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Subj: Messed up my cycle?
Date: 9/17/2008
I took phentermine for six months and just quit 2 weeks ago now I got off my period a week ago and now I’m bleeding again could this cause my period to be messed up? I’m just wondering if me stopping the phentermine might have messed up my cycle, I have never ever had bleeding between my periods if anything I would be late starting my period. Oh yeah and my tubes are tied so I know it’s not pregnancy related. Please help.


AskDocWeb: Yes, several women have reported that Phentermine caused changes in their menstrual period.

Subj: Itchy bumpy rash
Date: 9/19/2008
I started off taking phentermine in low doses such as a quarter of a pill, then a 1/2, then a whole one etc…well after the 2nd day of taking a whole one I broke out into an itchy bumpy rash on my chest, and am itchy all over as well. Is this a common allergic reaction to this medication? I have not taken it for 2 days now and still have the above symptoms.


AskDocWeb: Yes, an itchy bumpy rash is a common symptom of an allergic reaction to Phentermine. Please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Phentermine and surgery
Date: 9/19/2008
I went in for pre-op today for knee surgery and told the anesthesiologist that I was on phentermine. He told me I cannot have surgery for 14 full days that there have been bad reactions to anesthesia and phentermine. That bradycardia and hypotension were serious complications from the phentermine and anesthesia. I googled this as well and different sites say different things but all have warned that you need to make sure that it is out of your system before surgery.


Subj: I’ve lost 102lbs
Date: 9/19/2008
Hi, I’ve used phentermine off and on for about a year and a half and my results are mind-blowing. I’ve lost 102lbs and feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time. I’ve experienced some side effects from the medicine like insomnia, mood swings, a tiredness after quitting the product, but overall they have been a very, very helpful source in my journey to being fit. So Thank You to the creator of this fine product, I’m doing fine thus far.


Subj: Just addicted
Date: 9/22/2008
I have been taking phentermine for the better part of 11 years. I am not overweight, just addicted. I am trying to stop taking the drug, and have adopted the best eating/exercise habits of my life, knowing that I would no longer take the medication. I have noticed extreme water retention. I have eaten very well, and exercised the past 2 days since stopping, however I have gained 3 pounds on the scale. I am puffy & swollen. Just checking to see if this is a normal side affect of withdrawal?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like a normal rebound effect. If you can keep up the cardio workouts you should be able to drop that extra water over the following two weeks.

Subj: Lost 6 pound in 10 days
Date: 9/26/2008
I’ve lost 6 pound in 10 days thanks,


Subj: Phentermine hives
Date: 9/28/2008
Hi, I started taking Phentermine two weeks ago and so far I’ve lost 15lbs. In the begining I had no complains other that the first 2 days I couldn’t sleep, however 3 days ago I noticed a rash. It was very small rash on my chest so I ignored it. Now it’s covering most of my chest and neck area. It looks like hives. What can I do? It doesn’t hurt or itch. I took benadryl to see if it will work but I still have the hives. What can I do? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Hives should be reported to your doctor as this may indicate an allergic reaction.

Subj: Phentermine and stacker 3
Date: 10/2/2008
Can you take phentermine and stacker 3 xlcp (or however you spell it) at the same time? If no why not and if yes what are some side effects? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Jamie, we don’t have data on stacker products. Please address your question to their customer service.

Subj: Alcohol
Date: 10/6/2008
I have just started taking Phentermine this past week, and I am completely fine with it. The symptoms dont cause a problem for me. But, in about a week and a half, me and a few friends are going on vacation, and I wanted to know how long after taking the pill is it safe to drink alcohol? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Phentermine can stay in the body for up to a month after stopping.

Subj: Serious Side Effects
Date: 10/8/2008
Serious Side Effects I started taking phentermine 37.5mg 5 days ago. On the third day I started feeling really out of it. I feel like I can feel blood flowing throughout my brain. My vision is blurred, I’m confused, and I have also had muscle weakness. I haven’t taken Phentermine in 2 days and I am still feeling these symptoms. Is this related to the drug??


AskDocWeb: Anyone that experiences blurred vision while taking Phentermine should stop taking phentermine and seek emergency medical help. It may or may not be related but you need to find out, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Any damage to the heart?
Date: 10/8/2008
Took Phentermine for about 3 months and lost 24 pounds; feel wonderful; it works! The only side effect was constipation after the first two months; then I stopped because I was at the weight I wanted to be! Does it cause any damage to the heart?


AskDocWeb: Phentermine stimulates the nervous system causing an elevation of blood pressure and faster heart rate. There is no known damage to a healthy heart but if you have rapid or irregular heart beats (palpitations), tell your doctor. That may indicate a problem or it could be that your dosage might need to be adjusted.

Subj: Thinking about Phentermine
Date: 10/8/2008
I was thinking about asking my doctor about prescribing me phentermine. How likely am I to get the Rx. I am 5’4″ 170lbs? I have been up and down for a year, had myself down to 159 and then started taking prozac and gained it all back and now I am having a much more difficult time losing the weight.


AskDocWeb: You are just under the recommended BMI of 30 to qualify for this drug. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a prescription but typically your BMI has to be 30 or higher.

Subj: Wide awake
Date: 10/9/2008
I have been on phentermine for two days now, the first day I was amped and wanted to run for hours lol! But did not considering I work in the medical field and have to sit at my desk. But last night I noticed myself waking up constantly being wide awake as if I had slept for hours! I am taking phentermine at 8am and plegine at 2 all under doctor’s supervision.


Subj: I may be addicted to Phentermine
Date: 10/10/2008
I have been taking Phentermine for approximately three years. I have noticed lately that I have to take two sometimes three of these pills to get the desired hunger supression. I have also noticed some dificulty breathing at times, and some back pain. I want to stop taking the pills but I feel as though I may be addicted to them. My job would not allow me to be off long enough to go into a rehab type center. What is some steps I can take to lesson the side affects stopping the use of this drug?


AskDocWeb: A good start would be to have an honest discussion about this with your doctor.

Subj: High blood pressure
Date: 10/10/2008
I have been taking Phentermine for about 2 months off and on. I have about another month to go and I’m done with it. I have some side effects, high blood pressure and sometimes high pulse rate. I have lost 10 plus pounds during the time taking the Phentermine. My weight was 150 and now 2 months later I am 138lbs. My question is will I continue to have high blood pressure or will it go away once the Phentermine get’s out of my system? If it goes away, then it’s great diet aid, if not then it’s not worth it, diet and exercise will do it, Life is more important. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: If the high blood pressure was caused by the Phentermine then it will likely go down as the drug leaves your system.

Subj: Short term memory loss
Date: 10/14/2008
I have been taking phentermine for almost 3 months. I have lost almost 20 lbs. I am starting to notice short term memory loss, and it has been affecting my job. Could this be because of this drug? I also have been under a lot of stress finding out my mom has cancer and taking care of her. I don’t know if I should stop taking it or if stress is the culpret.


AskDocWeb: Several people have reported memory problems but it is not listed as an “official” side effect. Memory problems may also be caused by too high a dosage.

Subj: Lose your period?
Date: 10/14/2008
Can Phentermine make you lose your period? As in not have it for very long periods of time? If so is this bad?


AskDocWeb: While it is not listed as an “official” side effect, several women have reported that it caused changes in their menstrual period and irregular periods.

Subj: Old Phentermine VS new ones
Date: 10/20/2008
About 2 1/2 years ago I took phentermine and in over an 8 month period I lost 85 lbs. I stopped taking the pills because I wanted to become pregnant. About 4 months after having the baby I got a new script from my dr. My problem is the new phentermine are not working. It is from a different manufacturer. I had some of my old one and took one and felt the effects immediately. Why are the “new ones” not working? Aren’t they all supposed to have the same ingredients? How can I get the old ones? Thank you!

AskDocWeb: The first thing that comes to mind is that they may be a different strength in dosage. Phentermine comes in 15mg, 30mg and 37.5mg dosages. In any case, if what you are using is not working then you need to talk to your doctor about either adjusting your dosage or using an alternative.

Subj: Metal taste
Date: 11/3/2008
I have been taking phentermine for about 7 days and 2 days ago I developed a bad taste in my mouth almost like a metal taste…is this a side affect?


AskDocWeb: Yes, during the first few days you may have an unpleasant taste in your mouth but that should pass.

Subj: Missed periods?
Date: 11/4/2008
I just started Phertermine about a month ago and have lost 15-20 pounds I have been having rapid heart beating which I know is a side affect but I’m ten days late on my period and I hoping to be pregnant but I just want to make sure that phentermine doesn’t cause missed periods.


AskDocWeb: There have been reports of menstrual irregularities by those taking Phentermine.

Subj: P.C.O.S.
Date: 11/3/2008
Hello I have been taking Phentermine 37.5 since Set 1, and have lost around 20 lbs. I was not hungry at all maybe ate 2 small meals a day, here in the past week I have been eating alot, do you think that will go away? I feel like it may not be working for me anymore. I have P.C.O.S. could that be a problem maybe? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: A study at the University of Pittsburgh compared the diet of PCOS women with non-PCOS women and found that although PCOS women tended to be more overweight, there was virtually no difference in their dietary intake. In other words PCOS women are more efficient at converting calories into fat. They makes them more prone to gain weight and it take more effort to get that weight off. Even modest weight loss goes far in improving PCOS patients. Read more feedback from users.
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