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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: 1 year
Date: 1/13/2006
I have been using Procerin for about 1 year now. I have been using Rogaine for 6 years now. As soon as I started using Procerin, I noticed more, thicker, hair growth. Here’s my dilemma. Now after using Procerin constantly for a year I am having major sexual side effects. I have never had this problem before. Are there any clinical studies on why this is happening? To be honest, I’m scared to stop using Procerin for the fear of losing more hair. Should I cut down the dose or stop? Thank You,


AskDocWeb: We suggest you get checked out by your doctor. Tell him what is happening and what you are taking. Your problem may or may not be related. And let us know how you come out.

Subj: Very satisfied with Procerin
Date: 1/14/2006
I’m 25 and I’ve been using Procerin for about 3 months. I used minoxidol, and it seemed to retain the hair but it was oily and made my scalp really itchy. Procerin has had no noticeable side effects and I started to notice a difference after only a few weeks. Three months later I am very satisfied and I have no complaints. It’s more expensive than minoxidil, but cheaper than a lot of other products.


Subj: Governing body for herbal medicines?
Date: 1/16/2006
I am interested in Procerin for my son and wonder if there are any harmful side effects. I know this is not FDA approved as it is a herbal remedy. Is there any governing body in UK or USA which has tested this product or oversees herbal medicines? Thanks so much as I do not want my son to take anything harmful.


AskDocWeb: There is no governing body for herbal remedies in the USA. We have not heard of one in the UK but it is not likely to have one and therefor no testing or oversight.

Subj: Procerin with doxycycline?
Date: 1/16/2006
I’m doxycycline for an acne control. My question is if I would be able to take procerin while taking doxycycline? or, would this put me in much higher risk of liver damage?.


AskDocWeb: We have not heard of any liver damage being caused by this product.

Subj: Cause of hair loss
Date: 1/17/2006
Hi, How can I know that my hair loss is related to DHT? Thanks in advance,


AskDocWeb: Science has not yet pinned down the exact cause of hair loss. DHT is the current best guess but no one knows for sure. If you take a DHT inhibitor and your hair loss stops then there is a good chance that the DHT is what caused it.

Subj: Procerin Xt Serum
Date: 1/18/2006
I’m curious about this Procerin Xt Serum. I am having a difficult time finding anything to read on it. I thank you all for the comments and research it is really encouraging.


AskDocWeb: We welcome comments from anyone using the new Xt Serum.

Subj: Noticeable amount of regrowth
Date: 1/18/2006
I am 24 y/o and have been losing my hair for about 3 years now. I have been using Procerin for 4 weeks now. I have noticed a drastic change. I have stop losing have and have had a noticeable amount of regrowth. I have laser therapy for 3 months a while back and it did nothing. Alot of money spent with no results. I am very pleased with Procerin so far. My hair even looks healthier. Can I use Rogaine along with this at this point?


AskDocWeb: As long as you observe the warnings with come with the Rogaine, you should be able to use them together.

Subj: DHEA test
Date: 1/21/2006
To find out if dht is the cause of your hairloss get a DHEA test results may vary, DHEA is what causes dht and can also cause a itchy scalp.


Subj: Peach fuzz growing
Date: 1/22/2006
I have been taking procerin for about a month and a half now. My hairloss is primarily in the front hairline. I don’t have any hairloss on the crown. So far I haven’t seen any significant regrowth, but there might be some peach fuzz growing. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I am going to start now.


Subj: Peach fuzz growing
Date: 1/24/2006
I have been taking procerin for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed that there is peach fuzz growing in along my receding hair line. Will that turn into actual growing hair after time?


AskDocWeb: That’s what others have reproted.

Subj: Procerin for hairline?
Date: 2/3/2006
Does procerin work for thinning and receding hairlines?


AskDocWeb: It works more on the crown but some men have reported success with their hairline.

Subj: Thymuskin
Date: 2/4/2006
I’ve been using Procerin with Propecia and Rogaine for 6 months now. My hair looks healthier but I haven’t seen any major changes as of yet. I’m getting ready to try Thymuskin. Have you heard any positive feedbacks on this product or have you reviewed this product yet?


AskDocWeb: We made a page just for feedback on Thymuskin. At this point there is only one comment. You read it for yourself here.

Subj: Procerin in India?
Date: 2/4/2006
I am Indian citizen living in India…can I order and receive procerin online? I can pay by credit card but am not aware of imports restrictions or duties.


AskDocWeb: If your credit card is good you should have no problem.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 2/5/2006
I have a question and a suggestion. First my question about shedding. I’ve been taking Procerin for 1 1/2 months now and the last couple of weeks noticed more hair in the sink than ever. I’ve read some of the posts on shedding but really can’t find a clear answer. My question is, will this stop and when? Is there an average time span for this to go on for? I’m starting to get worried that all the Procerin is doing is speeding up my hair loss. Please help.

Now for my suggestion. I know this may seem like alot of work (and this site is well appreciated by those serious about this subject) but if the topics were in categories it would help to answer questions alot quicker. Anyway, your help with my question would be appreciated.


AskDocWeb: The shedding typically lasts 4-6 weeks. Any you are right, reorganizing this whole website would be a lot of work. Right now we are too far behind in updates to even consider something like that.

Subj: Using 2 hair loss products at the same time
Date: 2/8/2006
I am 28, Asian, and have been noticing a slow recession at the hair line and temple area for the past 8 years or so. My hair was pretty thick growing up until about the age of 20 when I started noticing minor frontal thinning. I ordered a different treatment shortly before ordering Procerin which I have been using both simultaneously for the past 2 weeks or so. For some reason I have a feeling my hairline is getting higher and my top frontal area is thinning even more. Should I stop taking the other stuff and just use Procerin by itself as it is both a serum/shampoo combo. I use both serums together and I don’t know if I should now. I don’t know. Any suggestions would help!


AskDocWeb: This is the problem with using two hair loss products at the same time. There is no way to know which is working and which is a not. Just pick one to keep and stop the other. If you don’t like the results after a few months, switch.

Subj: Confused
Date: 2/8/2005
Okay, I know I’ve sent a few emails already, but now I’m really confused. I notice that in the most recent comments, your feedback concerning the hairline is that it doesn’t work for the hairline. However, on the official websites for Procerin, it mentions that it has been successful and can be used for the hairline. What’s the story here??


AskDocWeb: Yes you have, good to hear from you again. We apologize about the confusion. In an effort to get caught up on the posting we hired some help with editing. Unfortunately they were not aware of the success that has been reported with hairlines. Hope that clears things up.

Subj: Procerin in Canada?
Date: 2/8/2005
Is it possible to order this product in a regular drug store? I live in Canada


AskDocWeb: As far as we know, the only place Procerin is available is on the Internet.

Subj: Just started
Date: 2/10/2005
Well, today my first month of Procerin arrived. I opted for the topical, and the pill. Just a comment, the topical solution itches something fierce. I guess this might be a good thing meaning it’s doing something to my skin rather than nothing. Keep on itching!!! I will keep you all informed. I’m 24, and have thinning hair in the front of my cranium. One more thing, are dandruff shampoos damaging to a balding skull?


AskDocWeb: Dandruff shampoos should not damage your scalp. If the topical solution is severly itching or it lasts for more than 15 minutes, it may be an allergic reaction.

Subj: It’s working
Date: 2/11/2005
Just 2 weeks. I see a decrease in hair falling rate.


Subj: Procerin athletes?
Date: 2/12/2005
I just wanted to know if using Procerin has any effects, good or bad, on an athlete. I’m a 25 year old male that does kick boxing and very paranoid of what I put into my body. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We haven’t heard of any effects, one way or the other on athletes.

Subj: Procerin in Montenegro?
Date: 2/16/2006
I live in Pristina, Serbia & Montenegro. Can I order and get Procerin from my country.


AskDocWeb: Yes, if your credit card is good you should have no problem.

Subj: Just starting
Date: 2/16/2006
I just got my 3 months of procerin. Will try it out and let you know soon. Thank you for the info. Is there anymore feedback?


AskDocWeb: Hi Bo, by the time you read this there will be more feedback. We are way behind on posting because of those nasty people who send out s p a m.

Subj: Negative results
Date: 2/17/2006
Hi, I was looking over the 1 Year study of Procerin and saw 20% of the negative results and libido and erectile problems being in that 20%. Can you explain this to me, it doesn’t make sense. I thought Procerin was not supposed to affect users sexually. Maybe I’m interpreting the percentage incorrectly? Please get back to me as soon as you can.


AskDocWeb: It probably doesn’t affect users sexually. You have to remember that other things are going on in everyone’s lives and there are a lot of outside influences when it comes to sex. For the men who took part in that study, 3% reported a decrease in sexual function and another 3% reported an increase in sexual function. We figure that cancels out the likelihood of any sexual influence. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 23 24 25Page 26 27 28 29Last Page 80

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