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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Hair loss in the front
Date: 5/26/2005
I’m looking right now for some help in my hair loss. But my hair loss is in the front of my head and not in the top or crown. Can procerin help me. Rogaine indicate that the hair loss must be in the top and not in the front for the best result. please help me in that.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately there is nothing we can recommend for hair loss in the front of your head.

Subj: Alcohol and Procerin
Date: 5/26/2005
I’m 36 and with not being overly concerned about my receding hair line, as I think there’s certainly more in life to worry about and the fact that most women prefer men who are kinda goin the receding way. But just out of curiousity, I’m goin 2 give this procerin stuff a shot and see what happens. But I’d really like to know that while I’m taking the treatment of pills. Can I still consume alcohol, because I like my wee night out you see.


AskDocWeb: Yes you can drink while you are taking Procerin.

Subj: Conflicting reports
Date: 6/3/2005
Trying to do some research on hair loss and it is pretty conflicting out there. A few websites claim that Procerin is a scam. Your site seems pretty good, but also are accused of being a scam on other sites…so is there somewhere that I can look up procerin in a mainstream news source or established journal of herbs or medicines that you know of? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The only website we know of that claims we are a scam is run by a drug dealer in California. They have published misinformation about us and one of the many products we review here, Procerin. For example, they call Procerin a drug and then complain that it is not FDA approved. The FDA does not approve or disapprove of supplements that are composed of herbs and minerals, such as Procerin. And since Procerin is not a drug, you won’t find it listed in any PDR or medical journal.

You can find most of the ingredients that make up Procerin in any good herbal reference book. The ingredients are listed in our Procerin report.

Subj: Results for 18 year old
Date: 6/7/2005
My 18 year old son has been using Procerin for one year. We haven’t seen more hair growth – but the hair loss has clearly diminished. No mistake about it. Something has stopped the thinning and fall-out – must be the Procerin.


Subj: Procerin after chemo?
Date: 6/8/2005
I am a 27 year old recovering cancer patient. I had chemo therapy for about a year and before I started it I had a full head of hair. Since my chemo has stopped the hair on the top of my head is coming in as just peach fuzz, the sides come in fine. There is no history of balding in my family either. I’ve been off chemo for almost 8 months now, and I am wondering if something like procerin might help. Also are there any extra risks to me since I had cancer?


AskDocWeb: You should talk to your oncologist about using saw palmetto (the active ingredient in Procerin). And you should wait until after your 6 month check up to make sure you are cancer free.

Subj: Your hair loss product
Date: 6/8/2005
Question: I am 57 and I am getting a widow’s peak, plus baldness has start on the top/crown of my head. It appears that your product cannot help me regain my lost hair. Is this true?


AskDocWeb: No, that is false. Procerin is made by a company called Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc. out on the West Coast. That is about 1500 miles from us. It is one of the products we review here but it is not ours.

Subj: Minoxidil with Procerin?
Date: 6/12/2005
Is it safe to use 5% Minoxidil with Procerin hair loss vitamins? What is the advantage of doing so? What if Procerin is taken alone? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Provided that you read and follow the warnings for Minoxidil, you can use them together. The idea is to use Minoxidil for growing hair and Procerin for preventing hair loss.

Subj: No signs of hair loss
Date: 6/13/2005
Dear Sir, my question is simple: I am not experiencing any signs of hair loss and my hair is atypically think. But I am 27 and getting worried about what lies ahead. Would I get any benefit taking Procerin now? Would taking it now help me in the future? Could I take a smaller dosage now; say 2 pills a day since I am not one of these hair cases. I am really confused. I appreciate any help. Thank You kindly,


AskDocWeb: If you don’t have hair loss then stop worrying about it. The worry could eventually cause it. We doubt that you will get any benefit if you take Procerin now.

Date: 6/13/2005
I was taking Procerin for about three months and had to stop because I was feeling “wired” all the time. At night, I had trouble sleeping and during the day I felt very aggressive. It was if I had taken an overdose of caffeine (which I am sensitive to).

I did notice an improvement in the thickness of my hair, but I just couldn’t handle the adrenaline rush these pills were giving me. I share this information so that it can help somebody who may be experiencing the same thing.


Subj: Cold laser for hair loss?
Date: 6/15/2005
I am a 26 year old female with patches of hair loss on the sides of my hair. I still have hair in the scalp but it is more like a peach fuzz. I am considering cold lazer therapy and wanted to find out if anyone has tried it and their results.


Subj: Looking for a free transplant
Date: 6/20/2005
I have been loosing my hair for 4 years now and only 27 now. I stop loosing hair about 6mont ago now, but I still few hairs here and there. Should I start taking Procerin or other product similar to that? My main question is how can I restore my hair? Is hair transplant the only way since I started 4 years ago? Also is there study or as student can I get on hair transplant for free as an student?


AskDocWeb: All the options we know of are listed here. Sorry, we are unable to provide you with a study or university that would provide a free hair transplant.

Subj: Home made hair loss
Date: 6/25/2005
Will I get the same results if I take saw palmetto pills? Almost every one of these “natural” cures state that SP is the main reason? What if I take SP and a super multi-vitamin that has pumpkin seed SP, and others-shouldn’t this be the same?


AskDocWeb: No, that is kind of like saying if you eat the ingredients of a chocolate cake thinking you will get the same taste as a baked cake. It doesn’t work that way. If you leave out the processing of the ingredients involved, you get very different results.

Subj: Saw Palmetto on its own
Date: 6/26/2005
One guy asked whether using Saw Palmetto on its own is effective. Well, I used it as a supplement to Regaine and the effects were astonishingly good after just 4-5 weeks. Unfortunately, four months on, the effects have worn away and I’m losing loads of hair again though I continue with the regime. TIme to try something new.


AskDocWeb: If you used it with Rogaine then you really didn’t use it on its own, did you?

Subj: Money well spent
Date: 6/27/2005
I’ve been using Procerin for almost 2 mos. now and I feel my hair has improved along the front hairline which is an area that Minoxidil and Rogaine can never address. My hair is thicker overall and more managable. I think the money I spent was well invested and I am going to continue using Procerin.


Subj: Stuff does work
Date: 6/29/2005
I was sceptical, so I asked my hair dresser to evaluate if this was working before I stated taking it. The next couple of hair cuts my hair dresser told me there was new growth, and the remaining hair was getting less thin in diameter. I now have completed 3 months of use, and my wife and I can see a difference. The stuff does work for me.


Subj: Thinking about taking Procerin
Date: 6/29/2005
I’m 17 and I’ve been noticing my hair is falling out and is getting really thin, its been happening for about 2 years. My hair line is also getting pretty bad. I’m really thinking about taking the product but I just don’t know if there will be any affects do to my age. I use thickening shampoo and I guess that helps a little, but I’m really interested in this. Please respond…


AskDocWeb: We had two young men in our study that were also 17 years old. Both had good results with Procerin.

Subj: Provillus, Advecia or Procerin?
Date: 7/6/2005
What is the best rated Provillus or advecia or procerin. I vil take something But I do not know which one. I am 35 years old and I still have a hair but I am losing it.


AskDocWeb: Of those three, Procerin is rated best but, that could change as we get more feedback on the other two. The feedback on Provillus is just getting started and we don’t have enough yet to warrant a separate page for that product. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 16 17 18Page 19 20 21 22Last Page 80

Alternative hair loss products:

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