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Use this discussion forum to share your experience with Phentermine side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Phentermine review.

Subj: Yeast infections
Date: 6/18/2008
Due to my experience at this time, along with 3 of my female friends, we have all been on the drug for the same amount of time (5 months) and have experienced yeast infections with a very foul odor. Nothing has really changed in any of our diets and we drink lots of water and have the same never before issues. My dietitian says that it’s not known to cause yeast infections, but I highly dought they know, unless someone really tests this drug to see if this is a side affect. I rarely ever got them before, and it seems that when I use this drug, it doesn’t stay away, no matter what I do and when I stop taking it for a while (about a week) the discharge changes it’s texture to normal and the smell goes completely away! My 3 friends agree to the same exact situation. What do you say about this?


AskDocWeb: It is not on the “official” list of side effects but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility. Many side effects for drugs show up after they have been on the market for a while.

Subj: Facial numbness
Date: 6/17/2008
I took phentermene several years ago and had no problems with it. Unfortunately I have gained all the weight back and more. I am now 183 and am 5’5 and obviously obese. My doctor prescribed phentermene again (37.5) and told me to half the tablet the first week to gently ease back into taking it. I have done this and my face seems to get numb for about an hour and then I feel a rush. After an hour it goes away and I am fine for the rest of the day. I called and the nurse said to give it time and that this side effect sometimes occurs in people. How long will it take for this numbness after taking the pill stops occuring. It scares me that it happens now and did not before. Other than the weight – I am very healthy.


AskDocWeb: Facial numbness is not listed as a side effect but others have reported it. Please tell your physician about the facial numbness.

Subj: Urine test
Date: 6/19/2008
I ordered generic phentermine off line. I have taken only 4 (1 a day) will this show up on a urine test. Pre screen for a job, could I be in trouble?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine has been reported to cause a false positive for Amphetamines and Ecstasy on urine tests (Ref: 3, 4, 11)

Subj: Blood pressure
Date: 6/21/2008
I am 20 years old and weigh 204 at 5’7″. I am completely healthy with great blood pressure. I check my blood pressure daily because I am very nervous about taking this medication. This is my third day taking it and I have lost three pounds. I have no side effects except a little jittery the first day and it take just a little bit longer to fall asleep. I have notice my blood pressure is slowly increasing by the day currently 112/82 someone please help me! I am so afraid I hardly no what to do with myself. IS this blood pressure good? When should I start to worry? My heart rate is also a little faster. How serious are these pills? I am fat but I don’t look like I weight 204 because I am 5’7 and consider healthy. What are my chances of me harming my body? So far I have been eating correctly and excericing properly (3 miles a day). My blood pressur is some where arond 117/60. I am prescribed to use this med for 30 days. Please give me so advice. It will help me to calm my worries down. PLEASE HELP!!


AskDocWeb: Taking your own blood pressure measurements at home is great, just make sure you have read and fallow ALL of the instructions. It is important to understand what the numbers mean. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or lower. If the first number (systolic pressure) is between 120 and 139, that is prehypertension. Likewise if the second number (diastolic pressure) is between 80 and 89 that is also prehypertension. High blood pressure (hypertension) exists when the first number is 140 or above and/or the second number is 90 or higher. If you have any problem interpreting the results, call your doctor.

Subj: Bleeding or spotting
Date: 6/22/2008
My Dr just increased my dosage to 37.5 and I’ve been bleeding or spotting almost everyday since I’ve switched. Is this normal or should I stop?


AskDocWeb: Several women have reported that Phentermine caused changes in their menstrual period but this should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Rise in blood pressure
Date: 6/22/2008
I have develope prehypertension while taking phentermine. I am 20 and very health (normal BP). My blood pressure has slowly been going up each day I have been on it currently 140/88. What should I do? Any advice? Am I in danger? When should I go to the hospital I am very scared. Is my BP suppose to go up? Please help!


AskDocWeb: Your rise in your blood pressure may be a side effect of the phentermine. You need to tell your physician. He may have you discontinue the phentermine due to this side effect.

Subj: Hair loss is a side effect
Date: 6/23/2008
I almost out of hair and I have read about people that have also experienced hair loss with this diet pill. So I can’t believe they don’t have hair loss as a side effect and I think the reason is because they wouldnt sell this pill if they did post hair loss as a side effect.


Subj: Trying to wean off
Date: 6/25/2008
I have been on Phentermine now for about 6 months. The last 2 months I’ve been taking the pill once every 2 days or so. Trying to wean off. Here is my problem I just tested positive for pregnancy. Never thought it would happen. Will this cause birth defects?


AskDocWeb: We found no evidence that Phentermine can cause any birth defects.

Subj: Lost 50+ pounds!
Date: 7/1/2008
I took Phentermine for about 6 months and I lost a total of 50+ pounds! Prior to taking Phentermine, I went to my family practioner so that he could prescribed them to me. He ran several tests on me to make sure my overweight condition was not due to any underlying health problems. After receiving normal test results, I began taking Phentermine. It is a GREAT product and I would advise before taking Phentermine consult with your doctor because what is good for some may not be good for others.


Subj: Think twice
Date: 7/5/2008
I started taking Phentermine 6 weeks ago. During my first two weeks the doctor prescribed a very low dosage which really didn’t help suppress my appetite. Each time I went back to the doctor he increased my dosage and now I’m taking 60mg upon awaking along with hydrox (can’t read the label) and then 40mg along with the hydrox in the afternoon. The lower dosage had minimal effect but these dosages are making me extremely dizzy with headaches and just overall crappy feeling. I have decided to stop taking the medication and see if these unwanted side effects go away. The Phentermine is great for weight loss but wreaks havoc on your body and mind. Personally I would think twice about recommending it.


Subj: I think this drug should be banned
Date: 7/7/2008
Hi, I didn’t put my name because I didn’t want it online. I have been on phentermine and phendimetrazine on and off for about 8 years. I lost 30lbs with eating healthy and exercise. However experienced not until recently did I noticed that alot of the symtoms I have been experiencing for years has been from these pills. sweating, irregular heart beat, hallucinations, tremors, epilepsy, depression, insomnia, irretability, extreme hair loss, dizziness, nausea, mood swings, confusion, memorey loss, I would fly of the handle reason. The worst part is ever time I try to stop taking it I get drawn back in and break down and start taking them again because it does give me energy. I think this drug should be banned. I would like freed from these drugs becasue I have become an addict. The worst part is although you do lose weight after a while that stops too. Has anyone ever successfully stop taking them permanently and got their life back?


Subj: Sharp pains under left breast
Date: 7/8/2008
I started having sharp pains under my left breast and it only last for 5-30 sec but could phentermine be causing this. I’ve been told it’s called a stitch?


AskDocWeb: Several others have reported pain in that area while taking Phentermine. Any pain in your chest could be a warning sign of something that needs medical attention. Please report this to your doctor.

Subj: Will I continue to loose weight?
Date: 7/8/2008
I have been using phetermine for 1 week and have already lost 4lb’s. I do run 2 miles a day and try to incorporate 15-20 minutes of strenght exercise into my daily routines. My personal physician prescribed 30mg. a day(which are working fine). My heart feels a little racy which I understand is normal. He recommended I use for one month. I am 29 y.o., 5’2 and 172lb’s when consulted with my physician. Today I am 167 lb’s. So it is working. I want to know if after the 30 days of use and my continous exercise will I continue to loose weight?


AskDocWeb: Most likely you will but there is no way to tell for sure ahead of time. You’ll just have to keep working on it and find out.

Subj: Does Phentermine stop ovulation?
Date: 7/8/2008
Now that we know Phentermine will cause irregular periods. Does this stop ovulation? Can I still have a baby? I have searched the web for this answer and is no where to be found?


AskDocWeb: We have seen nothing to indicate that Phentermine might stop ovulation.

Subj: Phentermine side affects
Date: 7/10/2008
I don’t like the side affects it is a horrible feeling and people should look deeply in to the medicine.


Subj: Aortic plaque
Date: 7/10/2008
30mg daily for the past month. Infrequent sweatiness, slight nausea, sometimes my heart rate goes up, I’m occasionally exhausted and have weird dreams, and I have had a single blood clot incident. I’ve lost 10 lbs total and hope these minor side effects aren’t significant. I DO have a family history of heart disease though, and read that phentermine could pose a problem with ‘aortic plaque’ (or something similar to that)?


The only references we could find about aortic plaque build up had to do with patients taking a combination of fenfluramine and phentermine, not phentermine alone. Make sure that your doctor is fully informed about your family history of heart disease.

Subj: I tested positive for marijuana
Date: 7/12/2008
I tested positive for marijuana in a urine test best I have never taken any drugs. Not in my entire life. Before the test I was taking Wal-mart brand of Nyquil and Dayquil, also their brand of Excedrin and Tylenol to fight a cold. Also, I had been taking Ripped Fuel 5x for weight loss for the past few weeks. Prior to ripped fuel I was taking hoodia. They say none of these could be the problem but if not, what could it be. I have asked to have the test retaken or to submit to another type, even lie detector but they refused all these options. I just can’t understand it.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately too many businesses act like those drug testing kits are infallible even though that’s not the case. According to references 3, 16, and 18, Excedrin IB has shown up as false positives for Marijuana.

Subj: Pleased with the results
Date: 7/13/2008
I started taking Phentermine approximately a month ago and I’ve been very pleased with the results. For the first time in my life I’ve found something that literally does not make me want to eat, my stomach doesn’t growl even anymore even though I haven’t eaten that much. I haven’t noticed any side effects. I need to lose around 45 lbs and I’ve lost 10 in a month, but that’s also combined with changing my diet to reduce my carb intake.


Subj: Phentermine and diuretic
Date: 7/13/2008
I have just starting taking Phentermine 37.5, I wanted to know if I could take a diruetic pill with this drug. My doctor RX me some Gen Dyazide caps.


AskDocWeb: If your doctor knows that you are taking Phentermine and prescribed a diuretic then you can take it. Read more feedback from users.
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