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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Significant hair growth with Procerin
Date: 7/10/2005
I have used Procerin for 6 straight months and did notice and felt some significant hair growth. At 38 yrs of age, I’m still growing hair considering I need a hair cut every two weeks. However, the amount of hair loss (in the shower or during brushing) was less after a month of taking Procerin. I stopped taking Procerin 3 months ago mainly because I ran out and wanted to see (test) any results after not taking it. Recently I have noticed some hair loss where I thought Procerin was helping. So, I’m considering renewing my order. For me, I had to take Procerin soon after a meal.


Subj: Concerned about steroids
Date: 7/13/2005
My husband was looking into taking procerin for his hair loss but he is an officer in the US Air Force and he was wondering whether it would be considered a steroid or if it is a natural substance.


AskDocWeb: Procerin is a combination of natural herbs and minerals. It contains no steroids.

Subj: Temples and frontals
Date: 7/15/2005
hi, I am on my 7th month of procerin now. Is it normal for Procerin to not work well on the temples and frontals, as they have been receding throughout the course me using Procerin. Thanks alot,


AskDocWeb: Yes, that is normal because it doesn’t work on the temples and frontal area.

Subj: Noticed more hair growth
Date: 7/17/2005
I started using procerin on April 14’th of 2005 and 3 months later I have seen some hair re growth in the back of my head toward the middle top of my head but so far nothing on the frontal hairline. I was about to give up on this product 2 weeks ago and then the next morning I was looking in the mirror and noticed more hair growth. I am going to try this for up to a year and if I still see small hair growths. I will keep taking it in the hope it will at some point cover my frontal hairline. It took 7 years for my hair to recede so I don’t think it will all grow back in 2 months but I do hope and believe it could grow most of my hair back over the next year or so. This is a far better choice then fake hair systems like HCM offers that are way too expensive and look like crap in most cases in my own opinion.


Subj: Will Procerin work?
Date: 7/17/2005
I am not using procerin but I am interested. I am in the latter stages of balding. I have hair on the sides but not much up top. Will this product work for someone like me?


AskDocWeb: We give it a 70% chance that it will help. Let us know how it goes.

Subj: Procerin worked for me
Date: 7/18/2005
I’m 37 and used procerin for 3 months. Surprisingly, I noticed hair stubble/regrowth after a few weeks to a month. Now I stopped taking procerin after 3 months the supply ran out. Side effects may have included variable hormonal effects (increase and decrease in sex drive) and some initial kidney discomfort.
Science behind product sounds real, and now I will to see if the regrowth will remain taking cheaper priced/lower levels of super saw pammeto with nettles extracts from Life Extension.
Procerin worked for me, and if regrowth falls out, I will buy more of it.


Subj: Hair loss in the donor area
Date: 7/20/2005
hi, I have been suffering from MPB for 5/6 years now…and I understand the pattern…however I have noticed a thin diffuse loss of hair in my so-called donor area…around the back and sides. From my research this is not MPB…I have had my thyroid checked, and that seems to be fine, maybe it could be TE? What do you believe it could be, and what kinda of treatment would you recommend?


AskDocWeb: There is no way to tell from here. We suggest you get yourself examined by a dermatologist to find out the cause of your hair loss.

Subj: As a doctor
Date: 7/23/2005
With respect to transplants-I am presently 59 and went through two scalp reductions and two transplants at an early (age?) and am very pleased with the continued results. However, I still have thinning on the front and a pretty large scar down the center of my head. I would like to try Procerin, but am not certain it would affect the transplanted area where I need growth. I would be happy to try it if the company wanted to provide the product. As a doctor, I am always aware of any side affect profile that items such as this may have on my patients since I get the questions quite often. There are some products which patients need to be careful with that may increase their blood pressure.


AskDocWeb: So, you are a doctor trying to get free Procerin? Hummm… You might try contacting the company that makes it, Speedwinds Nutrition. They are located in Seattle, Washington.

Subj: Thanks
Date: 7/27/2005
Hello. Please do not put me on any mailing lists or sell, rent, or otherwise transmit my email address to anyone including publishing it on an open forum, or use this as a product endorsement.

I am a psychiatrist in private practice and have been reading your site. Must applaud your level of restraint and fairly consistent scientific method (trying to refrain from lauding anything and being careful not to make any specific medical recommendations), even though your sample size is small and obviously skewed due to self-report methodology from open-label consumers. I don’t see any p-values, but you don’t claim any either. You guys don’t appear to be doing a sales pitch here. I might try some myself, have been on propecia and minoxidil for years now but am tired of side effects and would like to switch if I can get equivalent results elsewhere.

Just wanted to bring to your attention that your list of medications that can cause or accelerate alopecia is at least somewhat incomplete. You would probably want to include valproate and take a look at some of the more common newer antidepressants as well. I’ve had several complaints over the years from patients with those meds in particular. I’m also wondering about eszopiclone, but have nothing to base this on except anecdotal stuff. You probably have access to more data than I do, if you ask about it.

Don’t be afraid to reply if you have a comment… I’m just paranoid concerning spam and patients emailing me at all hours if they had access to my address, hence the opening disclaimer.

Glad to have the site. I wouldn’t consider purchasing if I only had manufacturer’s recommendations to rely on. They’re a bit, uh, biased…

Dr. G

AskDocWeb: Thanks for letting us know about valproate causing hair loss. It has been added to the list. It’s good to hear from you and don’t worry, your name and address are safe with us.

Subj: Revivogen
Date: 7/28/2005
I have been using revivogen for three months and I have about two inch hair growth. I massage my head three times a day and brush it for ten minutes a night. with the product and massage stimulation it works for me.


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you haven’t read the disclaimer page on Revivogen’s website.

Subj: No changes at one month
Date: 7/30/2005
I have ordered procerin for 6 months and have been taking procerin almost a month. I found no visible changes yet. But I have decided to use it at least for 2 months. After that also if I don’t notice any improvement, I will ask my refund. Another point of concern is that I don’t see enough feedback where people have already tried enough and given their results. Most seem to be in preliminary stages. I used Propecia for nearly 1 year but am afraid of its side-effects. So I stopped using it.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunetly (or not), those guys that are happy with the product have little incentive to return to a website devoted to side effects (that’s us). We do encourage you to share your results with others here, whatever way it goes.

Subj: Yohimbe in UK Procerin?
Date: 8/2/2005
Hi there, I would like to give Procerin a try, I’m in the UK and was wondering the Procerin product available in UK will it contain Yohimbe in it? Regards,


AskDocWeb: No, there will be no Yohimbe in the Procerin sold in the UK.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 8/5/2005
Has anyone who has experienced “shedding” and has continued to take Procerin – seen any positive results after the 4 – 8 weeks of hair loss stopped?


AskDocWeb: Yes, several men have reported a period of shedding before new growth started. This has also been reported by users of Propecia.

Subj: Will keep on using it
Date: 8/8/2005
My name is Gregory. I am 34 and have suffered hairloss for the past 15 years. I am glad I found propecia because 1. I do not have any side effects like other products gave me. 2. My hairloss stopped after a couple of weeks and 3. I have noticed hair regrowth. My friends and family have noticed an increase in the hair count and also the thickness. I have been using the product for 3 months and will keep on using it. I will let you know what happens.


Subj: Ordered another 3 month supply
Date: 8/9/2005
Hi, I used procerin using a 3 month supply and in month 3 I found new growth. I convinced I ordered another 3 month supply and at month 5 I am very surprised with the results. However, continuing onward and changing nothing like my diet or hair shampoo I seemed to lose much of what I have gained! I ordered again and increased the amount of procerin I take by one additional tablet in the morning, MAKING MY TOTAL INTAKE 4 tablets per day. I think this may be working, will need more time to see results. So my question may be: Does one build up an immunity to procerin? And if so does taking more help? Also, I don’t mind people making a profit but why are they charging so damn much for shipping a little box? The actual postage they use is $2.75 to ship to Canada. Ok… the box cost a buck and someone to put it in a box… come on… That’s my biggest turn off with their product!


AskDocWeb: We know that the body does sometimes develop a tolerance and any med or supplement can lose its effectiveness over time. It will be interesting to find out the affects of taking an additional pill but do watch for any side effects. The more you take, the more likely they are to show up. Read more feedback about Procerin

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