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Subj: Phentermine stopped working
Date: 10/1/2009
I took Phentermine for a year and it stopped working. I gained some weight back while I was still taking it. My diet never changed while I lost and regained some weight. I stopped taking it all together and have done a cleanse after stopping. I have no energy while withdrawing from the phentermine. But my hope was to be able to restart and take properly to loose the weight again. I lost somewhere between 50-70lbs on the medication originally. It has been four weeks. Should I wait longer before retrying? I assume if I cleansed my body then it would reset and I phentermine would be effective again. Is this correct? If not how long do I have to wait for it to be effective again?


AskDocWeb: You may be better off working with your doctor to find an alternative. If you use it again you are likely to build up a tolerance more quickly than the first time. We didn’t find any recommended time between uses but we did find that studies from the Wayne Diet Clinic Nutrition Guide show that lemon water can help prevent or slow tolerance to Phentermine. Their formula for lemon water is 2-3 ounces of lemon juice in 1 quart of water. They also found that avoiding drinking sodas and other beverages containing caffeine can help slow or prevent the build up of Phentermine tolerance. This is because caffeine speeds up metabolism, which causes you to excrete Phentermine from your body much more quickly through urine.

Subj: Phentermine success story
Date: 10/3/2009
I have been on phentermine for a little over 2 months and have successfully lost 27 pounds (out of 40 that need to go), combined with a well-balanced low calorie diet and exercise. I received the drug though my doctor who started a very successful weight loss program locally. The program is simple– eat a healthy, low calorie diet, and exercise regularly.

The most important things I learned that I was doing wrong was not getting enough protein, not monitoring my portion size well enough, and not exercising within my maximum calorie burning heart range. Anyone who is looking for the “miracle” drug to magically take off the weight and keep it off, keep looking. In my program it is only used to assist in getting the eating under control. I will be getting off the drug next month and feel confident I will continue to be successful and maintain a healthy weight.

The only side effects I’ve experienced are sleeplessness (mostly in the first couple weeks) and dry mouth. Losing weight is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important to train your brain to think that way, otherwise you WILL NOT be successful. Also, for the ladies, I’ve had 2 periods while on it and they mostly consisted of spotting for 7-9 days, not really much “flow”. I asked my doctor about it and he said it was normal. It makes sense, when I was in Navy boot camp mine completely stopped. Hope this helps.


AskDocWeb: Thanks for sharing your success story Liz. That is more than just encouragement. It is really helpful to find out what works for others.

Subj: No weight loss
Date: 10/3/2009
I have been taking phentermine for a month now. No decrease in appetite and no weight loss. It is somewhat discouraging is this normal or should I ask my Dr to increase my dose? Also I should note that I am limited in exercise from back surgery in July 2009. Only able to do PT and walk.


AskDocWeb: If it isn’t working then yes, check back with your doctor and find out what he recommends.

Subj: Dr wants to take me off Phentermine
Date: 10/3/2009
Hello, I’m a 24 y/o female and I have been on Phentermine 37.5mg going on 6 month. the First 2 month I lost 15 lbs. I have continued to lose 2.5 lbs every month, for the last 4 month. My Dr. wants to take me off them after this last month b/c he says it looks like they arent workin for me any more. Even thought I’ve been on adipex for 6 months I DO NOT have a tolerance to them, they actually still work for me(thank god.) I don’t being eat or crave fatty, bad food. All together I’ve lost 22.5 lbs which is great. No side effects except dry mouth and a little blured vision in the first 2 mth. I’m @ 217 lbs, 5’4. If the meds r still working? Why am I still loseing wieght. Why would my Dr. want to take me off them. Even when I miss a dose I dont feel wiered or anything, so why?


AskDocWeb: Your doctor told you why. If he thinks it isn’t working well enough to continue then arguing with him only makes it look like you might have developed an addiction. You might at least consider what alternative your doctor wants you to try.

Subj: Boob always hurts
Date: 10/4/2009
Hello I have a question. I have been on phentermine for about 3months now and lost 30pounds but my left boob always hurts feels sore once in a while can this be a Side effect?



AskDocWeb: Breast tenderness is not one of the possible side effects listed for Phentermine but be sure you make a distinction between chest pain and breast tenderness. Chest pain is one of the possible side effects that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Restless sleep
Date: 10/7/2009
Today is my 5th day on Pherntermine. I am having a lot of trouble going and staying asleep. Generally sleep has not been a problem for me. However, today the lack of sleep appears to be catching up with me. How long does the restless sleep continue before it gets better? I would feel fine if I could sleep properly. Thank you!


AskDocWeb: If you are taking Phentermine late in the day or close to bedtime the restless sleep could last as long as you are taking the drug. Taking Phentermine too late in the day can cause insomnia.

Subj: Short term memory loss
Date: 10/7/2009
I have been taking Phentermine on and off for about three years. I have been able to keep my weight down but now notice that I’m having short term memory loss. I used to be able to speak in public but now have a hard time thinking of the words I want to say. I know what I mean but can’t think of the word. This has never happened to me and I’m concerned about it. Could it be the Phentermine? Is it permenant? Has anyone else experienced this?


AskDocWeb: There are a few reports of short-term memory loss but in every case reported to date it was temporary and the problem disappeared when the drug was discontinued.

Subj: Lost 20, gained 10 back
Date: 10/10/2009
I took phentermine 37.5 about 3 months ago for only a month and I lost 20 pounds but I gained like 10 back now I’m back on them its bein about 5days and I cant eat I’m not hungry and all the food looks nasty to me.


Subj: Menstrual cycle
Date: 10/13/2009
Hi, I’m taking Phentermine for 3 weeks, but know I’m 8 days late on my menstrual cycle… Can this affect??? I already make 6 pregnant test and it’s say negative… but I’m not sure if this can be a consequence of the Phentermine??? Can I be pregnant???


AskDocWeb: Phantermine is known to have an affect on the menstrual cycle. Spotting and missed periods have been reported.

Subj: Dry mouth
Date: 10/14/2009
I took phentarmine for several months and the only side effect I had was dry mouth. I took it before I exercise everyday and it helped to keep my heart bit up. I will recomend it for someone that has done everything possible to lose weight and is stuck, but for people that want a miracle drug it doesn’t work.


Subj: Bad back pain
Date: 10/14/2009
I have been taking Phentremine for about 2 weeks and found that I have bad back pain. I’m wondering if this is a side effect. I didnt see it listed and saw maybe 3 or 4 others that indicated this also. Should I be concerned with this or should I start them back up again. I stop taking them to see if the pain would go away and is has been less painful the last few days.


AskDocWeb: A few people have reported back pain when taking Phentermine but it is not listed among the “officially recognized” side effects. We can’t tell you to experiment to see if the back pain comes back or not. It may or may not be coincidence.

Subj: Are we all just doomed?
Date: 10/14/2009
I enjoy using the phentermine, but after having to stop for several days to get my wisdom tooth out, I found that the longer I was off, the more problems I started to see. I did notice my mood, and that I was not as patient as before. I don’t want to turn into a monster just to lose weight. Is it possible to get off phentermine in a way that would help with the side effects? Also, is it possible to keep the weight off when you go off of phentermine, or are we all just doomed? Are there success stories after going off?


AskDocWeb: The only people who are doomed are those who give up their goals. Of course it can be discouraging when things don’t work out right away. That is just part of life but you can make that work for you. That frustration you feel is just a sign that what you are doing is not working and you need to do something different. Those who have the most success at keeping the weight off made changes to their eating habits and lifestyle.

Subj: Is Phentermine illegal?
Date: 10/15/2009
What long term permanent effect can this pill have on you? Because I have never been addicted to anything, except this! It’s been 2 years since I last had one, and I think about getting more almost on a daily basis. It keeps me focused, and super thin. Plus I’m on cloud 9 throughout the entire dosage. What is your advice? Is Phentermine illegal?


AskDocWeb: In most countries Phentermine is a controlled substance and a prescription is required in order to legally have it in your possession. Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Wonderful to be in control
Date: 10/18/2009
This is my 5th day on Phentermine and I have not felt this energetic in 5 years. So far I do not have any negative side effects. I am 56 yo female, 247lbs, 5’6″. I have not yet developed high blood pressure or diabetes but I know they are around the corner if I don’t lose this weight. It is so wonderful to be in control of my appetite for the first time in my life. I have found a very supportive doctor who specializes in weight loss. He has been prescribing phentermine for many years and insists on seeing his patients on a regular basis to monitor them. I am confident that if I do experience the negative side effects he and I will be able to work thru them.

Being obese is a killer. It is a shame the more doctors don’t specialize in this practice. I went to several family practitioners before I found this doc and was treated like a drug addict looking for a fix when I asked for this drug.

BTW, I have been on SSRIs for depression for 10 year. If anything, Phentermine has made me LESS depressed, not more. If you are looking for a doc look on the message boards on the internet to find one in your area. You may need to travel a bit (mine is 60 miles away) but it is worth it.


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