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Subj: How much weight I will lose?
Date: 5/28/2011
I’ve been taking phentermine for two days, and i’m just wondering, I weigh 180, i want to be 125. I want to know how much weight I will lose in a week? I’m also burping a lot, Could you tell me if that’s bad?


AskDocWeb: No, burping in itself is not bad. It is the normal way your body gets rid of swallowed air. If this is a concern you can read more about it here.

How much you lose depends on too many factors to guess. Most experts agree that the optimum amount to lose is two pounds per week. Losing weight slowly allows your body time to adjust and you are much more likely to keep the weight off after discontinuing the diet pills.

Subj: The SOB
Date: 5/29/2011
Hi, I began taking Phentermine 37.5mg 10 days ago and began to notice SOB approx 3 days ago; I take the pill usually by 9:30ish every morning. The only odd thing about this is that I feel the SOB usually at the end of my work day, at night, at home, before bed. While at work, I have plenty of energy and only experience dry mouth. Can this be eased if I cut the dose in half, since I started off on the highest dose to begin with? Or will it subside?


AskDocWeb: Not everyone is familiar with the abbreviations of side effects. Please clearly define “SOB” in order to avoid misunderstandings. Does that mean you burst into tears or are short of breath? Lowering the dose is known to reduce side effects but any difficulty breathing should be reported to your healthcare provider.

Subj: Ankle and foot pain
Date: 5/29/2011
I took phentermine for 2 1/2 months and lost approximate 5 lbs which is good. I did experience dry mouth and tachicardia which are not insurmountable issues. My blood pressure which has always been approx 95/55 went to 140/80. I also began experiencing pain in my ankle and now in the ball of my feet. Not sure if there is any connection between the ankle and foot pain and phentermine. I’m going to stay off phentermine for another month or so to see ify my symptoms disappear.


Subj: Phentermine success story
Date: 5/29/2011
I am a phentermine success story. I started at 288 lbs on Feb 1st and I am now at 221 on May 29th. That is 67 pounds in a little less than 4 months. I take one 37.5mg phenterimine pill in the morning with lots of water as soon as I wake up. All diets will fail if you don’t stick to it and all will succeed if you do. It’s not the diet that matters, it’s what is between your ears. I believe I have tried all of the popular diets and I did not have any success beyond a couple of weeks. Until I came across a doctor who sat me down and explained it like this.

Mister, you could survive several months in the arctic with nothing to eat. Your body would eat itself. That’s the beauty of man being a mammal. We store fat in good times so we can live off of it when times are lean. However, modern man has taken the “bad times” out of the equation. All we have is good times, so we pile on the fat. When you are obese, and she called it that and told me to me face that I was obese. She said to accept it, don’t like it – hate it in fact. Hate enough to do something about it. Even if you only eat 500 calories per day, your body will still get all the energy it needs by eating itself, literally. That’s what it is made to do. Eat itself when times are lean.

My diet is 800 calories per day, one 37.5 phentermine, one multi-vitamin, serious time on the elliptical and treadmill plus easy free weights and situps. I have to determine the calories of everything that goes into my mouth and log it into a booklet. That means a good kitchen scale that measures in grams. I also weigh myself at the same point every morning (I urinate, then weigh) and it must weight in tenths of a pound. That is also logged. I eat mostly cod, tilapia, shrimp, lettuce, carrots, green beans, broccoli, radishes, asperagus, peppers and onions. I am sick of all of them to be honest. One day every per month, I can have whatever I want – anything. I have never gone over 2000 on those days and even then I am stuffed and can’t wait to get back to the regular diet. This isn’t a magic diet and there is no such thing. All I can say is that this worked for me. Good luck.


Subj: Dizziness, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath
Date: 6/10/2011
I have been taking phentermine for 4 days….I have taken years ago when I was a teenager and I had heart palapatations for years after…but today the fourth day I have had numerous episodes of dizzness, heart palapations, and shortness of breath…also I have headaches…I am concerned if I should go to the doctor…I also was on tenuate before the phentermine and I plan to go back to the tenuate.


AskDocWeb: The dizziness, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath are all listed as possible side effects of Phentermine that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Short term memory loss
Date: 6/10/2011
I have been taking Phertermine for about 1 year now. Problem is, I have noticed short term memory loss to the point that it is affecting my work performance. I’ve been known for my photographic memory my whole life. Now, I can’t recall most things that I’ve done today, or any day recently. & I have a yeast infection too & I feel my self lazy not like the first time I took it I am full of energy. Is this permanent?


AskDocWeb: None of the side effects of Phentermine are listed by the manufacturer as having a permanent effect. However, using any stimulant long-term is not healthy for the heart or nervous system. Long-term use of phentermine includes irritability, insomnia, restlessness, mental confusion, and anxiety. CNS stimulants can include other more serious problems such as dependence and addiction, PPH (primary pulmonary hypertension) and cardiac valve disease. This is part of why phentermine is approved only for short-term use.

Subj: Need to lose 20 pounds
Date: 6/16/2011
Is there an alternative to Phentermine that does not interact with antidepressants, specifically sertraline? I started on Phentermine 3 days ago and lost 3lbs so I know it works for me but I broke out in hives and welts all over my body from it and I was told to discontinue it. I really need to lose about 20 more pounds to get my diabetes II under control. I play tennis and do zumba everyday yet i wasn’t losing weight without phentermine. Please advise.


AskDocWeb: Sorry SusieQ, this forum is limited to discussion of the side effects of Phentermine. For online advice Adpost your question here.

Subj: Extremely oily skin?
Date: 6/17/2011
I’ve been taking it for 3 days now & my appetite is supressed! Has anyone had the problem with extreme oily skin from use of this medication? I have stopped wearing any kind of foundation/blush to try and help, but it will nearly drip off my face despite my best efforts! I’m not hot or sweating and I will most definitely deal with it if I have a chance at losing a few rolls, but I just want to know for my own peace of mind.


AskDocWeb: We have heard from others that Phentermine made their skin go haywire. Although the following are not listed among the officially recognized side effects some people do report getting pimples, cystic acne, zits, and oily skin. The only dermatologic side effect listed is urticaria, which is an allergic reaction (hives) characterized by welts with pale interiors and well-defined red margins. Products that users report helpful with oily skin problems include Proactive, Differin creme, and sulfur soap (Book: Enzymatic Therapy Derma Klear Akne Treatment).

Subj: Can getting off of Phentermine cause hypothyroidism?
Date: 6/20/2011
I took Phentermine 37.5 for approx 6 months. I lost over 38 pounds. I started to have chest pains and tapered off of them. I continued to exercise and eat a very healthy diet. However, my energy slowed down to a crawl, I have gained all of the weight back. I have very little appetite. Can getting off of Phentermine cause hypothyroidism?


AskDocWeb: No, the only drugs known to cause hypothyroidism are Amiodarone, Lithium, and the drugs used to treat hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), such as propylthiouracil (PTU) and methimazole. There are a number of other causes, including autoimmune disease, radiation therapy, failure of the pituitary gland, pregnancy (Sheehan syndrome), iodine deficiency, and thyroid surgery. Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism?

Subj: Amazing results!
Date: 6/25/2011
I have been taking Phentermine for over 2 months now and the results have been absolutely amazing! Not just for the weight loss, but I feel like a new person with the way I feel. It gives me that extra boost of confidence to keep eating right and working out- Love it! I have slowly stopped taking the Phentermine now and I guess I’ve trained my stomach to my new eating habits that I can’t even tell if I am on it or not. Very great tool to start with and trust me it is possible to use it only short term.


Subj: Muscle spasms
Date: 6/29/2011
Hi, I just wanted to know if Phentermine could possibly cause you to have muscle spams in your upper legs. I only took to tabs of 37.5mg and at the end of the first day I got those terrible muscle spasms in my upper legs. They will not go away. I stopped taking this medicine immeditely. Do you think my muscle spasms will go away? Thank you!


AskDocWeb: Phentermine lowers the potassium level in the body and it is potassium that regulates muscle contractions. Pay attention to any muscle spasms, twitches or weakness as these can indicate a low potassium level. You can always ask your doctor to check your potassium level. It’s a quick blood test. Supplements are available but taking too much can also cause problems so check with your doctor about what is appropriate.

Subj: Serious tightness in chest and labored breathing
Date: 7/3/2011
I used Phen once before and it was magic! Pill was direct from DR, a capsule, 37.5 MG, side effects; none. Just began again for short course; this time pill is from CVS and is a tablet (blue w specs, 37.5G) Side effect; serious tightness in chest, breathing labored. Why the difference? Pls advise.


AskDocWeb: Both the tightness in the chest and the labored breathing are symptoms that should be reported to your doctor as these may indicate a problem.

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