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Use this discussion forum to share your experience with Phentermine side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Phentermine review.

Subj: Phentermine 37.5
Date: 11/3/2009
Been taking Phentermine 37.5 for 5 weeks and have lost over 10lbs thus far. It takes my apetite and feeling of hunger away completely, yet I manage to stay energized throughout the day. Some insomnia, or rather sleeping very light…any sounds wakes me up. Dry mouth, a bit jittery, and a weird sensation in my eyes. I have since been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and taking meds for that… not sure what the interaction will be. Plan on taking Phentermine only 25 more days… hope to not gain the weight back!


Subj: Overwhelmed with all the pills
Date: 11/3/2009
Phentermine 37.5 has been working well for me the past 5 weeks, I would take it 1st thing in the morning and then take my vitamins and birth control pill an hour or two later. Now I have to take Levothyroxine for a hypothyroid, and supposed to take that 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It has interrupted the routine, I’m not sure any longer when to take the phentermine, I even skipped it a couple of days, too overwhelmed with all the pills and rules concerning interaction. Please advise.


AskDocWeb: Questions about which pills you should take and when you should take them should be addressed to your doctor.

Subj: Fast pulse
Date: 11/3/2009
I was concerned I have a fast pulse, which ranges from 90-100. If I take my phentermine 37.5mg will that make my heart rate go even higher? And would there be any danger to taking this medication with that fast of a heart rate.


AskDocWeb: The normal pulse rate for an adult ranges from 60 to 100 bpm (beats per minute) so while your pulse is a little fast it is still within the range of normal. Phentermine does increase the heart rate at it stimulates the nervous system like an amphetamine. This is one of the reasons you need to be under a doctor’s care while taking it.

Subj: No energy to exercise, depressed and moody
Date: 11/4/2009
I need help. I started taking phentermine about three weeks ago and on the first day I felt tingly and energized and the whole bit. The second day on was a fatigue crash course where all I could do was sleep and get a few bits of food in here and there, or I was starving all the time, just like I did when I was off the pill. I have no energy to exercise and I’m constantly depressed and moody. I have lost three pounds. This is not going to work if I can’t start living a healthy lifestyle. I used to exercise everyday, so I love it and I want to get back into that routine. What could be causing this effect toward the drug?


AskDocWeb: We don’t know but it does sound like it needs to be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Disappointed because I am still hungry
Date: 11/4/2009
I just started taking this 5 days ago and am sort of disappointed because I am still quite hungry. It has taken the edge off of my eating and reduced the portions (mainly because this is expensive medication and I figure if I am spending the money I should not waste it by eating so I am trying HARD not to eat) but I am not losing weight like many of you say you are. I am 153 and want to be 140. I am taking 30mg and it seems many of you are taking 37.5, should I ask for an increase in dosgae or try another med since this one hasn’t helped me lose any weight yet. Or am I just being impatient and need to wait a few weeks before seeing results?


AskDocWeb: You do sound impatient, five days is not enough time to judge how well it will work for you. It might be helpful if you ask your doctor what the optimum amount of weight would be for you to lose each week. That varies from one patient to the next.

Subj: This is very depressing
Date: 11/4/2009
I have been using phentermine for 3 weeks and have not noticed any appetie suppression at all and have actually gained weight. I am also taking celexa and wellbutrin. This is very depressing.


Subj: Sore throat and blood in stool
Date: 11/5/2009
I have been taking Phentermine 30mg for a week now and I have experienced sore throat and blood in my stool(once). I do not feel constipated. I had a regular BM and did not notice the blood until I looked inside the toilet. I do want to say it really helps with my appetite but I do not want to mess with my health. Any advice?


AskDocWeb: A bloody stool is something that you should immediately report to your doctor.

Subj: Heart palpitations and severe headaches
Date: 11/7/2009
9 months ago I started taking Phentermine and lost 15 pounds. I was estatic, but now I have heart palpatations and severe headaches everytime I take it. The headaches are so bad I can’t function. I read that you should drink a lot of water while taking this medication. Could my lack of water cause the headaches? What are some alternative drugs to Phentermine? Also, I feel so much happier and more satisfied with my life when I am on Phentermine, is that normal?


AskDocWeb: Heart palpitations should be reported to your doctor. Dehydration headaches are very common. Insufficient water intake has a direct effect on the brain which can produce headaches. If your headache is the result of not drinking enough water, it should go away within an hour or two of drinking 16 to 32 ounces of water. Those who suffer from migraines should note that dehydration known to prolong the pain.

Some of the alternative weight loss drugs covered here are Adipex, Meridia, Xenical, and Bontril.

Subj: Problems taking Phentermine
Date: 11/10/2009
I have been taking Phentermine for about 4 months now, and when my boyfriend was around I would notice that I would get really moody with him and apparently that’s usual. It also makes me very cocky and I say alot of the things I shouldn’t say like I should keep in my head but I let it out, like when I told my boss that I know how to do my job and I dont need him to tell me or have anyone else tell me how to perform my duties and that I would get around to doing what he asked when I was good and ready LOL… I also call him a joke from time to time need I say more… but the only thing I’ve noticed and its really really scaring me is I’m bleeding and I have been bleeding since September 25th its not Nov 10th. It’s kinda like a period only it hasnt gone away and its thin like blood, blood until I get cramps and when I do I know what’s coming. I have to rush myself to the bathroom and pretty much lay (like a chicken) a big sac blood filled blood clot that depending on the pain I can usually tell the size its going to be from small strings of it to one or two handfulls of the jello looking wiggly blood balls and I can feel them passing. It makes me nausious and then I get a horrible taste in my mouth like rust or metal almost immediately then I just start bleeding again it kinda feels like I’m peeing but I know I’m not. I cant wear tampons because they get pushed out within an hour or so, so I’m just walking around feeling like a 2 yr old with a wet diaper can I get some sort of advice plz. I’m not due to see my doc for another week or so and I’m not trying to get charged for a hospital visit too.


AskDocWeb: Mood changes are listed under possible side effects that should be reported to your doctor. Several women have reported that Phentermine caused changes in their menstrual period. If you have never heard of a DivaCup, we suggest you check it out. DivaCups are a comfortable and economical alternative to Tampons. Hopefully you won’t wait a month and a half to get medical attention next time.

Subj: Liver enzymes?
Date: 11/11/2009
I started using Phentermine about 9 weeks ago. I have lost 27 pounds. I am thrilled. I stopped smoking 4 years ago and gained 70 pounds. I have finally found something to help me get my life back. Now I just got a call from my doctor and said that my liver enzimes were up and it is probably from this. I have had a cold for four weeks and have been taking nyquil and dayquil. Do you think it could be the combination and not just the phentemine? I will be very upset if she does not allow me to take this med any longer.


AskDocWeb: Elevated liver enzymes are not good. This may be a result of elevated blood pressure and Phentermine is known to increase blood pressure. Yours may have been elevated long enough to elevate your liver enzymes. Something similar happens during pregnancy. It is called HELLP, which stands for Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelets. This can lead to further problems, such as blood clotting. It is potentially dangerous so do whatever your doctor recommends. This is really nothing to play around with. You may really hate to stop taking it because you want to lose more weight but it is not worth putting your life at risk.

Subj: This pill really works
Date: 11/13/2009
Hi peeps.. Just wanted to let you guys know how amazing Phentermine really is! Three months ago I weight 150lbs and now I weigh 123lbs.. It is really unbelievable…this pill really works and I personally didn’t have any side affects. I am so glad I am back down to my normal weight and maintaining it without the medication now, but it’s great how it gave me the boost to get rid off the extra pounds. I highly recommend it!


Subj: Happy with the weight lost so far
Date: 11/18/2009
I’m a 48 yr old woman and I’ve been taking phentermine, after a week I got systoms of a yeast infection (itching and chalky discharge). I treated it with over the counter monistat and the itching and the heavy discharge went away. However I still have a continous discharge and my libido is very high. I am a diabetic that control my diabeties with diet. I also experienced a great crave for sugar especially chocolate and I really over indulged in it. I dont know if the increase in sugar(chocolate) is the cause of the yeast or the pills. When I stopped the sweets and did a monistate treatment I got better. I feel a continous threat of a yeast returning. I also got a high blood pressure reading 145/90 never had that before. I’m about 3 weeks into taking the phentermine. I am considering stopping after I discuss my symtoms with my doctor. I’m very happy with the weight lost so far. I have lost 8lbs in 3weeks in lieu of the chocolate binge. I will finish the 30 day prescription and see my doctor in a week.


Subj: Tired and hungry
Date: 11/21/2009
I began using phentermine 5 days ago. The first day it worked great, energy all day, not hungry all day, it was like I could feel it working, now just a few hours after taking the 37.5 mg tab I am very tired and hungry. I drink water all day 20 oz. at a time so I know that’s not it. Any advice on why this is or what I can do to fix it? I usually take the pill btw 9am and 11am once/day.


AskDocWeb: The focus of this website is on side effects. For advice you need to Adask a doctor. Read more feedback from users.
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