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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Provillus
Date: 5/12/2006
I have been using Provillus for a 2 months, it was working great for the first month but I considered my hair in front of my head losing lots of hair, is it shedding? and will it be back?


AskDocWeb: There is no way for us to know that but, other hair loss products are known to product a shedding phase. Keep us updated on your progress.

Subj: Folicor
Date: 5/13/2006
I started a laser treatment from a company called Folicor about a month ago for hair thinning. Have you heard any feedback about this type of treatment or about this company?


AskDocWeb: No we haven’t.

Subj: Hair loss from steroids
Date: 5/13/2006
I have been using an winistrol-v (an anabolic steroid) for the past 4 months for leanness. I stopped using it and noticed thinning hair all of a sudden. I just ordered procerin and hope it will thicken my hair…do you think this will help?


AskDocWeb: Yes it may help but it may also take several months. Good luck.

Subj: Procerin with Advecia?
Date: 5/16/2006
Hi, I just wanted to confirm whether u can use Procerin, and Advecia together since you say they help your hair in different ways. Is it too dangerous to use both or do we have to pick one?
Thank you


AskDocWeb: We haven’t heard of any problems with using them together other than the two basic questions with such an approach; 1. How do you know if one (which one) or both are working? 2. If a problem side effect shows up, how do you know which one caused it?

Subj: Satisfied with the results
Date: 5/18/2006
I’m 29 and getting close to the end of my 3rd month of Procerin. I have to say honestly that I am satisfied with the results…I noticed that my hair loss slowed down considerably after only a couple weeks and after about 1 month I started seeing alot of thin blond regrowth. After about 2 months I noticed a bit of a shedding period but also more of the blond regrowth and a couple dark regrowths. The shedding has slowed back down to what I guess is ‘normal’ and my hair looks and feels thicker and healthier. Another interesting point is that with my first order I made online (coming to Canada) I was recently moved into an apartment and had forgotten to include my apartment #. I contacted the customer support and told them about my mistake and they told me that even though they did not have anything returned to them they re-shipped my order with no complaints. I’ve already re-ordered and received a 6 month supply…definitely satisfied.


Subj: Pretty sure it’s working
Date: 5/20/2006
Just to keep you updated, I’m into my 6th month and I’m pretty sure it’s working. I can tell more by touching hairs growing in front of the receding hairline. Again, not enough for visual proof yet, but I’m pretty sure the hair behind the hairline is thicker. I intend to keep using it and, at present rates would expect a visible improvement in another 3-6 months. It took a couple of months before I noticed anything at all, so you may need to be patient. Is there any research comparing Procerin’s effectiveness with pure Saw Palmetto?


AskDocWeb: No, sorry there isn’t.

Subj: Procerin tablets and serum
Date: 5/20/2006
Hi, I’ve only been taking Procerin for about a week now. I ordered both the tablets and the serum. I’ve noticed the serum causes my head to itch sometimes, so I’m going to try using it less. Right now I have a thinning hairline. I don’t know if it is any better or worse (it has only been a week), but I’m noticing small hairs developing along my hairline. I don’t know if these are hairs growing in, or are they my present hairs just getting broken down from scratching or dryness. I also notice the serum seems to make my hair softer and smoother. I read reviews on Procerin all the time, but no one seems to mention whether they are taking the tablets, the serum, or both. I’m thinking I may send the serum back. Do you know anything about the serum? Also, what’s all this talk about shedding? Can this product speed my thinning? Also, do you have an opinion on this Advecia stuff? And most of all, have people who have had no success with Procerin had success with returning it, or does the company tend to find some reason why they can’t take it back? Thanks. It’s nice to see a website that gets input from the actual customers on results as opposed to more confident guarantees and theories on DHT.


AskDocWeb: We encourage anyone that is using the serum to give their feedback, we need more reports about it. The company seems to be honest because several have reported getting a refund and no complaints there. The feedback on Advecia has been mostly positive so far but we would appreciate more input from users.

Subj: Quote from an M.D
Date: 5/22/2006
Arnaldo F. Trabucco, M.D at the Department of Surgery, Division of Urology, St. Johns Hospital, Elmhurst, NY says, “Since saw Palmetto can act as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, thereby potentially interfering with PSA levels in men and decrease prostate cancer detection, it is imperative that men get a baseline PSA level (as is recommended by the FDA for Finasteride, but not for the unregulated use of Saw Palmetto). Men self-medicating themselves with this herb are not aware of this detrimental effect.”

I would like to add that if a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor is used to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT, does it mean that your testosterone level is increasing? It must be, because if it does not convert, it remains, which means it adds to the amount you have circulating through your body, although the produced amount is unchanged (according to short term clinical tests so far).


Subj: Old farts?
Date: 5/22/2006
Hi! I really appreciate your website. I’m 46 years old. I’ve been slowly loosing my hair for 25 years. I’ve used just about everything on the market and maybe the fact that I was always doing something has helped. My brother is totally bald and 4 years younger. I’ve got enough to comb over and when I use Dermatch, I look like I have a fairly full head of hair.

I have used Procerin vitamins for two weeks now. I have also been using Revivogen topical solution for two months. So far, I’ve noticed my individual hairs a bit thicker from the revivogen. It is probably way too soon to expect anything from the Procerin. My question is: Are Revivogen and Procerin an ok combo as far as the data you have so far? And! has any old farts like myself noticed positive results from Procerin and/or with it combined with Revivogen? BEST!!!


AskDocWeb: (Revised 5/24/07) 3 out of 5 men over 45 years old have had good results just using Procerin. Please read the disclaimer page on Revivogen’s website, especially the parts about the fitness of their product and the company’s lack of liability.

Subj: Burning, itching feeling
Date: 5/22/2006
I’m 23 and have been taking procerin for about a week (tablets and topical serum) and was wondering if a burning and itching feeling on my scalp was normal.


AskDocWeb: With continued use it’s likely to stop within a week or two. It’s likely the topical serum that is the cause of scalp sensations.

Subj: Whey protein and vitamin A
Date: 5/25/2006
You mentioned that some bodybuilding supplements contributed to hair loss, and I’ve heard that steroids do that, but I wondered if whey protein contributed at all. I’m a pretty regular user of whey and I have been for a couple years… I just bought procerin and I’m so excited that it might be able to help me. I wondered also if a vitamin A deficiency could contribute to hair loss. I really appreciate any help you can give me regarding this matter. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Hair loss is generally not associated with whey products. We checked out two whey products, Biomune OSF capsules (Matol) and Pro-Xtreme dietary supplement (Wellness International) and both promoted healthy hair by providing protein. With vitamin A the story is reversed. Too much vitamin A can actually cause hair loss so you might want to rethink what vitamins you take.

Subj: How do I know?
Date: 5/26/2006
Hi, I am 25, and just realized after all these years of having a full head of thick hair, I have ‘diffuse’ thinning on my entire top region of the scalp. I noticed the last year and saw a dermatologist who said it was MPB. I’ve read through most of the natural products as I am not a fan of big Pharm…the only question is, how do we know if the positive feedbacks on this site are not from Procerin salesman themselves? I know a lot of sites that rate these products put direct links up to buy the products because they are paid to advertise.. and I do not see that here Doc, but my question is before I start tackling this annoying mess, how do I know these results are real? Can this study he be tainted. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: We go to great pains to make sure that feedback is legitimate, that’s one of the reasons why posts do not show up immediately. The source of every feedback is verified. You have to remember that this is a product review website that covers many different health products. Only about 25% of the pages here have anything to do with hair loss. You can verify this by taking a look at the site map. That’s a list of all the pages here. There are hundreds of pages of feedback about products and conditions that have nothing to do with hair loss. If you use any of these product, feel free to add your feedback.

Subj: Question
Date: 5/28/2006
I have recently brought some procerin and will keep you updated with my results. I have a question though. The reason I tried it was because of the positive feedback I read on this site, nevertheless on other sites, and forums, people are SURE procerin is a scam and the people posting positive results are people benefiting from the finatial gain (i.e. the drug makers). Is this a possibility and could all these people who say they’ve had positive feedback be fake? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: No, they are as real as you are. If you read the feedback you will see that we publish the bad right along with the good. Read what we have to say about Avacor, it’s not very flattering but it might put half a grin on your face. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 30 31 32Page 33 34 35 36Last Page 80

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