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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Feedback
Date: 6/29/2004
Hello, I’ve been following the feedback on Procerin for a while now. I ordered a 6 month supply a few weeks ago, and took it for about two weeks. I did experience the slight chest pain and headache that people have described, but after a few days it just felt like second nature. I almost felt like I was on a constant high. Anyway, I stopped taking Procerin after I read something on Hairlosstalk. It was about how the people who run Procerin also opened up a website posing as a 3rd party who “rated” Procerin highest amongst all hairloss treatments. They showed that the domain was registered to the same address as the company that makes Procerin. I just thought it seemed a bit shady. Also, I read somewhere (I wish I could locate it again) that Procerin may be a DHT blocker, but not the type that helps with hair loss. Does this make sense? Anyway, with the bad things I read on along with the reports of shedding have caused me to stop taking Procerin for now. I am hoping for the best in your final report, but expect nothing but the blunt truth of course. The reason I am writing is to ask if the website referred to in the post on 5/22/04 was and if they can be trusted with their smearing of the name Procerin. I didn’t notice that they are selling their own hairloss products as competitors to Procerin. They seem like a neutral party trying to reveal the truth. I’d love to NOT believe them and go back to taking Procerin. Should I? Thanks for all your work.

Chad, Age 31, slowly losing in front.

AskDocWeb: That’s a lot to cover in one post, but here goes. First, the Hairlosstalk website is not a neutral party because it does sell hair loss products. They are a competitor of the company that sells Procerin. The last time we looked, they were pushing a Generic Propecia (Finasteride) which is a federal crime. Propecia is still covered by patent law and that makes it illegal to sell an imported generic in the U.S.A. Their website says it was added to their catalog (yes, they have a whole catalog of hair loss products) on April 15, 2003. We have a low opinion of them for several reasons. They pose as a neutral party and then publish misinformation about their competition.

The Saw Palmetto extract in Procerin inhibits both type 1 and 2 forms of 5 alpha-reductase. That makes it the type of DHT blocker that helps with hair loss. It’s up to you if you want to start taking it again. All we ask is your honest opinion and truthful reporting of what happens if you do.

Subj: Second three month supply
Date: 7/1/2004
I’m a 25 year old male and in the last couple years noticed my hair thinning. I then began to notice a couple hairs falling out when I shampoo and when putting gel in my hair, as well as build up on my pillow. Then, I ordered Procerin, and after a few weeks, my pillow was staying clean. After about two months, my hair seemed to suddenly thin more (the shedding stage, I assume), and then stopped shedding. As I have yet to notice much regrowth, the product does seem to have stopped my hair loss. When I ordered another three month supply, I noticed a couple major differences:
1. The bottle now has a “Made In Canada” label. With all the warnings about getting drugs from Canada, should I be concerned?
2. The pills used to be in a solid pill form. Now, it appears the company has changed to a clear plastic shell with a loose powder inside, similar to prescription meds at the pharmacy. Will this change affect the effectiveness of the product?


AskDocWeb: You might want to make a distinction between herbs and drugs. Drugs are more expensive and are more likely to have dangerous side effects. Procerin is an herb, not a drug. We have no problem with having the product made in Canada. In some cases they have higher standards of safety than the United States. As to the clear plastic shell, that is inert and has no effect on the effectiveness of the product.

Subj: Hairline increasing
Date: 7/1/2004
I have been using procerin since 3 months and I see my hairline increasing & I just ordered 6 month offer. Moreover I never felt any side effect of this product!!!


Subj: The flip side
Date: 7/5/2004
Howdy, I took Procerin for 3 months and noticed no new hair growth. Be sure to take advantage of the 90 day warranty before finishing a three month supply or else the warranty is voided. On the flip side, I slept better than I have in years while taking Procerin, and maybe even experienced some allergy relief. Do you know which, if any, of the ingredients might be responsible?


Subj: After a year and a half
Date: 7/6/2004
I have written many times about my use of Procerin. I am a 30 year old man, have a full head of hair (with just a receding hairline) and have enjoyed taking Procerin for almost a year and a half. My wife notices thickness on top of my head and also noticed hair growing back in the front. Believe me folks. I am a solid supporter of this product. I am not some schmo picked by the company to say a few nice things to make you try the product…I am in the United States Air Force, married and have a little Beagle. Thanks.


Subj: Is Procerin a tablet?
Date: 7/7/2004
Procerin is a tablet yes? I ask because my friend gave me some because he said it will help with my hair loss. It’s a plain white pill with no stamp or markings. Is this the right thing? Or is he just feeding me a sugar pill? I just started taking them last week. Thanks


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer has made several changes to form in which they make this product but, as far as we know, it has never been in the form of a plain white pill. Generally speaking, we think it is a bad idea to take pills provided by friends. You have no way of knowing how long your “friend” has had this product (is it expired?), the conditions of its storage (heat can destroy effectiveness), or even if your friend is honest. If you want to try this product, get your own from a legitimate source.

Subj: CJ 9
Date: 7/9/2004
I have been on procerin for about 17 weeks now and I am not shore if it has done anything? I also been on minoxidil for a year and that has seemed to slow down my loss allot! So I am not shore about this procerin. … To here even more about Procerin also check out Hairlosstalk they have a few things to say to, like how the cj 9 factor are only the initials of the man who came up with procerin. So people keep searching for the truth on these hair loss products.

ps. Advocor is crap. I used that for a year religiously and it did nothing! Thanks


AskDocWeb: We contacted the manufacturer of Procerin about the CJ9 and CJ11 factors to find out about that. They replied that these are the binders and coatings that hold the pill together. The ingredients used to hold the pill together are inert and have no effects what so ever. While it may show vanity for the owner of the company to name them after himself, there is nothing illegal about putting his initials on something his company makes. Beware of crackpots who tell you otherwise.

Subj: Hair transplant
Date: 7/9/2004
I had a hair transplant a few months ago…is it ok to use procerin pills? Will it help speed up my hair growth?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is okay to use Procerin. The jury is still out on your other question.

Subj: Effect of diet on hair loss
Date: 7/15/2004
Does an unhealthy vs. a healthy diet have a any sort of impact on the results of using Procerin?


AskDocWeb: Yes, and not just the results of Procerin but of any hair loss product. You have to provide the nutrients your body needs in order to remain healthy. That includes healthy skin and a healthy scalp. This is one of the reasons we are looking into Advecia.

Subj: Should I try it?
Date: 7/15/2004
Does procerin actually work. Should I go ahead and buy it??


AskDocWeb: I does seem to work for some but, we will not have our final assessment ready until December.

Subj: Advecia?
Date: 7/26/2004
Do you have any information on Advecia??


AskDocWeb: We have a little information here. It is not much but we will add to it as time allows. Hopefully users will help out by adding their feedback on how well it works.

Subj: Minoxidil with Procerin
Date: 7/27/2004
I have been using Procerin for about 5 months now. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a re-growth in hair. It seems to prevent the hair loss from getting worse, but there is no significant re-growth. I have tried Avacor in the past. There were results with Avacor. By reading the study done by this site, I’ve come to believe that the success of my Avacor use is due to the fact that it contains Minoxidil. So, I think that I may combine the use of Rogaine (with Minoxidil) with my Procerin and see if that helps. I will post some feedback on here after a few months.


Subj: Procerin in Australia
Date: 7/29/2004
I’m from Australia and would really like to get in on this Procerin product, can you tell me if I can purchase this in my country or do I have to get it shipped? Is there anything similar on the market (natural)?


AskDocWeb: The closest thing on the market would be the main ingredient, saw palmetto. As for getting Procerin in Australia, it might take a while to get it but they do ship worldwide.

Subj: 50% hair loss
Date: 7/30/2004
Hi, I am 25. I am really very much disappointed with hair loss. I lost almost 50% of hair in last 4 years. I have just ordered Procerin… I will keep updates. Thanks…I found this site useful.


AskDocWeb: That is a lot of hair to lose is just four years. Have you had a physical to find out what may be causing it?

Subj: Propecia and Procerin together
Date: 7/31/2004
I’m 19. I haven’t started to use Procerin yet and I just began to take Propecia a month ago. I want to be as aggressive as possible and wondered whether using Propecia and Procerin together would be more advisable than Propecia alone.


AskDocWeb: Many men are doubling up on treatments for their hair loss. We have two problems with this; 1. How do you know which product is most effective for you? And 2. If you have negative side effects, how do you know which one caused it?

Subj: I send this message because I want to see if it will get on this page.
Date: 8/1/2004
Have been using procerin for 8 month now, anyway so far: the shedding has defiantly slowed a great deal. Hair is looking healthier all together, though problem arriers are still the same -though not worse. I have noticed a decrease in sexual drive though not dramatic at all- but, I am after all 25 years old and very healthy. So far I am pretty satisfied. Because I read a lot of bad reports on the web I will make some tests on myself – stop usage for 2 days, for example and see what happens. Also I use now revivogen with it so fingers crossed. Will write again.


AskDocWeb: Please read the disclaimer page on Revivogen’s website, it may change your mind about that product.

Subj: 2 months – Os
Date: 8/3/2004
I have been using procerin for about 1 1/2 – 2 months now. After only a week I noticed my hair looking healthier, if not thicker (although this was probably largely psychological). I initially experienced no side effects, however recently I have been suffering from some constipation. I have just started to notice some small hairs appearing and am therefore reluctant to stop taking procerin in order to see whether these hairs grow in any thicker. Would you suggest possibly trying taking the three capsules e.g. at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime separately to avoid the larger 2 capsule dose?? Or simply cutting down to 2 capsules per day? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Yes, taking one with each meal would seem to even things out more than taking 2 at night. As for reducing the dosage, if you do, and get the same results with only 2 a day, then let us know.

Subj: Procerin Study

Date: 8/10/2004

Hi there, I have been reading the feedback on Procerin, and it seems fairly promising. I am just about 20 and have been thinning for years, but still, my hair is not that thin, and no one (other than me, and my doctor) can tell that I’m going bald. However, the reason I am e-mailing you is because I want to know about the results of your study on Procerin….. According to one of AskDocWeb’s postings, the study was supposed to be completed by June…. I see nothing on the site relating to a complete study, and am interested in the status of it. Please let me know if at all possible… I’d be thrilled to try a new product granted there are some solid positive results reported (even though Propecia has been doing its job for me so far). Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Originally we were going to do a six month study but decided to extend that to one year. You can read the 6 month preliminary results here. We hope to post our final results in January or February of 2005.

Subj: Problems
Date: 8/11/2004
Procerin did not work for me and I’m having problems getting in touch with Speedwinds to get my money back. If you are not affiliated with this company I will expect a reply with a phone number I can contact this company with. But I suspect this is a bogus site created by Speedwinds to sell their product. Best regards,


AskDocWeb: A healthy skepticism is a good thing but, in this case your suspicion is wrong. Most of this site has nothing to do with Procerin. You can see this by looking at our site map, which is a list of the pages that make up this website. I’m sure there is probably a phone number somewhere for Speedwinds but we didn’t come across it. Like many companies, their contact email address is Just replace the word “SomeCompany” with the word “procerin” and it will go through. Read more feedback about Procerin

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