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Subj: Lexapro and Phentermine?
Date: 5/17/2010
I take 10mg. of Lexapro and I wanted to know if I can take 15mg of Phentermine?


AskDocWeb: There is a major drug interaction listed for Phentermine and Lexapro (escitalopram). These two drugs are not usually used together because of the additive risk of serotonin syndrome, which is a rare but serious and potentially fatal condition thought to result from hyperstimulation of brainstem 5-HT1A and 2A receptors.

Subj: Phentermine and Effexor XR?
Date: 5/18/2010
Can phentermine be taken with Effexor XR if I’m taking 75 mg. of Effexor once a day?


AskDocWeb: There is a major drug interaction between Phentermine and Effexor XR (venlafaxine). In general, amphetamines and other sympathomimetic appetite suppressants are not combined with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) because of the risk of serotonin syndrome.

Subj: Urine test?
Date: 5/20/2010
Hi, I have just begun on phentermine. I also just recently set up an appointment with a new OBGYN… I know she will only prescribe me with low-ogestrol. I would prefer not to tell her I am taking phentermine as I am sure she will disapprove. Do I have to tell her? They do a urine test which is basic for obgyns. I am pretty sure it is mostly for pregnancy or infections and things of that matter. If I do not tell her I am taking phentermine will it show up anyway on the urine test? My doctor who prescribed the phentermine knows that I will be receiving low-ogestrol from an obgyn and has approved me taking them together so that is not a factor. Can you answer these questions for me?


AskDocWeb: You have to tell her only if you want to have an honest relationship with your OBGYN. If your OBGYN finds out later that you withheld this information, you could lose your new doctor. Phentermine does show up on a urine drug test.

Subj: Horrible rash, hives?
Date: 5/20/2010
I have taken phentermine in the past and was successful in losing weight. I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism and gained over 54 lbs. I just went to a new diet doctor was put back on phentermine 37.5mg one a day but have been suffering with a horrible rash (hives). I have never had this reaction before. Why would I suddenly develop an “allergic reaction”? I am pushing bendadryl but quite miserable with the itchy hives. I need to get this weight off to improve my health any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: It is possible to become allergic to anything at any time whether or not you’ve used it before. There have been several reports of rash by those using Phentermine. It is important to report hives to your doctor as this may indicate an allergic reaction.

Subj: Brain fog and irritability
Date: 5/20/2010
I am so confused. I started taking Phentermine about 4 months ago. I also have adult attention deficit – the inattentive type. When I started taking phentermine I felt like I was cracked out and anxious. Over the years I have taken ADD medicine that made me feel the same and I stopped taking it. BUT I noticed not only was I not hungry and able to stick to a diet and not want to eat sugars and fast food. I was able to focus at work. Actually hyper focus where I didn’t leave my desk all day but it was amazing how much I was able to do. I am a computer programmer and it was like I had all kinds of ideas and my brain was so clear that I didn’t sit here wanting to zone out as I normally do.

The SIDE EFFECT was that I was very irritable with my boyfriend and children. Things that may bug me a little but I usually let roll off, really annoyed me and I was very rude to them. So I decided to try and take an ADD medicine, I tried Ritalin, Vynase and now Adderal XR and I just feel cracked out with still the brain fog and instead of doing work I am looking again on the internet for way too long. Please help, is there a way to get the same drug or effect from Phentermine for my focus and lift of brain fog but not have the irritability? I would love to be able to be that focused again without wanting to lash out at people.


AskDocWeb: Hi Yvonne, you aren’t alone in reporting this affect. The problem is that it doesn’t affect everyone with ADD the same way. You might ask your doctor about Adderall as several have report good results, as well as some weight loss.

Subj: Phentermine and bronchodilators
Date: 5/21/2010
Please, Please answer a question for me!. Does phentemine interfere with broncodilators. My asthma is getting worse and it is usually controlled. I have increased SOB at night sometimes, maybe four times in 3 months. I like the results, but I have to breath. Please give me an answer….Thanks,


AskDocWeb: We haven’t seen any indication that Phentermine might interfere with a bronchodilator but any difficulty in breathing should be evaluated by your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Subj: Nose bleeds
Date: 5/23/2010
been taking phentermine for 1 week and I have been experiencing nose bleeds (not continuos). My nose is blocked up and when I blow it there is bright red blood, (lots of it). I have no cold or allergies.


Subj: Is Phentermine a diuretic?
Date: 5/27/2010
Can Phentermine cause a negative urine pregnancy test? I read duiretics can do that and I wasn’t sure if Phentermine was considered one.


AskDocWeb: No, Phentermine is an appetite suppressant, not a diuretic.

Subj: Breastfeeding
Date: 5/28/2010
I am wanting to take phentermine as I had my 1st child 2 years ago and gained 70 lbs. I didn’t lose all of my baby weight and got pregnant with my 2ndy child when my son was only 9 months old and gained 30lbs *ugh*. I am currently breastfeeding and plan on doing so until my baby is at least 10 months old however I read on a separate website that there is no known effects on a nursing child and on here read that it will be excreted into my breast milk. Is this something I need to speak to my Dr. about? and get a more on hand explanation? I am overly confused by this.


AskDocWeb: It’s not known if phentermine passes into breast milk and the effect on a nursing infant is unknown but it is a concern. Please talk with your doctor about this.

Subj: Watch certain foods
Date: 5/28/2010
Hey everyone! I shot up to 265 and am only 5’4, not only could I feel the weight but I had a bad body image. My dr put me on “ionamin”, which is a yellow capsule (30mg).. and I lost 12 pounds in one month! Now the people who make that brand closed so he put me on phentermine 37.5. I took it and had rectal bleeding. He said I may need to watch certain foods but I didnt think to ask him and he musta forgot to tell me what to watch for. Has anyone heard of or had this, and what kind of foods should I stay away from while taking this? Thank you so much and I appreciate your time!


Subj: Very dizzy
Date: 6/1/2010
I have been taking Phentermine for 7 days today. For the past 4 days or so, I’ve felt very dizzy, almost like motion sickness. As long as I am still, I’m ok, but when I go to move or turn my head, I can feel my brain’s slower processing time or something. Prior to taking the Phentermine, I took Cymbalta, and my doctor took me off the Cymbalta as to avoid serotonin syndrome. My question is, will the dizziness/motion sickness eventually go away? I only stopped taking the Cymbalta 1 day prior to starting the Phentermine, but my doctor told me that was ok. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The patient information for Phentermine says that dizziness is one of the possible side effects of Phentermine that should be reported to your doctor. Other possible side effects that should be reported include anxiety, chest pain, breathing difficulties, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty urinating, headache, mood changes, nervousness, restlessness, tremors, pounding heart, swelling, impotence or changes in your sex drive.

Date: 6/2/2010
I have been on Phentermine for almost 4 weeks now and I have lost 17 lbs. so far. I’ve read so many reviews from other people saying “I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight.” NO NO NO this is so wrong. What is going to happen is as soon as those people stop taking it they are going to put all that weight right back on. You HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DIET for these results to be long lasting. I had to attend a 2 hour nutrition class before they wrote me a prescription and I am SO GLAD that they made me do that because I learned so much!!! It amazed me just how little I didn’t know about losing weight. I just started exercising 30 minutes a day, every day for the past 2 weeks. Had I started at the beginning I’m sure I would have lost more. I enjoy the energy boost it gives you.

DO NOT take this pill while nursing either, I have seen that question on here, it severely speeds up your babies heart beat which can be terminally dangerous, this is the same reason pregnant/nursing women are NOT supposed to drink caffeine either. Nursing is important and very good for your baby, I nursed for 5 months, stopped nursing my baby so that I could start this pill and diet. If you are planning on getting pregnant, DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL. The first trimester especially is the most important for brain development and this pill is dangerous to take while pregnant.


Subj: Bad rash
Date: 6/7/2010
I’ve been on phentermine for a year now, 37.5 mg once a day. I couldn’t get an appointment between April 18-May 18 so I was off the pills for about a month. I got the worst rash – like bug bites that scabbed over and left marks and itched like poison ivy! It began slowly on my arms and spread to my legs. I didn’t connect it to the phentermine and went to my regular doctor about it, they couldn’t figure it out either. By the time I connected that it was because I had gone off phentermine I looked like I had leprosy or something, I have splotches from the sores that have healed. Now I’m scared to stop, how can I taper off this stuff slowly so I won’t suffer thru this rash again?


AskDocWeb: The safest way to stop is with the help of your physician. If you explain what you want to accomplish, your doctor may start by reducing the dosage. Read more feedback from users.
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