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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Procerin
Date: 7/2/2003
I was interested to read you are investigating Procerin as I started taking this product 3 weeks ago. I have found Procerin’s customer services to be excellent and very helpful. I will let you know how I get on with this product.

I was going to also start taking propecia until I read on your website that some people have had trouble conceiving a baby. This has always been my worry about propecia as I am only 24 and obviously would one day like a family. Do you think there has not been enough research into this aspect of propecia?

Subj: Feedback for research
Date: 9/2/2003
I have always been skeptical of any herbal remedies but I have used Procerin for three months now and have seen significant hair regrowth in the temple area. Best $100 I have ever spent.

Subj: Products for restoring hair
Date: 9/19/2003
I had recently made an appointment to go to a hair replacement organization, “Hair Club For Men”, or “H.C.M.” However, I really wasn’t sure whether they were for real about what they could do for restoring hair as their commercial claims. What is the true price?

Is there any truth to hair replacement, or, hair growth items? Could there be something that people can use that already exists that’s simple, inexpensive, and that really works? Thank You for your investigation! I really appreciate your concern for the unsuspecting people like ourselves!

AskDocWeb: How about it? Does anyone have experience with hair transplants they can share?

Subj: Procerin
Date: 10/6/2003
I’ve used procerin since June. It took about 2 months to start to see any improvement, however I have not regrown any hair yet. It has just helped to slow down the loss of my hairline. I am 22 and I have a very strong case of hereditary hair loss. In the last year I have lost about 80% of the first inch of my hairline. I think I am going to try propecia too.

Subj: procerin
Date: 10/30/2003
First off, this website is great and extremely informative. Thanks. I’m a 30 year old black man and in most of the adds for hair restoration and adds for the regrowth medicines like Procerin and propecia most of the guys in the adds are white. Am I to assume that the results might be different for an African American when it comes to the medicines or are the adds mostly white gentlemen because of the world we live in?
Thanks in advance.

AskDocWeb: Looks like this is just a reflection of the world we live in. We found no data on racial differences in the results of these products.

Subj: Just ordered
Date: 11/3/2003
I’ve just ordered a three month supply. I’m encouraged by the remarks I’ve found on the web so far. I’ll keep you posted as to how I progress with it.
Regards, TH

Subj: Procerin
Date: 11/3/2003
Since using Procerin (5 weeks now) I have been noticing some mild chest palpitations, and a difficulty in concentrating. Are there ingredients in the product that can cause these reactions?

AskDocWeb: Thanks for letting us know. You aren’t taking a MAOI are you? If so, talk to your doctor. Others have reported taking Procerin with a full glass of water or milk avoids any indigestion.

Subj: Procerin with advecia?
Date: 11/8/2003
I was wondering…can I use Procerin together with Advecia or will it bring me side effects if the two products are used simultaneously. Thnx

AskDocWeb: We have had several reports of men successfully using Procerin together with Advecia.

Subj: Monthly feedback
Date: 11/11/2003
I started using Procerin last night. As an experienced mechanical engineer, I’m somewhat skeptical of claims that have been made without my own test data to back it up. I will provide monthly feedback on how this product works. For all those guys reading this page…I’m a real person, in a real city, with a common hair thinning problem.

Subj: Switching from Propecia to Procerin?
Date: 11/16/2003
First I wanted to say you thank you for your site: I really found it very good!!

It’s about the Procerin for men. I would like to try it but I’m under propecia since 3 years (now I’ve the fear to stop it but side effects are important!) and I would like to stop it and try Procerin: How can I switch from the propecia to the Procerin?

AskDocWeb: Some people are taking both so there should be no problem switching from one to the other. When you stop taking the propecia, the benefits often disappear over the following 12 months. Please let us know what kind of results you have with the switch. It would be nice to know what kind of alternative procerin is to propecia.

Subj: feedback
Date: 11/18/2003
I wrote a comment about a little over a month ago (about a friend) and I still haven’t seen it posted. Could you tell me why?

AskDocWeb: Our time is limited and we do not post every email. We only post first hand experiences from those who use the products, not hearsay or what happened to your friend. Comments coming from your friend, if they have first-hand experience with the company or product, are more likely to be published.

Subj: Saw palmetto
Date: 11/18/2003
I was curious, I see that saw palmetto is used in products such as procerin. Is it possible to just take saw palmetto and get similar results. And are any of the ingredients in procerin toxic or hurtful down the line?


AskDocWeb: Not sure about getting similar results but, if you try just the saw palmetto, let us know your results. We found no long term negative side effects for any of the listed ingredients in Procerin.

Subj: Procerin
Date: 11/19/2003
In your research of Procerin, you seem to have virtually accepted the manufacturers claims without any serious investigation. Why is that?

AskDocWeb: Not really. We are currently setting up our own testing of Procerin, making sure we have photos at each step, etc. We’ll keep you posted on our results.

Subj: procerin with propecia?
Date: 11/20/2003
Is procerin safe to take with propecia?

AskDocWeb: More than a few men are doubling up on these products in an effort to cover all the bases. As of November 21, 2003, we have no reports of ill effects from using Procerin with Propecia.

Subj: Clayton’s update
Date: 11/22/2003
So far results have been good, I’m not losing as much hair, and I’ve only been using it for 5 weeks. I’ll keep posting my results over the next two months.


Subj: Tony’s update
Date: 11/22/2003
I have been using Procerin for about a week and a half, and have seen a slight slow down on my hair loss, but I think its too early to tell if the product is working or not. I will keep you all informed. Keep the faith my friends, some day there will be a cure for our balding heads.

Just one of the guys. Tony

Subj: Difference between procerin and avacor
Date: 11/23/2003
What is the main difference between procerin and avacor? Do you know which one is better?


AskDocWeb: Right now, we put Avacor in the faith-based category of products. Procerin seems to be working but we haven’t finished reviewing it.

Subj: ordering procerin
Date: 11/26/2003
I Carey, order procerin and did not receive it yet about 2 week ago I order to the address of Unico Enterprises, Pasadena, CA. I hope they are not messing with my mind.


AskDocWeb: We are not familiar with Unico Enterprises so can’t comment about the integrity of that company. We did find a toll free number for them; 1-877-737-4247. You might try that.

We recommend you tale a look at Procerin from Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc. because of the many positive emails about them. The only negative feedback so far was from someone emailing the order department ( for customer service ( If you are not placing an order, you need to use the support address.

Subj: Testing Procerin
Date: 11/27/2003
I am a 46 year old male in the early stages of hair loss. Most notable hair loss is on the crown with moderate thinning from the crown to the forehead. I began taking Procerin on November 21, 2003. I have taken pictures and will be doing so each month.

Subj: Advecia
Date: 12/1/2003
Hello. What is your opinion on Advecia for slowing down hair loss?

Thank You

AskDocWeb: We haven’t taken a close look at Advecia yet. It is on the list of possible next projects but, we won’t decide until the Procerin study is finished.

Subj: procerin
Date: 12/3/2003
I just ordered procerin today (3 month supply). I will give you feed back.

AskDocWeb: Thanks Jeffrey. Let us know your start date and if you decide to take pictures, try to arrange it so you can have them taken in the same place under the same lighting conditions each time.

Subj: Missing weekends
Date: 12/3/2003
I’ve been using procerin for 1 month now and I must say something is working but not much, my front hair line seems to be getting better but the only problem is I keep missing slots at the weekend due to getting rat arsed, this can’t be good for my locks. I am real and I only have mild hair loss.

AskDocWeb: Glad to hear it’s working for your front hair line.

Subj: Procerin’s main ingredient
Date: 12/4/2003
Procerin’s main ingredient is Saw Palmetto, which is also apparently good for prostate health. If I take Procerin, should I NOT take more Saw Palmetto just for prostate health?

AskDocWeb: Remember that this is a product review site and we do NOT give medical advice. Please use some common sense about your total Saw Palmetto intake. The more Saw Palmetto you take, the more likely you are to experience side effects. (upset stomich or headache)

Subj: Replaced Propecia with Procerin
Date: 12/5/2003
I have been using Propecia since 3 years. Unfortunately after two and a half year of using Propecia I started having problems with getting the erection and faced some skin trouble. I knew that my organism was not tolerating finasteride any more. For some time, I tried to fake myself, that my condition is just the product of my imagination… but it wasn’t. Every time I stopped taking propecia for a while, and than taking it again ( after a week ) I faced the same problems. Then I started searching for a substitute.

First info I had from the internet was the Saw palmetto inhibitor, that was suspected to fight hair loss. I bought it and took a dose of 320 mg daily as suggested. I saw that it changed a general look of hair, but did not stop the hair loss. In the mean time, I had a hunch that this herbal will work in a different amount, but I did not know what amount stop hair loss. Now I know that 1500 mg which procerin provides is probably the exact value. I take procerin for one week and I see that my hair stopped to fall away. I also feel that it does not effect organism as much as propecia does. I’m also sure that someday Propecia will be forbidden, because it definitely decreases the desire for sex and change your sexual attitude physically and in a psychological way. It simply affects hormones!

Subj: Procerin
Date: 12/5/2003
Can I buy Procerin in a store or is it only available online?

AskDocWeb: Procerin is a new product (November 2002) and, as far as we know, only available online.

Subj: procerin2
Date: 12/6/2003
I am a 33 y.o. white male. My hair has been receding for several years and I’ve noticed more of my hair in my hands when I shampoo. In the past I tried a topical Monoxidil solution, which claimed it would never grow hair in the front, which it didn’t, but worked at slowing and probably growing hair on top. I stopped using the product though and the situation slowly has progressed over the last year and a half. I’m not close to balding but figured I should do something while I still might have a fighting chance. I was very happy to see a website that is interested in evaluating Procerin results independently. I realize this forum isn’t exactly a scientific study, but if people are seeing success, then I figured I’d contribute more than just my hair to the effort. 🙂 I ordered 3 bottles and had my first doses. I figure I should take a picture now and then perhaps a later picture, if there’s anything good to show. It’s a shame we cannot post that here as well. I will post back in a month with any observations.

Thanks AskDocWeb for providing a forum for this to be discussed. It’s important to hear how people are doing
with these potential treatments. It might be handy if individuals could update their status in a better way so one
can see their progression and compare.

I also enjoyed your debunking of other products in other forums. This is very important to me what the internet is best used for. There are too many phonies out there.

AskDocWeb: We agree, Dan, and you are welcome. Anyone who wants to test Procerin with us, with
or without pictures, is welcome to do so. If you send photos, we would like to have the “before” shots as soon
as possible. Sorry we can’t open the posting more but there are too many people on the Internet who enjoy trashing forums.

Subj: Volunteering for procerin testing
Date: 12/7/2003
My partner is interested in being a test subject for Procerin. He is 25 years old, with a high amount of hairloss on the front, top of his head, and a bit on the crown. Are you still looking for volunteers?


AskDocWeb: The Procerin Study page is now up and has the details. Your partner can sign up there.

Subj: Very concerned mom
Date: 12/8/2003
My 18 yr. old son is experiencing receding hair line and thinning on top of head. Of course, he’s very depressed and anxious. As of November 1, dermatologist put him on Propecia .. My son is also taking NuHair tablets. QUESTION: He’s reading about Procerin on your website, and would like to add it. Wouldn’t that be TOO MUCH saw palmetto? I’m even concerned about the amount of saw palmetto in Procerin,. 1,500 mg.! Isn’t the recommended maximum dosage 320mg.? Thank you so much for your help,

From a very concerned mom

AskDocWeb: If you are treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that affects the urinary system, then 320mg is the maximum dosage. The reason being, dosages higher than 320mg have not shown any benefits in treating BPH.

What we are concerned with here is hair loss, a different condition. Saw palmetto is considered nontoxic. There have been no significant side effects noted in clinical trials, although in rare cases, high amounts of saw palmetto may cause stomach problems (nausea) and/or headaches.

Note: Saw palmetto is also used in combination with seven herbs (PC-SPES) to treat prostate cancer using 1000mg – 2000mg daily.

Subj: Surprised
Date: 12/8/2003
Very imformative site you guys have here. I’m 25 years old and have tried several different hairloss remedies. Propecia gave me sexual side effects although it did stop further hairloss, but some things are just more important.

I’ve used and continue to use Extra Strength Rogaine and I feel that it does slow down the hairloss however the only regrowth I’ve seen is peach fuzz. My mom showed me an ad for Procerin so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve been using it for a little over a month in conjunction with Rogaine once a day. I have to say, so far I am completely surprised and excited to see that I actually have thin black hair growing back on my entire head including my hairline and temples. I feel that this may be the answer I’ve been searching for. So far thumbs up. I’ll continue to give you guys a report on my results. Take care,


Subj: Compare Advecia with Procerin
Date: 12/10/2003
I was wondering how Advecia compares with Procerin? What have you heard about Advecia and is it something you would recommend. Is it okay to take both Procerin and Advecia together or is one of them enough. Thank you so much for this website. It is very informative.


AskDocWeb: We have reports of people successfully using Procerin and Advecia together, however, that doesn’t tell us which one is doing the most good. We are currently testing Procerin and may do the same for Advecia if there is enough interest.

Subj: 6 months
Date: 12/10/2003
I am a 35 year old male who has been losing hair since mid 20’s. My temples have receded a little so I decided to try Procerin. I have been taking this for six months now and to tell you the truth my hair has been maintained which is what I hoped for. My crown has filled in a little and I also have some thin black hairs that have started to grow each side of the temple. In my view it has done it’s job. I also have photo’s to document my progress as well as a detailed log month by month. Probably the most up to date log so far. I just want to keep what I have and it seems to be doing its job.


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