a highly stressful life. I began abusing it when I was going through a divorce. I am concerned about the long-term harm I am putting on my body. In the past 9 months, I am starting to get extreme scalp itch. It has gotten so bad lately that I have large scaly chunks flaking off (4x larger than the average dandruff). I’ve seen a dermatologist, and have been prescribed everything under the sun for this condition. NOTHING is working and it is getting worse. The doctor wants me to get my thyroid checked. Is it possible that phentermine is the cause for this? I have great concerns.


AskDocWeb: To date 16 people have reported hair loss with Phentermine usage to this website but it is not listed as a side effect (PDR 2008). The long-term affects on the body of abusing Phentermine are unknown.

Subj: Drastic personality changes
Date: 11/7/2007
I have been taking Phentermine 37.5mg (Adipex-P), for a while now for weight loss. I have dropped 60 pounds (less than a year, more than 6 months), I have been experiencing severe mood swings, drastic personality changes, and inability to function without this medication. Is it possible that I have developed tolerance to the medication and this is the way my body is fighting back? Also, is it common to get “second wind” after have taken the pill 12 hours ago? (I experience this quite often).


AskDocWeb: Your inability to function without the medication indicates a serious problem that you should discuss with your doctor. The same can be said about both severe mood swings and drastic personality changes. Any one of these three can be a serious problem.

Subj: My stomach is growling
Date: 11/9/2007
I have been taking phentermine (30 mg) for about 2 weeks. The first week was pretty good. The medicine helped curb my appetite with minimal side effects. Now in this past week, my appetite has gone right back to where it was before and my stomach is growling. The prescription that I got was for generic. Could this be the reason why the medication isn’t working for me? Do I need to switch to Adipex et al? Tenuate had the exact same effect on me. Good for about a week and then back to normal. Thanks


AskDocWeb: If your stomach is growling too much then you may have developed a tolerance and need to talk to your doctor about which drug would be the best alternative.

Subj: Thinking to join a diet program
Date: 11/11/2007
Hi my gallbladder was removed by lamparascopy about a week ago and I have lost some weight, so I have been thinking to join a diet program that it includes phentermine and b12 shots. I would like to know if I can start my plan now or if I should wait longer due to the surgery? Thanks in advanced.


AskDocWeb: Phentermine is often discontinued two weeks before and after surgery but you would have to consult with your doctor to find out when it would be safe to resume taking it.

Subj: Phentermine and blood pressure
Date: 11/15/2007
My mom recommended this product to me to lose a few pounds before my wedding. And now I’m going to get my own prescription. I’m worried if blood pressure a factor in getting a phentermine. If it’s too high, will they not give it to you? High blood pressure runs in my family, and I would say mine is about 140/70. Help?


AskDocWeb: Yes hypertension is a factor to be considered. Your doctor may want to keep an eye on your blood pressure twice weekly. If it raises above 150 you may have to discontinue use.

Subj: Vaginal dryness
Date: 11/20/2007
I know phentermine causes dry mouth, but can it also cause vaginal dryness. It seems like I am very dry and intercourse is painful due to it. Have been on phentermine for about 6 months.


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is a possibility.

Subj: Tongue feels numb
Date: 11/20/2007
I have been taking phentermine for a week. The last few days my mouth feels really weird. My tongue almost feels numb; like it is blistered. Could that be a side effect?


AskDocWeb: This may indicate a problem and should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: More harm than good
Date: 11/20/2007
I am 37 and I recently tried Phentermine for the first time. I was on it for 11 days and the first week I noticed the usual symptoms of dry mouth, increased energy, and I had lost 5 pounds the first week. However, I would not recommend this product to anyone. After 9 days, I started running a low grade fever, had severe upper left quadrant chest pain, felt twinges in my head like bolts of lightning hitting me, and I was very light-headed and dizzy, not to mention the tips of my fingers becoming ice cold. By the 11th day, I developed muscle aches, joint pain and pain in my back, of which I never had before. I felt that this product was causing me more harm than good and I immediately stopped taking it. I have since been detoxing my body and am beginning to feel some relief. No product is worth the agony I have felt in the last couple of days for the purpose of losing weight. I think there is a good reason why this product is banned in Europe.


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