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Subj: Losing a pound a day but very emotional
Date: 1/12/2011
I started taking phentarmine 10 days ago and have lost 10 lbs already that is with the help of a 1500 calorie diet and 3 workouts each week of 30 mins. nothing vigorous though. the first day i took it i had a racing heart and felt like i was high for like 8 hours, and i had dry mouth. I have continued to have dry mouth everyday but i always have water and i drink 8 cups of water a day.

I will only be on this for 3 months. i also noticed that anything that is sad whether its a movie or an argument i cry like crazy at the drop of a hat, total waterworks. and if its an argument i just kinda lose myself for a second and start blurting out things and screamin and crying and then i stand back and think wow what did i just say and why did i say that. it kinda worries me a little but so far its working and i really wanna lose this weight. i have 80 more lbs to lose.


Subj: Phentermine for weight loss?
Date: 1/12/2011
HI AskDocWeb, I am taking atenolol for my high blood pressure I am 50 years old 5’2 and 158 lbs can I take phentermine for weight loss? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Phentermine may not be the best choice for your weight loss program because it causes an elevation of the blood pressure. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t lose weight. Your BMI is 29 which means that you are at increased risk for a variety of illnesses at your present weight. There are a variety of ways to lower your weight through diet and exercise but if you think you might need the help of a drug then talk to your doctor for advice on what would work best for you.

Subj: Blood thinner?
Date: 1/13/2011
Does phentermine make blood become thiner? I am on coumadin.


AskDocWeb: Although Phentermine is not a blood thinner it has been reported to interfere with anesthesia. Several sources said to stop taking it two weeks before surgery and one source said three weeks. We found no drug interactions between Coumadin (warfarin) and Phentermine but check with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure.

Subj: Rash
Date: 1/14/2011


Subj: Chest pain
Date: 1/14/2011
I just started taking phentermine for the 2nd time in my life. I toold it about 4 years about for about 3 months then stopped. This time i am taking the same amount but i have a tightening in my chest and back pain. are both of these from phentermine? Does the mild chest pain indicate something is wrong? Please respond!!


AskDocWeb: Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong and needs attention. Chest pain is listed as one of the possible side effects of Phentermine that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Palpitations, headaches, and nausea
Date: 1/14/2011
I took Phentermine for 10 days and experienced heart palpitations, headaches, and nausea. I discontinued it after calling my doctor’s office. It has been 4 days and I still don’t feel like myself. I am experiencing anxiety, depression, and fatigue. I was fine before taking the medicine, but shouldn’t it be out of my system by now? Or could it be side effects from stopping medicine? I went to the doctor and she just wants to throw me on anti-depressants. I really want that to be LAST RESORT. Please advise.


AskDocWeb: Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is the job of your local health care provider. Most of the Phentermine is out of your system in a couple of weeks but some can stay in the body for up to a month after discontinuing. Fatigue is a common symptom of coming off diet pills especially those that stimulate the central nervous system as does Phentermine.

Subj: What will happen?
Date: 1/16/2011
What it wil happen if I stop taking phetermine after I have use them for 3 months and if it will have some side effect I mean like gaining more wait that i have loose since I have been taking this pill I have loose 18 pounds and I am worry if I will gain double the wait i have loose all ready Thank you


AskDocWeb: When used continuously for several weeks or more, you may experience withdrawal effects if you stop taking it suddenly. The most common withdrawal symptom is fatigue. Talk to your doctor about how you should go about stopping this medication.

What happens after that depends on how well you followed the instructions about changing your lifestyle. If you haven’t changed your eating habits and increased the amount of physical activity you engage in every day then you are likely to gain back the weight you lost.

Subj: Heart pounding, irritable and vomiting
Date: 1/15/2011
Is it generally considered a safe drug? I have been taking it for a week. I’ve experienced some Insomnia, often rather loud hart-pounding, and become very irritably. Is it something to be concerned about, should I see a professional? Also I experiencing vomiting and poor stomach functioning. Might this be related to the drug?


AskDocWeb: Yes, heart pounding and vomiting are listed as possible side effects of Phentermine that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Vitamins for Hair loss?
Date: 1/15/2011
Ive been on phetermine for about a month, I have straight hair and is thin but I noticed a lot of hair loss I was told that this may be happening due to the drastic eating change, nutrition, and weight loss.. is there any vitamins that I can take while im on this medication to prevent that to continue to happen? I dont want to stop taking this medication as im getting great results…. sooo far lost 15 lbs…

Hair loss

AskDocWeb: Just taking a good multi-vitamin may help however, there is a hair loss supplement that combines vitamins and minerals with herbs specifically formulated to promote hair growth. It’s called Advecia. Remember that when hair loss is caused by stress it typically peaks about three months after the stressing event.

Subj: Lost 26lbs
Date: 1/16/2011
I have been taking Phentermine for 8 weeks today and have lost 26lbs. I feel great and plan on continueing to take this medicine. I don’t feel hungry I feel as if I have to remind myself to eat because I don’t even think about it. I have dropped 2 jean sizes and feel great! When I feel like it isn’t doing anything anymore I take 2 for a little while and then go back down to 1. Sometimes I have a little trouble sleeping at night and have not been going to the bathroom (#2)as often as I did before and find myself to sometimes be constipated. In the first few weeks of taking it I often got a headache and the end of the day but it all went away and I feel great. Lots of energy and I would recommend it to anyone! Hope this helps!


AskDocWeb: Anyone thinking about changing their dosage should consult with their doctor first.

Subj: Split pills?
Date: 1/19/2011
My doctor has put me on Phentermine 37.5 tablets. It seems as if I get that burst of energy and loss of appetite through out the first part of the day but begin to become very hungry and tired around 3-4pm. Can I split the pill and take one before breakfast and one before lunch? Has anyone had this problem? Also, I have a close friend who took 4 of the same kind in 1 day! She probably takes 2 a day on a regular basis. Is this safe?


AskDocWeb: No, overdosing is never safe. Some people split the pills but talk to your doctor before doing that. Sometimes taking it a little later in the AM helps alleviate those nighttime hunger pains. Baby carrots are also a good snack and they don’t put pounds on you.

Subj: Would this drug work for me?
Date: 1/20/2011
I am 400lbs, and not really mobil. I have pain in my back and knee, and the other day, I slipped on ice in a parking lot and broke my ankle. I need to lose weight. I have been trying to do the slim fast diet thing, but I am starving. So I was wondering, would this drug work for me? I need to lose more than 200lbs. And as fast as possible.


AskDocWeb: It might work for you but there are several other health issues that have to be considered besides your weight. Since you need a prescription in order to get Phentermine you will have to consult with a doctor.

Subj: Furry feeling on teeth
Date: 1/24/2011
I don’t know that I am asking about any product in specific?? The only two “newer” products I am using are phentermine for weight loss and Crest sesitive care toothpaste… My four front teeth have a furry? feeling?…after recently going and having two fillings behind my two front teeth and then having my teeth cleaned…all of a sudden the skin around my teeth in the top front area feels loose and gross. I feel like I get cotton mouth and like I constantly need to brush or floss. I have went back to the dentist three times to have him look at my gums and he says they are healthy… I can not stop my tongue from rubbing the back of these teeth. I am afraid I am going to receed the gums too much or loosen the teeth completely. Please advise????


AskDocWeb: If your dentist has no explanation for that furry feeling then it is probably not just plaque. Have you experimented with various kinds of mouthwash like hot saltwater or baking soda? It is worth noting that some toothpaste has been noted to cause that furry feeling.

Subj: Phentermine from eBay?
Date: 1/27/2011
I took one yesterday for the first time 30 mins before my lunch and about 20 mins later I felt faint and sick. I felt hot and had to open all the windows and kitchen door. I didn’t have any pain but I felt like I was gonna pass out and my heart was lasted all day and night and I could only manage a cup of soup today. I puked once. Now I am starting to feel better. Do you think because I am very small and just have about 2 stone to loose that I should take half a pill instead of one? Also I bought them off of ebay they are the Rx ones and the tub was sealed but is there any images of them any were so I can compare that they are ok?


AskDocWeb: There are a few images of Phentermine on this page that may be helpful. However, the last time we checked, selling prescription drugs on an auction website is illegal. You can confirm this by calling your State Attorney General’s office. It is also against eBay policy. If you do not have a prescription for Phentermine then you could be in serious trouble, both legally and health wise. Please contact you local doctor for advice on what would be an appropriate weight loss drug for you situation.

Subj: Horrible hives
Date: 1/28/2011
Started taking Phentermine 2 weeks ago.. I have lost 10lbs so far…I like it but today I broke out in a horrible hive. I will stop taking the med, its not worth the hives and the itching.


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