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Procerin Feedback, page 39

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Thickening my hair
Date: 9/8/2006
I’ve been using Procerin, strictly according to directions, for 12 days. I use the serum also, twice a day. In this short time, I’ve definitely noticed less hair loss (especially in the shower and my brush), and it looks as though its actually thickening my hair in front where the loss is most noticeable. Maybe I just want to believe it, or maybe 25 years of healthy vegetarian diet preferences has helped, I don’t know. But that’s what I’m seeing for the first 12 days. Thanks for all the info, AskDocWeb and posters. I’ll check back in another 2 weeks or so.


Subj: Procerin dosage?
Date: 9/11/2006
Great study! I really took some encouragement from what was happening to most users. However, there is an issue that never seemed to come up, and its one of weight. Most drugs and dosages are usually set according to the body mass index or ‘average’ weight of the group intended for, in this case adult males. I am well, well short of being anywhere near the average weight, at 5 foot 7 or 8. I weigh just on the 8 stones [112lb] mark and I was wondering if the dosage for me is too much given the lack of body mass and my minimal ability to eat regularly? I am taking the dosage of 2 tablets at the same time every evening with food, as I simply cannot take the 3. Could the 3 tablets be an ‘overdose’ for someone my size and weight in fact? It would be interesting to see which of the best performers in your study had over or underweight problems too? I have been using them for a week, for a slight thinning over the years, I am 45 and eager to see what if any results I get. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Hi Brian, you make good sense. Taking two pills a day may be all you need. Let’s hope so, good luck.

Subj: Encouraging results
Date: 9/12/2006
I have just received my second 3 month supply of Procerin Pills. I had a brief shedding phase at about 1 month. Results to date are encouraging. My hair is thicker, growing faster, my hairline looks fuller and my top bald patch seems to be filling in. No side effects to mention. I tried the XT serum for a few weeks but it was too sticky and smelly. I now intend to increase my dose from 3 to four pills per day. Will get back with more results.


Subj: Thinking about switching
Date: 9/13/2006
I am 30 years old and have been experiencing hair loss over the past 6 years. I just started taking Propecia a couple weeks ago with no results noted yet. After reading that Procerin is less ‘risky’ I am thinking of switching. What would you recommend?


AskDocWeb: Read all you can about alternatives and make your own choice. Then stick with it and be patient for at least three months to find out what results you get with that product.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 9/16/2006
I’m using Procerin for a month now. My problem was with the temples. In the last few days it seemed to me as if a place around my temple which had thinner hair than the rest of the head was starting to fill and also thought I saw some new little hair but yesterday and today it seems like the thin area has gotten way thinner. Is it a shed? If I’m shedding, what should I do? Stop treatment or continue taking the pills? May a shed point on a positive thing?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it sounds like the shedding phase. Others have reported that with continued use, it passes in a few weeks and things improve after that.

Subj: Hair Genisis
Date: 9/16/2006
Hi, I am 25 year old male having hair loss on temples since the age of 16. The problem got worse since last year since hair on forehead has started to thin and become less dense. Till now, I have not done anything about it. I am trying to find an effective product and was not sure between Procerin (which has some side effects) and Hair Genisis which claim no side effects. How are Hair Genisis products? Are they effective?


AskDocWeb: No, Hair Genisis is not recommended.

Subj: Switched
Date: 9/17/2006
I’m 22 and have slight thinning like most people. I wanted to catch it early. I’m on the nioxin shampoo. I was using the conditioner but it made my hair feel dry so I switched to a hair strenghtener. It seems to have stopped it for now. I tried propecia but I started feeling the side effects after two weeks. I’m trying procerin now, we’ll see, next is scalp med. I’ll keep you posted. If anyone has had good feed back from these or any products let me know.


Subj: Procerin and Gotu Kola
Date: 9/19/2006
I just received my first order of Procerin and decided to look up information on some of the key ingredients to make sure there are no interactions with another medication I take. I’ve seen several questions in this section about cholesterol/ triglycerides and Procerin. It turns out that Procerin contains Gotu Kola, and people taking statins for high cholesterol are advised not to take gotu kola along with statins. Does anyone know if the amount of gotu kola in Procerin poses a problem for people who take statins?


AskDocWeb: In the 3 plus years Procerin has been on the market, no problems have been reported with the gotu kola. It is not one of the key ingredients, but rather one of the minor ingredients. Gotu kola is listed as one of the six ingredients in the 30mg “Proprietary Blend” which is 1.7% of the total 1700mg. That’s a very small amount.

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica, Indian Pennywort or Diosmin) is often called food for the brain. Gotu Kola has been popular for years as a way to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress while improving concentration and memory. This herb has a positive effect on circulation and aids in the process of healing burns and wounds.
Gotu Kola has been shown to be effective for reducing edema (swelling) in numerous studies. A review of treatment options for hemorrhoids and varicose veins also shows that Gotu Kola benefits these conditions by improving the microcirculation and by strengthening the connective tissue.

In the Vitamin Research News, July 2003 Newsletter, Gotu Kola was reported to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular injury from carotid and femoral plaques, by stabilizing the plaques to prevent further damage. Thus, Gotu Kola may benefit the health of the entire circulatory system.

Other benefits attributed to Gotu Kola:

  • Strengthens the heart
  • helps lower blood pressure
  • reduces Alzheimer’s Symptoms
  • reduces anxiety
  • speeds wound healing
  • enhancees circulatory health
  • reduces swelling of the ankles and fingers
  • acts as an antioxidant
  • reduces scar formation
  • benefits the skin disease psoriasis
  • improves learning and memory

Gotu Kola’s primary action is enhancement of the health of the circulatory system. Because circulation is critical to the health of the entire body, Gotu Kola offers benefits in a variety of conditions. The antioxidant and collagen supportive functions of Gotu Kola are particularly important in enhancing healing of damaged tissues.

Subj: Going back to Procerin
Date: 9/21/2006
I was 18 when I started using Procerin. My hair has noticeably become thinner and I was in fear I would lose my hair by my early 20’s. My father is bald and both my grandpas’ are bald as well so I figure I am screwed. I took it for 3 months and didn’t think I noticed anything. I stopped taking it and now it seems my hair has gotten thinner. I believe now it was working because after I stopped it seems a significant amount now has fallen out. I have to use a thickening shampoo to make my head feel full. For how my hair used to be it is not good. I am planning on going back on Procerin and carefully doing a test of 6 months to see if I notice anything better… I pray to God it works. I don’t want to have to shave my head on account of some stupid hair loss.


Date: 9/22/2006
I have used procerin with great results. I took it for 3 weeks and the hair stopped falling out … within a month hair started growing back…not like you beard when you shave, more like different spots all over the front. If you take a pill you need to take it at the same time to regulate the herbs in your body. Take care all you bald guys, I have hair now ha ha ha.


Subj: Is this true?
Date: 9/23/2006
Someone wrote the following: “The misunderstanding here is that you are supposed to use this product with Minoxidil. Why? Because Procerin is a DHT blocker to stop hair loss and provide minimal hair regrowth. Rogaine is a regrowth stimulator to grow hair. Once you grow your hair back, you stop taking the Rogaine and remain on the DHT blocker (Procerin). This is the best method for really getting your hair to grow.” Is it true?


AskDocWeb: It is a theory that seems to work for some men. That doesn’t mean it is true for everyone.

Subj: Shampoo for hair loss?
Date: 9/26/2006
First I want to thanks for operating this site. This is the best reference I have found so far regarding hairloss treatment options. I am 25 and I have always had relatively thin hair, but in the past few years the thinning has increased and I have now accepted the fact that I am slowly going bald. I thought about Propecia because of the high success rate, but the whole libido thing is not worth risking to me. It seems like Procerin is the product you recommend the most as it is herbal and has a pretty good success rate, and after reading through these posts I have decided to give it a try. As I use the product I will keep you updated on my progress. My question for you now though is, are there any shampoos that you recommend for thinning hair? I have always used Pert Plus, and am wondering if there’s any product that might be better for a thinning/balding head. Thanks again.


AskDocWeb: Yes, it makes sense to use a shampoo that supports your efforts to keep your hair. So far there is only one shampoo that we recommend and that’s Nisim Biofactors. If you find others that work, please share. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 36 37 38
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