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Use this discussion forum to share your experience with Phentermine side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Phentermine review.

Subj: Effexor, Ambien, and Phentermine
Date: 2/12/2008
I am on a low dose of Effexor and I occasionally take Ambien when I am adjusting from my night shifts at work. I’d like to start taking Phentermine again but I’m not sure if these drugs interact negatively?


AskDocWeb: We found no interaction between Phentermine and Ambien or between Phentermine and Effexor but, treatment with both Ambien and Effexor may result in an increased risk of certain side effects such as hallucinations. It is possible that using both drugs may be the best treatment for you. If you are using both Ambien and Effexor together, your doctor may change the dose or how often you use one or both of the medicines. Remember that it is important to tell your doctor about all medicines that you are using. Call your doctor if you feel confused, have changes in mental awareness, or have hallucinations. Do not stop using your medicines without talking to your doctor first.

Subj: Some unpleasant side effects
Date: 2/13/2008
Although I have lost weight, I have also experienced some unpleasant side effects. I find I am not quite myself, and rather quick tempered. Because it has elevated my heart rate and blood pressure, I take it after I have done my morning exercise. I have been on it much longer than 4 weeks…but only take half a tablet. When I have missed it a few days, I have not had any noticeable problems/withdrawl symptoms. Hope this helps.


Subj: Irritable and depressed
Date: 2/13/2008
I have taken phentermine for week. I have become quite irritable and depressed. I have lost about 5 pounds so it is working. Is there anything I can do to prevent these side effects?


AskDocWeb: You should talk to your doctor about any side effects that become unacceptable. Your dosage may need to be adjusted or your doctor may choose an alternative.

Subj: Hydroxycut
Date: 2/13/2008
Please let me know how long you have to wait to take phentermine after you have used hydroxycut, is there a time like a week or two? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: The Hydroxycut website does not reveal how long it stays in the body so you’ll have to ask your doctor.

Subj: Menstrual cycle
Date: 2/14/2008
Does Phentermine affect menstrual cycles? I have noticed that my period is lasting longer, and coming more frequently? It’s not listed as a side effect, but I have seen a couple of comments from people that felt it affected their cycle as well.


AskDocWeb: Yes, Several women have reported that it caused changes in their menstrual period.

Subj: Phentermine bought over the Internet
Date: 2/15/2008
I just started taking phentermine today and my phentermine I bought over the Internet, and its white on one side and blue on the other so I was just wondering if it is the real thing? Please write soon. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: If you have any doubts at all, we suggest you take them to your pharmacist to check them out. By the way, we recommend that you get your prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy or drugstore.

subj: Phentermine affect on fertility
date: 2/20/2008
A close friend introduce me to phentermine because she was on it and she lost “alot” of weight and looks great. I took it for 5 months and lost 65 pounds and I looked great! But my questions is because I was told b4 using it from the nurse that phentermine can make u fertile and, I believe it cuz me and my hubby been trying to conceive for 15 years and I’m 33 and I tried all kinds of diets and lost @ 50 pounds but then never got pregnant until I started using Phentermine. So is that true?


askdocweb: According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, Phentermine has no affect on fertility.

Subj: Chest pains
Date: 2/21/2008
I took Phentermine 37.5 consistent for a year and then I took it off and on for about four months after that, just when I started feeling bloated or like I was gaining weight. I then got pregnant and didn’t take it for a year and a month and then I started back on it, which I only took it for 2 months consistent and started losing weight again. I then became pregnant AGAIN so I didn’t take it again for 13 months now and I have some left over from the last time, which are still good, and I want to start back on it. I am worried about having some long-term affect from it and I have been having some chest pains, but I feel like they are more musculoskeletal in nature. I don’t have any insurance right now since I just got taken off after the baby and so I can’t really afford to go get all the tests I am sure that my doctor would want me to take. Have there been any problems that anyone knows of from this concerning chest pains or anything?


AskDocWeb: Pain in your chest is something you can’t afford to ignore. Please go to your physician and have your pulse and blood pressure checked first thing.

Subj: Chest pains
Date: 2/21/2008
I started taking phentermine 30 mg a week ago however on my 6th day I stopped for a day due to chest discomfort, my health and life is important and I have little kids so I want to be cautious but hesitate calling my doctor in fear of having to stop. Is it possible that I MAY not have the same side effects with a smaller dose and a smaller dose could be a option u think? It’s winter here and I heat with electric but last few days my nose and lips seems dried out, is this normal? Last question is, if a person has a bad tooth and if it is abscessed due to the effects of pentermine is there a chance it could cause the infection to travel into your system? please help,


AskDocWeb: Chest pain is one of the side effects that should be reported to your doctor because it could indicate a serious problem. You need to drink plenty of water when on this med. Dry mouth is one of the side effects of phentermine. Remember to take each Phentermine tablet or capsule with a full glass of water. Phentermine has no affect on tooth infection.

Subj: Feel tired then feel speeded-up
Date: 2/22/2008
Hi I just started taking Phentermine. After I ingest the pill, about 30 minutes later I feel very tired. About an hour later I feel speeded-up is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes, this may happen.

Subj: Skin rash with severe itching
Date: 2/23/2008
I have been taking Pnentermine for 4 months. I have developed a severe skin rash randomly over my body with severe itching. Help.


AskDocWeb: Please consult with your physician.

Subj: What to stop eating
Date: 2/25/2008
I want to know, what do I have to stop eating?


AskDocWeb: That depends on what you want to accomplish and your present condition. Have you replaced carbonated drinks with fruit juices yet?

Subj: Pregnancy?
Date: 2/27/2008
Can I still get pregnant while taking phentermine?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine is not a birth control pill, you can get pregnant at any time but the use of phentermine is not recommended if you suspect you will become pregnant or are pregnant.

Subj: Immediate and lasting results
Date: 3/4/2008
I have tried many appetite suppressants but have never seen immediate and lasting results like I have with Phentermine. Not only do I know when to push my plate away, but I have the energy to exercise and live a better life.


Subj: Phentermine weight loss pill and kidney stones
Date: 3/5/2008
Phentermine had been a big part of my past weight loss success. I quit taking it when I started having a lot of kidney stones. Has phentermine ever been associated with kidney stones?


AskDocWeb: No affect on the kidneys is noted but you could be developing an unrelated problem. If you haven’t already done so, please see your urologist.

Subj: Blindness
Date: 3/7/2008
I have been taking phentermine for 9 months and I was just in and out of the hospital for 6 days fun times. Originally I went to the immediate care with a visual disturbance and I don’t mean blurred vision. I had a type of blindness on the left side of a word or someone face. Went to the immediate care where they then transported me to the ER by ambulance. Spent 3 days in the hospital running several tests. Did all kinds of neurological test. They released me. Told me to go off the meds and went home then I was home all day with chest pains shortness of breath and left arm pain went back to the hospital for two more days fun times. Anyway they feel it is all related to the phentermine and are not sure if there are going to be any permanent damage to my heart for 2-3 months. I am now on a heart rate monitor for two weeks, xanax to come off the med and feel my heart constantly racing can’t sleep from with drawls. Anyone have any similar issues.


Subj: Wean off Phentermine?
Date: 3/8/2008
I have been on phentermine since Sept. & my blood pressure has gotten high. How do I wean myself off of this?


AskDocWeb: There is nothing to indicate that you need to wean off Phentermine but you should check with your doctor about the high blood pressure.

Subj: Phentermine withdrawl
Date: 3/13/2008
Regarding Phentermine withdrawl. My wife took phentermine for 8-10 years steady. Now she quit and for 3 months has been suffering with everything from headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite and anxiety. She has seen doctors many times and taken a dozen or so different prescriptions trying to relive these problems but nothing has worked. The doctors are reluctant to think the Phentermine has caused the problem, but I think it has. Do you know of similar cases or what could be taken for treatment or do you know of any studies on this subject? Thanks for any help you might be able to give us.


AskDocWeb: It may be her loss of appetite that makes it difficult to attribute this to the Phetermine. Typically the appetite returns when the drug is withdrawn. Please consider the possibility that something else may be causing her symptoms and get a complete physical.

Subj: Drug screening?
Date: 3/16/2008
Does phentermine show up in a routine drug screening?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine has been reported to cause a false positive for Amphetamines and Ecstasy on urine tests (
See reference 3, 4, and 11)

Subj: Question?
Date: 3/28/2008
I just started taking phentermine about 3/25/08 and I have had aches in my body (not too bad though) also head aches in my temples off and on though. My vision is like I have film or something in my eye. blurred I guess is what you can say. Also I still feel hungry and have no problem eating. I’m not over eating and about 1200 calorie diet. Is everything normal with this? If so, when will it stop? One more thing I do not get that burst of energy everyone talks about. I get tired and can go to sleep 1 hour after I take it. Its the 30mg and the blue and white one… I take one in the morning with wellbutin xl. When I went to the store I checked my blood pressure and it was fine @ 115. I weigh 155 and I’m 5’1. I would like to get to 120. Why am I so hungry still?


AskDocWeb: You may need to change to another product, please consult with your physician.

Subj: Only lost 5lbs
Date: 3/30/2008
I have been taking phentermine and bontril for the last 5 weeks and I have only lost 5lbs. According to others they have lost a lot of weight fast. I also work out 4-5 week with weights and cardio. Why is it not falling off of me?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine doesn’t work for some people. It may be time to consider alternatives. Read more feedback from users.
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