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Procerin Feedback, page 34

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Early feedback
Date: 5/29/2006
Maybe it’s a little premature for me to give my feedback on Procerin, since I’ve been using it only for 10 days. I’ve missed a few doses here and there as well.

BACKGROUND: 32 years old with hair loss at temples (widow’s peak) and crown. Hair also thinning out rapidly on top of head. I smoke and drink, and have a god-awful diet (please don’t judge or lecture).

SIDE-EFFECTS: I felt light-headed for the first few days. You don’t necessarily have a decreased libido, just a more focused one. Basically, I hardly masturbate now. But when I have sex, I can go for longer with a very satisfying end. Sleeping for 6 hours kinda feels like 12. At certain times of the day, I have more energy than usual. Slight acne on the back of shoulders (nothing major).

RESULTS: I’m not noticing increased hair count (way too early), but my hair definitely looks stronger and thicker already.

Like I said, it’s way too early to make any definitive assessments. But I can’t help but think that if I’m showing positive signs already, this stuff might not be a bogus scam. And believe me, I don’t work for anybody for why I would condone or condemn this product. All I know is that there is so much conflicting info on Procerin on the web from official and unofficial sources, it can be really disheartening. I’ll read info on one site, and get all excited, I’ll read something else on another, and get all skeptical again. Main point, I have nothing to gain from people benefiting from Procerin. But people do have something to gain from me benefiting from Procerin and sharing my experiences. Whether it’s my imagination or the placebo effect, so far I have more positive things to say about it than negative. And if my hair just keeps getting better (the way it already has in 10 days), then I fully will condone this product. At $20 a bottle, you’d really have to be stupid to not give it a try. If for nothing else, then at least for the truth. I will update my progress in the coming weeks. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Uh, thanks Jimi but it does cost more than $20 a bottle. Looking forward to your feedback.

Subj: Long term affects?
Date: 5/29/2006
Is there any concern that procerin can have a long term sexual side affect, or loss of ability to have kids etc…?


AskDocWeb: No, there are no known long-term side effects.

Subj: Just started Procerin
Date: 5/31/2006
I am 43 and I just bought a 3 month supply of Procerin and have been taking for a week which is still early but here is my take: I have noticed an increase in awareness and concentration. I have become less tired during the working day. I have noticed soreness in my left thigh but suppose that’s from doing yard work all weekend. That’s it for any side effects. I have also purchased the Avacor Boost hair lotion and that seems to make my hair thicker and darker until the Procerin starts to kick in. I use it like a conditioner. I will keep you posted on more results as time goes by.


Subj: Alcohol and Procerin?
Date: 5/31/2006
Hi, I’ve used procerin for 3 months it did help a bit in the beginning but later my hair started to fall again, does alcohol affect procerin at all? Please mail me ASAP. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Alcohol doesn’t have any effect on Procerin but it’s worth noting that a few others have reported going through a period of shedding that lasts 2-5 weeks at the 3-4 month mark.

Subj: New growth
Date: 5/31/2006
I have been using Procerin for 5 months. Within a few months, I started noticing light-colored 1/4 inch new hairs in the bald spots. Now after almost 4 months, they still haven’t grown much in length nor darkened to my original hair color. I was wondering if others who noticed small fuzz-like hair growth initially, did they become dark and grow longer like other normal hair with time?


AskDocWeb: Yes, others have written that their new growth changed color within the first year.

Subj: Just started Procerin
Date: 6/1/2006
Hello, I have been using Procerin for three days now and I have to say that your website is a great resource. I found out about your site after I ordered Procerin. I am 25 and have balding since I was 18. I started shaving my head when I was 22, goes well with my look, but it’s a pain and I have sensitive skin. I just thought I could give up the battle and settle for my situation, but I have new found hope. Procerin seems promising and I bought Rogaine as well. I am using both, I am thinking of buying the vitamins Adecia too. I bought the XT Serum with the Procerin, I took your advice, I am taking one Procerin pill every 8 hrs. The XT Serum seems to have everything that the other high dollar products have. I will keep reporting on the results because it seems that you all don’t have much on users that use the Serum and the pills. The pills are small brown pills they are not soft coated like you all stated in a previous message, did they change them again. Do you think that the Serum and the Pills and the Advecia will improve my chances on getting hair on my temples for the hair line. If you all need any help with my results just email me back. Hey one last question, does the Procerin improve blood flow to the hair follicles or something. I can notice more veins on my head at times, also will the fact that I shave my head every other day help me or speed up the process or slow it down. I read that I can revive follicles that were active 5-7 years, if that’s true I am hoping for alot of growth, is that statement true. Have you heard of Rogaine helping with the hairline? Thanks for all of your help.


AskDocWeb: On the Rogaine box it says that it may not work for a receding hairline. Searching to find out about reviving hair follicles produced nothing helpful. If anyone has a link to research results please share it.

Subj: Procerin and Minoxidil
Date: 6/2/2006
This isn’t a product review, I just wasn’t sure where to ask this question. I’m 22 and the top of my head from the crown to the peaks has thinned out alot. I’m thinking of trying Procerin and Minoxidil together. It will be my first attempt to thicken/regrow my hair. I was wondering if this would be ok.


AskDocWeb: Yes, this would be just fine.

Subj: New regrowth
Date: 6/5/2006
Hi, I’ve been taking procerin for almost 3 months now and noticed that my receding hair line has stop receding and I am slowly getting new regrowth in those areas…in fact my one temple is almost back to normal. I did have a shedding phase at about the 2nd month mark and lasted a couple of weeks. But so far so good!. Btw I’m 22 years old and receding for about 3 years.


Subj: Worried
Date: 6/5/2006
I was just wondering what came of the suit against you by Lipitor. I just ordered Procerin based on the results of your study but am a little worried about your business ethic and whether or not you are genuine based on this suit. Can you please allay my fears? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: For those of you who don’t know, the multi-national drug company that makes Lipitor named us in a press release about their lawsuit over Lipitor sales. Since we have never sold drugs, nothing happened after the press release. The feedback we published about Lipitor is not flattering but it came from actual users. If you read the feedback, you can figure out why drug companies don’t like this kind of information published.

Subj: Procerin story
Date: 6/7/2006
Hi. I’ve been using Procerin for almost a month now. I’m trying to see if I can regrow my hairline because I haven’t been thinning for very long at all so I guess I’m still optimistic. I’ve noticed some fine, small hairs at the top of my forehead. I’m not sure if they were there already, but they seem to be developing. Everyone else seems to have described their regrowth as tiny “white” hairs, but these appeared brown since I first noticed them (like the rest of my hair). Could this be regrowth? The guy I wrote to at Speedwinds said that it depends on the color of my hair.

Also, I just wanted to say that most of these side effects I’m hearing about sound like things I went through after about 2 weeks of Procerin. I know I had chest pains, I seemed to have sexual side effects (with a slight ache on and off in my testicles). I also noticed someone complaining about strange dreams, which I’ve had a couple of. One was very disturbing and when I woke up, I still felt very distubed because something very shocking happened at the end. I woke up with somewhat of a burning in my testicles (which made me think it was the Procerin. Not painful though). I also had one where I woke up and saw everything somewhat red, although I’ve had color changing dreams before a long time ago, so I’m not sure if it had anything to do with Procerin.

After having these troubles, I’ve been on and off Procerin 2 or 3 times for a day or two off each time. I had lowered the dose for a few days too. Now I’ve been back on it and the side effects (all of the above mentioned) seem to have died down mostly, and my sex drive seemed to be back after coming off Procerin the first time. I still feel a few aches and pains here and there, but they seem to be getting less and less. I think the chest pain my even have been due to gas, because I’m now noticing I have some extra gas. I no longer take my night dose right before bed because I know gas build-up can go to my chest over night. Maybe that has something to do with the change. When the pains were bad, it didn’t feel like gas though, but maybe if it builds up for two weeks it can feel like that. I don’t know. I had gone for two weeks without the chest pains.

As far as the serum goes, it used to itch like crazy, but that seems to be dying down now into a strong tingle, which actually feels great. For the record, I’ve used the serum nonstop with no side effects but the itching. The guy I wrote to at Speedwinds even said the itching/tingling was a good thing. I don’t know how honest these people are, but at least they’re writing back.

I’m not telling anyone they should stick through the chest pain if they don’t feel comfortable with it. Chest pain can be very serious, so do this at your own risk. Also, I’ve heard many people blame the Saw Palmetto as the source of side effects. I used to take Saw Palmetto for quite some time with no side effects, although taking it alone obviously did not keep my hair from thinning.

I have no other experience with hair loss products. If anyone has any suggestions as to what works well on the hairline, please let me know.


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