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Subj: Legs hurting
Date: 12/9/2008
Hi, being taking the Phentermine 37.5 for 7 mons off and on, lost 60 points and very happy, but now I’m starting to see what this pill has done to me. My legs feel like the blood is not really running. I feel like I’m happy but then in sad. Sex is only good when I take the the pills, I’m mad all the time and I never really used to be that way. I’m a very happy person that loves life a mommy of 3 and a wife. My husband always talks about a great I look but I never see it on myself…I’m still big but not as big as I used to be. When I take the pill I feel a lot better about myself, but now that by leg are starting to feel weird I feel like I should stop but I don’t know how or how I stop myself from being fat again? Please let me know if my legs hurting is cuz I could have a heart a atck?? I took aspein and my legs feel much better now. Thank you for ur time,


AskDocWeb: Leg pain may be an indication that heart valves are not opening and closing as they should. Please check with your doctor.

Subj: Hair loss
Date: 12/10/2008
I’ve been taken Phetramine for 4 years now. I’ve gone off and on it. Originially I dropped 35 LBS. yup gained it back, Started taking 2 a day. working out like a lunatic. Dropped 38 LBS. Got a new girlfriend started going out and drinking every night. I’ve found all 30 LBS again this past year. I can’t fit in to any of my clothes I started back at the gym daily last week. It seems they don’t do anything for me. I used to take two a day and to sleep took and ambien. My hair is so thin I look like I’m 80. I’ve dropped the ambien. So I try to take 1 phetramine a day. Did I build up a tolerance for the phetramine? If I don’t take at least one I can’t stay awake for an entire day 2. Can phetramine make me lose my hair. If I stop taking them will my hair grow back?


AskDocWeb: Hair loss is not listed as an official side effect of Phentermine however, hair thinning has been reported by others using phentermine. If the hair loss was caused by Phentermine then discontinuing it should stop that loss.

Subj: Bad headache
Date: 12/10/2008
I started taking Phentermin 37.5 blue/white capsules. I only took them for five or six days before I developed a pretty bad headache and have not taken them since. Only thing is, my head has been hurting almost constantly ever since (2 weeks now). Could this be caused my taking phentermine even though I only took them for less than a week?


AskDocWeb: Headache is one of the side effects that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Heart palpitations
Date: 12/15/2008
I have been taking off and on for about 5 years. I LOVED this stuff! I started having heart palp for the 1st time a few months ago. The dr. discovered a nodule on my thyroid which I need a byopsy done. Last week I went to get another month of phentermine. I just wanted to feel good. The first couple of days were perfect! Now I’m noticing the heart palp again and my mouth feels “achy” almost like I have to clinch my teeth. I dont know if its the phentermine or thyroid problems. I haven’t taken phen today to see but aching is still there, almost like my mouth is full of saliva. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Make sure you keep your doctor fully informed about everything you are taking, your condition, and all the side effects.

Subj: Help with weight loss?
Date: 12/16/2008
I was wondering what I could take in conjunction with phentermine to increase my weight loss, besides the b12 shot because I get that every two weeks.


AskDocWeb: The most helpful thing you could take may be a half-hour walk every day. Remember that this drug is to be used along with a change in diet and should include an exercise program.

Subj: Amazing results
Date: 12/18/2008
I am currently taking phemtermine and have been on and off for a little less than 1 year. Initially I weighed 209 pounds and after weighing in at the beginning of December I now weigh 163. The only side eccefts I can identify with is dry mouth and not being able to fall asleep. Overall this is a wonderful appetitie suprressant and I have seen amazing results. Addition of exercise, due to large amount of energy has paid off as well.


Subj: White tongue keeps coming back
Date: 12/29/2008
I took compounded phentermine for 2 weeks and one day I awoke to a white tongue with sores all over it and it was also swollen and thicker. I also started to have an unpleasant smell from my vagina. I do believe it causes yeast infections and thrush? I threw out the drug once I realized this had never happened until I took it. The problem now is I cannot get rid of the side effects. It has been 6 months and my white tongue keeps coming back and I still have the unpleasant smell. My Doctor and more than one says there is nothing wrong with me that nothing bad shows up on my pap smears or tongue swabs. What is wrong with me? Please help! I know it is from the drug.


AskDocWeb: If your doctor says there is nothing bad on your pap smears or tongue swabs then you may have to consider other possibilities. It may take a complete physical to find out what is wrong. You might also ask your dentist if oral hygiene might have something to do with the tongue problem.

Subj: I haven’t taken it in 2 weeks
Date: 1/3/2009
Hi! I’ve been taking phentermine since Oct. And I’ve lost 35 lbs. I absolutely love it! I haven’t taken it in 2 weeks cuz I’ve been out of town but I feel sooo hungry all the time! I’ve been eating a lot more, and I’ve been really sleepy! Is this symptom normal?


AskDocWeb: When you stop taking an appetite suppressant, it is expected that your appetite will return to normal. Remember that Phentermine is also a stimulant so once you stop taking it, your metabolism slows back down.

Subj: Fixing my metabolism
Date: 1/5/2009
I have taken Phentermine off & on since August 2007. I lost about 28 lbs. (Total I’ve lost about 125 lbs since I graduated highschool. The bulk of that being in 2003-2005. I maintained this loss for several years but the addl 28 lbs but haven’t been able to lose past that. And once I get off the meds I gain like 7-10# like w/in a week! I’m like this is ridiculous. I know I have loose skin and that weighs a few lbs too but I need help in knowing how to deal w/ coming off the phentermine and fixing my metabolism so I’m not so tired all the time. I’m not eating that much differently since I think I developed a tolerance to it. Please help! I only have 47 lbs to lose compared to 170! Please help! God Bless,


AskDocWeb: There are a couple of things you might consider adding to your approach. The first is to learn more about nutrition so that you can make better choices when it is time to decide what to eat. The second is to increase your activity level with a daily walk or new hobby. The better your physical condition, the more energetic you feel.

Subj: It is amazing
Date: 1/6/2009
I started taking Phentermine (37.5mg) 7 days ago. I have lost 9 pounds so far. It really has decreased my appetite. I have been making better food choices and paying attention to portion sizes. It is amazing to see the difference between what you think is a normal portion and what you truly should be eating. I walk on my treadmill almost every morning for an hour. You have to move your body, this is a lifestyle change! It is very important to drink plenty of water, if you do this you probably won’t encounter the dry mouth. However, I am also taking a cough syrup prescribed by the same doctor, which also can cause constipation. I have a little discomfort while going to the bathroom and my last 2 stools have had a good amount of blood in them. I called the doctor today to make him aware. I am waiting for him to call me back. It is probably just a minor tear as this is not a side affect of this medicine. I think Phen is a great boost to become healthy, but unlike others I plan to use it for just that and only one time. If you use this more than one time you are obviously abusing it’s purpose. Good luck to all!


Subj: Really frustrated!
Date: 1/9/2009
I’ve been on Phentermine since August. At first, I was losing weight quickly, but now I have been at the same weight for a month. In fact, I keep gaining and losing the same five lbs. I have changed my eating habits, but I seem to be “stuck”. I’m worried that the weight I’ve lost (25lbs) is going to come back once I stop the Phentermine. Is it normal for your body to get used to it and stop losing? I’m really frustrated!


AskDocWeb: Yes, this is referred to as “building up a tolerance” and it happens with many diet drugs. Your frustration is an indication that what you are currently doing is not working and it may be time to either try something else or change your approach in some way. Since you don’t mention exercise or your activity level that may be something to take a look at.

Subj: Want to get pregnant And lose weigh
Date: 1/13/2009
I am trying to get pregnant and I am about to start taking Clomid. will taking Phentermine mess with the Clomid or will it affect me from getting pregnant. Please let me know as I want to get pregnant and I want to lose weigh.


AskDocWeb: You may want to lose the weight before getting pregnant. In any case you should talk this over with your doctor as to what you want to do and how to proceed.

Subj: Bad headaches and joint pain
Date: 1/14/2009
I’ve been taking phentermine for about 7 months now and have lost 49 pounds however for the last 2 and a half weeks I have had very bad headaches and my joints hurt. I don’t want to have to give up taking phen as I know I will gain the weight back is there a way to make these headaches subside?


AskDocWeb: Arthralgia or joint pain is not listed as a possible side effect of Phentermine but the headaches should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Abnormal thyroid results
Date: 1/15/2009
I have been taking phentermine for approximately 3 months now for weight loss. I have noticed several side affects such as increased heart rate, palpatations, insomnia but these are nothing compared to my latest. Yesterday I was advised that my thyroid results had come back abnormal suspecting hypothyroidism. On searching the internet I have now seen quite a few cases where people taking this medicatin have been diagnosed or had abnormal results. I do believe there is a link. I have regular blood tests for health surveillance and this is the first abnormal test I have had. I wanted to share this will others taking this medication and to be aware. I will also be reporting this to the drug company.


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