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Experience with Phentermine
Date: 1/7/2012
For what it’s worth I start out at 238, yeah 238. Never thought I’d be saying this, I thought in my head, honestly I wanted to write a little message, before I left this web site. Maybe it’ll shed some light in this weight loss drug for someone. I waited to take it, until I got my monthly visit, and I was making sure I wasn’t pregnant, because there’s been no proof on if it causes birth defects or not. Just remember, always think twice, and if there’s a possibility, just wait.

I then took my first dose, and I must say, I felt too high, and hyper. Not normal feeling, and I don’t take medine like that on the regular, but I am a smoker, an I couldn’t even feel satisfied after smoking a whole cigarette. I then around 4pm crashed. I swear I was so tired and I didn’t even wanna be on the couch. I then said to my fiance, I am going to be a sport, take it, but only take half and see what that does. Called my doctor first to make sure I could split it in to two halves and take only one. They gave me the clear and after doing this for a couple days, I started taking the whole pill, and my body just seemed to ajust to it.

I am on the highest does, and I first understood what was asked of me as well. To eat normal healthy meals and exercise as well. I have been on this now three months, I see my doctor every 30 days, for a re evaluation. An a weigh in, and I must say I am always excited to see what it says that day. So Again I said to myself 238, and she looked at me an said, my dear you have lost 4lbs. I couldn’t be happier, I countined one into the room, to finish my visit. Not once did I have un normal readings on my blood pressure, or on my pulse. The next visit, she told me I lost, 5 more lbs. An I thought to myself, I have been eatting, and working out on my exercise bike why am I not losing more? I asked my doctor, if I was losing enough? she reassured me I was doing great.

I am continuing to take it so far the only side effect I have had in the past three months is that I have dealt with more headaches, up late some nights, more often then I was before, and one day out of the blue I woke up in the middle of the night dry heeving and puking, and not feeling at all normal. I have not had another night like that, but I am looking forward to my visit with my OB-GYN So that I am on birth control, and won’t have a chance at conceiving right now until I’m done losing all the weight I need to on this drug. Please understand it’s not worth harming another life, one that doesn’t have a choice at the decisions you make. I also am looking forward to another visit/check up here this month, and I will find how much more weight I may have lost since the last month. So My new number is 229 lbs, and counting down.

I will put this page in my favorites and come back and update my story. I would recommend this to someone who is obese like me, and someone who needs help in getting back in to shape, an loose weight. Thanks for reading and good luck to you and your fat burning days!


AskDocWeb: Thanks for sharing your experience with Phentermine. It’s good to hear that you are making steady progress. This is the type of post others find most helpful.

Itchy hives
Date: 1/10/2012
I took phentermine a year and a half ago and lost a great deal of weight. I dealt with the normal mood swings and I was taking a pill and half a day. I had no side effects other than dry mouth at the time and a little attitude problem other than that it was great. I stopped but still had a long way to go and managed to keep some of the weight of 12 out of 40 (frown).

So this round i started taking the lipro shots and phentermine and a water pill per doctors instructions. I am on day five and last night I woke up with mild itchy hives @3am that were gone by 7am. Now I am not sure what to do. I did not have a reaction to them last time. I’ve lost 9 lbs and dont want to stop if the reaction was mild enough, but don’t want risk my health further either. HELP!!


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you need to have your doctor evaluate the situation. S/he can help you determine the extent of the reaction and what to do about it.

Does Phentermine affect pregnancy?
Date: 1/10/2012
I just took a shot of B-12/triple HCG and I am suppose to start on my Phentermine pills (yellow ones)30mg tomorrow. The thing is that my husband and I are TTC. We have a son who is 3 now and are going for number 2. I asked the Dr. if any of what he was giving me would affect the baby if I were to get pregnant now…he clearly said NO. I’m still a little concern…plus I’m now waiting for the 11day mark to check if I am pregnant now! What if I am…will the Shot I took or the pills I take now affect my pregnancy. I really want to loose 30lbs. I’m hoping to do so before concieving, but I do not want to risk the baby for any reason by taking any of this…


AskDocWeb: For those trying to conceive (TTC), there is no data that shows Phentermine has any affect on conception. In most cases, losing weight before conception is preferable to losing it while pregnant. Some studies suggest that dieting during early pregnancy, without taking vitamins, may increase the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect. The growing baby needs sufficient nutrition to grow properly and dieting can rob the baby of nutrients needed for development.

There is little information on the use of Phentermine during early pregnancy. The data that is available shows no increased risk of birth defects.

The hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. One of the things that hCG does is break down stored abdominal fat so that it can be used as an energy source for the growing baby. This slightly increases the body’s metabolism, which is why hCG is thought to aid in weight loss.

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