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Subj: Legally deny treatment?
Date: 11/24/2009
I took phentermine several years back with wonderful results – it seemed like the only thing that would help me lose weight after trying endless options. My problem is that I am now in a drug monitoring program (for a state medical board) that requires that I be subject to random drug screenings… and it frowns on ANY mood altering substance. My physician feels like he has exhausted all options to try to increase my metabolism (exercise and strict food regimens, Synthroid, changing antidepressants, etc.), but now feels that I should be on either phentermine or low-dose mixed amphetamines for therapy. My question is… can a medical board legally deny treatment under a doctor’s care?


AskDocWeb: That may depend on what state you live in but you would have to AdAsk a Lawyer.

Subj: Headache and rush
Date: 11/24/2009
I am on phentermine at the moment, and aren’t sure whether to keep taking it. I keep getting something like a headache. Has phentermine ever affected any part of the brain? Plus it sometimes feels like a rush, and I have not ever did drugs, but that’s the only way I know how to describe what I’m feeling. I dont like feeling this way, and am not sure whether I want to continue this prescription. PLEASE GIVE ADVICE! Are these normal feelings while taking this medication?


AskDocWeb: Headache is listed as one of the possible side effects of Phentermine that should be reported to your doctor who can then decide if you should continue using it or not.

Note for Betty: Your question about Vicodin has been moved to the Miscellaneous Forum.

Subj: My doctors NEVER said anything to me about this!
Date: 11/26/2009
I have taken Phentermine for maybe 5 years to boost my slow metabolism as I have been a Type 1 diabetic since age 5 and am now 54. I have this past year developed breathing problems and a deep cough. I am scared of the diagnosis, but feel it is from this med. Can this be permanent? Will stopping it make me able to breath right again? My doctors NEVER said anything to me about this!! I am stopping it immediately.


AskDocWeb: WARNING: Physical and psychological dependence may occur with long-term use of Phentermine. Please talk with your doctor before stopping. There is a possibility of a withdrawal reaction, which could include excessive drowsiness, fatigue, tremors, and depression.

Subj: Hair loss?
Date: 11/28/2009
My doctor recently prescribed Phentaramine 30 mg for me and suggested that I take it with Topamax, since my cravings for sweets and carbs have a tendency to ambush my diets. I am 20 years old and 100 pounds overweight. I am a little concerned about the hair loss side effects of these drugs. I was wondering if you would recommend that I take these drugs together, and if you know how long the averaged person took either medication before noticing hair loss.


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any drug interactions between those two drugs but you would have to consult with your doctor to find out if that combination would be safe in your particular situation. Only about one percent of Topamax users report hair loss but those that did also report that taking supplemental Selenium and Biotin helped with their hair loss. And when you discontinue the drug the hair grows back, although it may take several months. Hair loss is not listed as a side effect of Phentermine.

Subj: Phentermine and drug test
Date: 12/1/2009
I am wanting to take Phentermine but will be taking a drug test for a job, will this alter this test? How long does it stay in your system. My test is more than a month away, can I still take it for month and be able to get it out of my system in time for the test? Or will it be okay to take it without having to stop?


Phentermine has been reported to sometimes show up as a false positive for Amphetamines and Ecstasy on urine drug tests (References 3, 4, and 11). Most of it is out of your system in a couple of weeks but some Phentermine can stay in the body for up to a month after stopping. If it does show up on your drug test you may have to get a GC/MS confirmation test to correctly identify it.

Subj: Birth control
Date: 12/3/2009
I just started taking phentermine and I was wanting to now if it will lesson the effect my birth control Nuvaring?


AskDocWeb: No, Phentermine has not been reported to affect the effectiveness of any birth control.

Subj: Drinking and Phentermine
Date: 12/6/2009
I was taking Phentermine 15 for 1 week. But it didn’t work. So now I’m on 37.5mg. This is my first day. I was a little nervous, but I feel find. I know you are suppose to take before meal, are 1hour after. But I was afraid to take on empty stomache. So I eat my oatmeal first, then I take my pill. I want to know can you smoke cigarettes? Quess what I did it was stupid. Ok!!! I had a sip of vodka. My head was killing me so bad I had to take a nap. Then hours and hours later I felt ok!. I will not drink again. When a person stop taking pills. How long before you can start drinking again. I had a couple of question! Please tell me the truth.


AskDocWeb: Several people have posted comments about how drinking alcohol while taking Phentermine makes them sick. It can take up to a month for Phentermine to completely leave your system.

Subj: I wanted to yawn and couldn’t
Date: 12/11/2009
I’ve been taking Phentermine 37.5 for almost a month I have lost some weight but not alot and just yesterday after getting off from work came home and started to feel like I wanted to yawn and I couldn’t then like I had to breath a little harder. I want to loose weight but I got scared last night. I know that the pill is taken on empty stomach but I never have breakfast only lunch so I would eat at 1PM then take the pill. Should that be why I’m feeling this way help!


P. S. And also forgot to say that I started my birth control pills about 2 to 3 wks could dat be it that I feel the way I do I even feel something in my throat kind of make me feel like I have something blocking not sure wat it is. Please help. Thanks.

AskDocWeb: The instructions say to take it 30-60 minutes before breakfast (your first meal of the day), on an empty stomach. Taking it after your meal reduces the effectiveness of the drug but it should not affect your breathing. Please talk to your doctor about any difficulty in breathing.

Subj: To answer the girl that said it stopped working
Date: 12/17/2009
I am commenting on the use of phentermine…..I know alot if everything there is about this very old ”diet pill” phentermine…to answer the girl that it stopped working. You are on 30 mgs get your Dr. to put you to the max of 37.5 it will start working for you all over. As for dry mouth (dragon breath) I have found that drinking loads of water actually makes it worse! I have discovered a gum that has some great ability to quench your thirst and low and behold was never able to find it again! For the constipation it is a bummer but, I have found takeing a laxitve once a week really, really takes care of that! and flattens your tummy. As for that all around “cracked out” feeling it is bittersweet in that phentermine is a legal version of speed and it may have you looking at the ceiling until 6 am when you need to be up at 8 am. lol, so what I have found is that I set my alarm for 6 and get up take my phentermine and TRY and catch some more zzzzzzz’s this way the med runs it’s course and I can actually go to sleep after it has worked for 12 hours. So, I hope this has been helpful to anyone interested in this drug. I have lost 50 lbs in 3 months…so, it’s worth it. There is Bontril and tenuate that have been around since the 60’s and those that have found phen to be to much ask you Dr. to let you try one of those they work but are a little more mellow on the side effects.


Subj: Bizarre behavior?
Date: 12/18/2009
Has anyone using phentermine noticed the exaggerated sense of well-being side effect or bizarre behavior. I was on the pills for 6 months and I became wonder woman-I could do no wrong and didn’t worry about anything I did, because all will be okay. I have been suspended from for four weeks now and I am fighting to keep my job. I know I would have never done what I did if I would have been thinking clearly-anyone else????


Subj: What is wrong with me?
Date: 12/23/2009
OMG, I’m reading all of these great stories about weight loss and how this drug is helping you. I’m really upset right now. I’ve been taking phentermine for 6wks and I’ve only lost 7lbs! What is wrong with me?! I’m not hungry, so that part is working. I’ve changed everything. Eating healthier, exercising and drinking water. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I feel fat and gross and I don’t think this is going to change. HELP.


AskDocWeb: If it is not working as well as you think it should then talk to your doctor about what you might need to do different to get better results.

Subj: Weird?
Date: 12/29/2009
Why should I take no more than two times per day? Doctor told me to take it twice a day? Weird!


AskDocWeb: If you take more Phentermine, or more often than what your doctor told you to take, that is considered drug abuse. Is it really weird that you doctor wants you to avoid getting an overdose?

Subj: Bad but livable side effects
Date: 12/31/2009
I started taking phentermine in March of this year. By early October I had lost 60 lbs. I was very excited. I went from a fairly snug size 16 to a loose size 12 or even a 10. I was very excited about the wt loss but there were some bad but liveable side effects. My hair stated breaking off almost immediately from the crown of my head. My skin all over my body became very dry. And my scalp became very sensitive to just about all types of hair products. Also for about the first 2 weeks I was suffering from bad migraines but they subsided & didn’t return. I had to stop taking the Phentermine in October because I was pregant. Because I stopped cold turkey I gained 20 lbs back in 2 weeks. I am now 13 weeks and have not gained anymore so the wt gain seems to have stopped. I liked the phen so much that once I give birth & stop breastfeeding I plan to start back on phen. As far as the hair loss. I found some very nice wigs that look awesome on me, so it wasn’t much of a problem for me.


Subj: Can Phentermine cause tinnitus?
Date: 1/2/2010
Phentermine, can this cause tinnitus, ringing of the ear?


AskDocWeb: No, the side effects of Phentermine do not include tinnitus.

Subj: Can these drugs interact?
Date: 1/2/2010
I want to start using phentermine and I have the pills. I am worried that I could have a drug interaction. I take cymbalta, adderal and abilify. Can these drugs interact?


AskDocWeb: There is a possibility of a major drug interaction between Adderall and Cymbalta. There is also a possibility of a major drug interaction between Phentermine and Cymbalta. There is also a possibility of a major drug interaction between Abilify and Cymbalta. Please do not take any of these drugs without permission from your doctor and keep your doctor informed about every drug you are taking. Read more feedback from users.
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