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Use this discussion forum to share your experience with Phentermine side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Severe mood swings and drastic personality changes
My wife has been on a off Phentermine we were not a perfect couple before this but we kept the family together and functional. Now she is like a different person angry, mood swings severe, throwing things, saying she hates me? She is not the same person? help


AskDocWeb: Severe mood swings and drastic personality changes are rare but they are listed as possible side effects that should be reported to the prescribing doctor.

Son needs to lose weight
My son is 28 and is now up to 258#. He is asmatic and is taking 2 inhalers and now phentermine. He eats about 700 calories a day, goes to the gym and rides his bike plus walks 3 dogs. He is gaining weight. His thyroid is ok, his glucose is ok, his liver is bad, and he does not sleep and has constant diarrhea both for years now. The doctor has done nothing about it. Just tells him to sleep and cut his eating and excerise more. Why is he gaining weight? he needs to lose for his liver and his asthma.


AskDocWeb: Some weight management problems are caused by non-medical reasons. See the Gabriel Method for details.

The worst side effects
Hate to say this but i was taking phentermine for about 4-5 months lost alot of my wieght i was so happy, BUT i had the worst side effects, i have never ever suffered from depression/bipolar/anxiety or anything like that, well i got in a fight with my husband and took all 30 of my phentermine pills. i now dont undertstand why i did it i dont remember thinking about it. i just knew my husband left me at home alone and wouldnt talk to me. i just no that i passed out on the rug in my bedroom and woke up in a pile of puke. Luckily by this time my husband came home found me and went to the hospital. I dont understand how i reacted to a dumb arguement to down a whole bottle of pills! I went to the ER and luckily everything was fine accept my hands still switch and my heart rate didnt go where they wanted it to they released me with my heart rate at 105. they wanted it to go down to 80, went in at 135. And they had to give me 3 iv fluid bags…by the time at the hospital i was more cohearant and in my right mind. The doctors said that my attitude was fine and that i dont seem suicidal or anything. so i do think after it all i do blame the pills. they even had ppl evaluate me to make sure i wasnt crazy or suicidal. so it is a very serious little pill i think, it completely changes who you are! i do not recomend if u cant handle side affects.


What if I get pregnant?
I am taking Phentermine and but not on birth control what if I get pregnant while on this medication will it harm the baby? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Phentermine comes from a family of drugs with a structure similar to amphetamines and those should absolutely be avoided during pregnancy. That’s why they say to stop taking it call your doctor if you are pregnant or even if you think that you might be pregnant. Since there is a known risk there hasn’t been any controlled human studies and probably never will be. Remember that pregnancy is a time for healthy eating not dieting. Good luck and best wishes.

Taking Duromine
I have just started on phentermine, (duromine) today is my secound day. I took it late yesterday 1pm and was awake all night. I took another this morning at 7am hopefully i will sleep tonight. I know i shouldnt have taken the first one so late in the day. My question is my doctor gave a 30day supply (one a day). However I feel odd on them spacey and not myself so would perfer to just do on my two days off. Is this Ok? I hardly ate anything day one. Also speed makes peoples teeth full out could this stuff do the same? I’m really glad I found this site. Your response to others comments have been very help full.


AskDocWeb: Taking this medication only on your days off will considerably decrease the effectiveness of your treatment. Any side effects that interfere with your work need to be discussed with your doctor.

People using diets often fail to ingest adequate amounts of calcium and the B vitamins that are crucial to the maintenance of healthy gums. The lack of these vitamins increases the risk of gum disease. However, Phentermine itself is not known to make anyone’s teeth fall out. Also note that sore teeth and gums are a common complaint from those that have dry mouth, which is a side effect of Phentermine. Are you drinking enough water?

Topamate with Phentermine?
I take 150 mg of topamate for () can I should i take phentermine???


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any drug interactions listed for that combination but there are a lot of other things that need to be considered before deciding if it would be safe for your particular situation. Please read the
Report on Phentermine Side Effects and Usage

Pycho pills
I still feel like a escaped lunatic. I’m flushing these pills down the toilet or shoving them up my doctors ?… Why did he prescribe them?? I’m not even obese. My normal weight is 81kgs (BMI) I weigh 86kgs. Surly a mere 5kgs doesn’t make me obese. I’ve read a few harrow stories about these pycho pills and never believed them, Now I do. I used to think the people taking them properly already had a pre-existing mental illness, however now I know this isn’t the case. I think these pills should be banned forthwith, anyone reading this forum with the intention of trying them, DONT TOUCH THEM.

Sure I admit it appears some people seem ok on them, however you are playing ‘Russian roulette’ Anyone that says these pills haven’t killed anyone are lying. I’m quite sure many people would have killed them selves on this drug. Anyhow I’m still wasted from the half I took this morning 9am. I cant wait for tomorrow hopefully the effects have worn off, I’m expecting a headache but that’s ok. Just to be normal with ahead ache would be a blessing. If you want to lose weight don’t look for the easy way, I would rather be obese person than a psychopath


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