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Subj: Headaches
Date: 1/28/2011
Is it normal to have a headache for a few days after starting? I have cut out the caffiene in my diet and it feels like that type of headache. Is it due to the Phentramine or no caffiene. Have you heard of this?


AskDocWeb: Yes, and headaches may be caused by both discontinuing caffeine and by Phentermine. However, headaches are listed as one of the possible side effects of Phentermine that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Ambien and phentermine?
Date: 1/28/2011
One other question – is it safe to take ambien with this? I am taking 37.5 dose of phentermine.


AskDocWeb: While we didn’t find any drug interactions listed between these two drugs, Phentermine is a stimulant and taking it too late in the day is known to cause insomnia.

Subj: Energy to workout
Date: 1/30/2011
I love phentermine. I have been on it for two weeks and have already lost 8.5 pounds. I think the pill is great because what it does for me is give me the energy to workout. I haven’t had that in years. Since taking it I have been working out 5 days a week and on the 2 days I try to rest I still find I’m doing a lot more activities with my family like bike riding and things of that nature. I’m excited to see continued results.


Subj: Problem sleeping and aches in ankles
Date: 1/31/2011
I have been taking Phentermine for 5 days. Its works great at helping me not too be hungry hardly at all. However, instead of sleeping 6-8 hrs a night I am lucky to sleep 5 hrs. Also, I seem to be getting aches in my anckles and knees for no reason. any advice


AskDocWeb: Remember that Phentermine is a stimulant and taking it too late in the day can cause insomnia. There are a number of reasons for pain in the legs and ankles. Most of them are an indication of problems that should be evaluated by your doctor.

Subj: Phentermine and pseudophedrine
Date: 2/3/2011
Hello, I started taking Phentermine at 37.5mg yesterday, prescribed by my endocrinologist. I don’t feel any different from before I started the Phen. For many years, I have been taking an OTC allergy med for my allergies…this med does contain pseudophedrine. I have been taking it almost daily for years, with occasional breaks for about a month or so (if allergies weren’t bad). It always helped my hayfever. I stopped the allergy med about a week ago because I knew I would be starting Phen.

My question is, do you think that all those years of taking pseudophedrine have created a tolerance for me to Phentermine? It seems logical, since they’re the same class of drug, but there doesn’t seem to be anything about this specific issue in my research. I have a call in to my doc, but it often takes a few days for him to get back to me and I don’t want to keep taking this if it’s pointless. Thank you for any input you might have,


AskDocWeb: There may be some cross-tolerance since both are stimulants to the central nervous system. However, these drugs affect slightly different neural pathways so Phentermine may still be worth trying. And your doctor thinks so or he wouldn’t have prescribed it.

Subj: Phentermine is working
Date: 2/5/2011
I have been taking Phentermine since Tuesday this past week. My doctor prescribed me the 15mg because I have gained 60lb in the past year and a half. My normal weight is around 135-140 and I got all the way up to 203 pounds. She prescribed me phentermine to give me a “boost” in my start of weight loss. I can definitely tell it is working. My appetite has changed significantly. I can eat much smaller portions and I am not having all the cravings I used to have. I am dieting also, drinking a lot of water (I am still drinking tea, just not with as much sugar), I am eating a small breakfast every morning before I take the phen. I eat a small lunch, low carbs.

By dinner time, I am really not starving anymore. Something that has really helped me with dinners is fixing only one serving for myself and one for my husband. That way, there is no going back for seconds. Well, so far since Tuesday, I have lost 4 pounds. 4 pounds in 4 days…I have to say I am pretty amazed. My only do wnside to the phen is that I have had a couple headaches in the past few days that I think are relevant to the medicine. It could also be because I am not eating as much anymore. Either way, I am very satisfied so far with my results. I hope the pounds continue to drop. I look forward to being my normal self again.


Subj: How can I maintain weight loss?
Date: 2/6/2011
I have been taking phentermine for a year and 2 mos. I originally started taking it because I have polycystic ovaries. I was 205 and now am around 165. My goal is to get down to 135 I am 5’3 and have a 5 year old son. I plan on going in for a tummy tuck and laposuction. How can I maintain this weight loss without gaining the weight back once I have this done? It is very hard to loose weight when you have poly cystic ovaries. Please help.


AskDocWeb: PCOS has many side effects and weight gain, especially around the mid section is one of them. Have you been to an endocrinologist? If not, you might consider making an appointment. Also, read the book “The Low GI Guide to Living Well with PCOS (New Glucose Revolution).” This book will show you how making small, gradual changes can make a big difference. It is a great tool for empowering those with PCOS.

Subj: Dry mouth, chalk taste and tachycardia but still recommend it
Date: 2/9/2011
I work for a Dr. who has a weightless program and I have seen most of our patients go through dramatic changes. Each is evaluated with EKG, blood test, and monthly visits. They begin the program with four weeks of phentermine 15 mg twice a day and come in weekly for injections of MIC, B-12, or B-complex depending on patient, after four weeks of phentermine they will stop taking it and have to wait 2 weeks with only one 15mg tablets a day. They are required to be evaluated and have an appointment to see the Dr. Every month. With the right eating habits and excersize I have seen patients start at 200 lbs and in 6 months weigh 150lbs.

I am also an example because at 4’11” and weighing 168 lbs in 5 months I weigh 130 lbs I haven’t been this weight since high school! I recommend this with the right supervision. Make sure the Dr who prescribes you phentermine has examined you and your past medical history. The only side effects I experienced were dry mouth with chalk taste and tachycardia. When I began experiencing my high pulse of 122 beats per minutes I immediately contacted my Dr/boss and he lowered my prescription to 15 mg once a day instead if twice. It made a huge improvement and my pulse is back to normal 89 beats per min. Please be careful with this drug it can male losing weight easier but it has it’s risks and should only be taken if under medical supervision.


Subj: Semen leakage
Date: 2/11/2011
I’ve been on Phentermine for about 5 months. I can’t handle the full 37.5 dose I’m prescribed. I cut it in half every day at the recommendation of my physician. I’ve lost 40 lbs (down to 210 from 250) and it’s working well with appetite suppression. The problem is that around the same time or shortly after I started experiencing semen leakage. I’ve never had that happen before. It’s usually 30 seconds to a minute before normal ejaculation. I recently turned 40 as well. Can Phentermine potentially cause that or am I just getting older and that’s the cause?


AskDocWeb: In the clinical studies, some people experienced sexual side effects while taking phentermine. Although Phentermine is suspected to interfere with sexual function, the exact percentage of phentermine users who experienced this is unknown. There is no definite medical research that proves whether these changes are caused by other factors or by phentermine alone.

Subj: Can phentermine cause you to ovulate?
Date: 2/12/2011
I just found out I’m a month pregnant, while i had been taking phentermine during the pregnancy. Which I think has been changed over some years because I took it a few years ago and had great results no side effect! Now the new one if it has been changed, I have twichin in my lips and eyes with numbness to my face, paranoid, extremely fast heart race, restless out of the wall, weird dreams, and ugly mood swims. Were i would snap for no reason or yell and get aggravated. I wanted to knw can phentermine cause you to ovulate?? I had unprotected sex with my husband for 2 years and the month I start taking phentermine I get pregnant.


AskDocWeb: No, Phentermine does not cause a woman to ovulate.

Subj: When is it safe to take Phentermine
Date: 2/12/2011
I have taken phentermine twice in the past and lost 60lbs once and 40 the other time. I was successful at keeping the weight off for several years both times. However, I am now the fattest I have ever been after having a baby and nursing for a year. I stopped nursing a month ago and wonder when it will be safe on my body to take it again. I wish I could lose this weight without the pills because they make me so moody but I dobt think I can lose 80lbs without them.


AskDocWeb: You will need a current evaluation by your doctor to find out if Phentermine is still safe and appropriate to use. Many times diet drugs become less effective with repeated use so be open to alternatives when you talk with your doctor.

Subj: Weight gain after I’m off of it?
Date: 2/12/2011
Date: 1/12/2011 I just started taking phentermine 7 days ago and have lost 10 pounds already!! I’m constantly reminding myself to eat but usually end up eating one small meal a day. I plan on taking this medication for just 7-weeks. At the rate I’m going of weightloss will I have any problems with weight gain after I’m off of it??


AskDocWeb: That depends on how successful you are with making the lifestyle changes to your eating habits and activity level. The pill is only one part of the weight loss program. If you leave out the other two parts then you will likely gain everything back once the pills are discontinued. Read more feedback from users.
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