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If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Diffuse shedding
Date: 2/1/2004
Thanks for the site. I am 20 and started noticing diffuse shedding of the top and crown, and more recently the frontal hair line of my head about 6 months ago. I don’t really know if genetically induced hair loss includes diffuse shedding or if hair just stops growing. I had two surgeries in the past six months and I am hoping that is the cause of my rapid hair shedding. It’s starting to look thin in the areas mentioned and I am starting to worry about it. I ordered a 6 month supply of Procerin because I refuse to use anything unnatural and have been on it for about two weeks. It seems that the shedding has intensified, not lessened. Any comments are appreciated, and I will keep you posted as to the progress.


AskDocWeb: We know that stress is a factor with hair loss. Having two surgeries in the last six months sounds like you have some serious medical
conditions to deal with. Anything you can do to reduce your stress would seem to be worth trying.

Talk with your doctor about what medications are you taking that could cause hair loss. Some of the medications that usually cause hair loss are:

  • Adriamycin
  • Cyclophosphamide
  • Daunorubicin
  • Docetaxel
  • Etoposide
  • Epirubicin
  • Ifosphamide
  • Irinotecan
  • Paclitaxel
  • Vincristine
  • Vindesine

Medications that sometimes cause hair loss:

  • 5-Fluorouracil
  • Amasacrine
  • Bleomycin
  • Busulphan
  • Cytarabine
  • Lomustine (CCNU)
  • Methotrexate
  • Melphalan
  • Mitomycin C
  • Mitoxantrone
  • Thiotepa
  • Vinblastine

Subj: Insurance coverage?
Date: 2/2/2004
Hello, I’m starting to see my hair thinning and am worried. Both my uncle and grandfather on my mom’s side balded at young ages. I don’t want this to happen to me. I’m not sure if I should try propecia or procerin. I’m only 20 and notice my hair thickness and quality different then it was 3-5 years ago. I know insurance may cover propecia, does it cover procerin? What do you think I should do? Thank you


AskDocWeb: If you know of an insurance company that covers Propecia (because it is
prescribed by a doctor), do let us know and we’ll give them a free plug. We haven’t heard of an insurance company that
covers herbal treatments, although we haven’t looked for one, it doesn’t seem likely.

Subj: Siberian Ginseng
Date: 2/3/2004
I recently purchased a 3 month sample of Procerin. I have been looking into the contents of the label. It contains some great vitamins and minerals, however one ingredient is of concern to me: Siberian Ginseng. Almost every article I have read has good and bad things to say about this. However, they all stress siberian ginseng should not be taken long-term (6-8 weeks on, 3-4 off). It has been known to cause increased/irregular heart rate and raises blood pressure. These negative side-effects are at higher doses above 2 grams. The siberian ginseng content on a mass basis for Procerin is not listed. Any ideas on what that is? Any thoughts on Siberian Ginseng?


AskDocWeb: If the negative side-effects only show up at doses above two grams (2000 mg), then it seems there is little to be concerned about. The amount of siberian ginseng in Procerin has to be very small. It is listed on the bottle, as one of six ingredients that make up a 30 mg part of each dose.

Subj: Weaning off Propecia
Date: 2/3/2004
Hey AskDocWeb, thanks for the site. It’s answered quite a few questions. I have been taking Propecia for about 3 years. I am now experiencing some sexual side effects. Can slowly wean myself off Propecia and begin Procerin? I appreciate your site and help.


AskDocWeb: We found nothing to indicate a need to wean yourself off Propecia. Just stop taking it. Good luck with the Procerin and please, consider helping others by giving us monthly reports of your progress.

Subj: hair growth cycle
Date: 2/5/2004
I’m 24 years old and about ten months ago my hair began falling out; especially when I would shampoo my hair. I noticed my thicker hair along with finer, newer looking hair was falling out. I still have a relatively full head of hair, but am curious if the fall out is due to hair growth cycles or if I’m experiencing early stages of hair loss. I learned that the hair growth cycle is about four years and since I’m 24, could I be going through a cycle? However, I don’t recall ever experiencing any type of hair loss before and my fall out hasn’t slowed since. I’d like to begin using Procerin to see if the hair loss stops. But before I do, I’d really appreciate your feedback. Many thanks.


AskDocWeb: This is the first we have heard about a four year growth cycle for hair. We will see what we can find out.

Subj: generic Minoxidol
Date: 2/5/2004
I’m 38 (and 1/2!!!) Is Procerin worth a try? Is it best to order from the manufacturer or are there reputable other online sources that sell it cheaper?

Also, if I use Minoxidol in combination, is it as effective to buy generic Minoxidol (i.e. Walgreen’s brand) as it is to use Rogaine.


AskDocWeb: At this point, we are not keeping track of the cheapest source of Procerin or the reputation of the companies that sell it. If you order from the manufacturer, you don’t have to be concerned about the company honoring the guarantee. – And generics work just fine.

Subj: ordering
Date: 2/8/2004
Please send me this product. I will pay you.


AskDocWeb: We do not sell anything here. To order, you will have to go to the Procerin website.

Subj: breast enlargement?
Date: 2/8/2004
I had been using procerin for the past 2.5 months until I read on the net that saw palmetto is used for breast enlargement. I am wondering whether this will happen in men taking procerin?


AskDocWeb: Have you read of anyone doing this successfully? In our opinion, it is not likely.

Subj: Concerns
Date: 2/9/2004
I have been reading the comments or concerns about Avacor & Procerin. My husband has hair loss in the crown of the head and thinning on the rest of it so I ordered him Avacor about 1 year ago and I was ready to reorder some more when I found your website so I am considering now procerin, but I read the 3 pages of comments and couldn’t find a single person with a feedback after a few months of using this products even though I found some comments from July or Sept/03 there is no one with a second feedback. Why is that? Could it be that you guys don’t post it?


AskDocWeb: Perhaps you missed it, but our study of Procerin started in mid December and is less than two months old. This study is still in progress and will last another four months. If you want our opinion or conclusions about Procerin, they will be available this summer when we complete our study.

Subj: money back guarantee?
Date: 2/9/2004
I’m 35 and losing my hair in the “horshoe” pattern. I’d like to try something, but I wonder about the Procerin money back guarantee. Has anyone out there not seen success and returned the product? Details, please.


Subj: body hair
Date: 2/10/2004
Is there any side affect about body hair. I have excessive body hair and I am still on laser treatment.


AskDocWeb: So far, there have been no reports about any effect on body hair.

Subj: Using procerin with a topical
Date: 2/10/2004
I am very interested in procerin but am wondering if it can be used safely in conjunction w/topical hair treatments such as Nioxin. Thanks


AskDocWeb: We have several reports of people using procerin with topical treatments, so far without problems.

Subj: Annoying
Date: 2/10/2004
I have taken Procerin for only 2 1/2 weeks and it affected me sexually and physically very quickly. I stopped taking it for 2 days and I was back to normal 100%. So I know it is Procerin.

The annoying thing is that it started working quickly, I started seeing hair in the front fairly quickly. I read that Saw Palmetto has been known to cause this, but only in few cases. Any feedback on Advecia?


AskDocWeb: Sorry to hear about the sexual effects. Have you considered trying a reduced dose, such as only using 1 or 2 capsules each day? Just enough to get the hair with out the sexual effects. Let us know if you try this.

Subj: Just received my package
Date: 2/12/2004
I just received my package I ordered…and I’m only think my hair is receding just a little bit by my hairline (tempo). Since I am really not having that much of a problem, could this product make things worse or cause a side affect that could end up causing a reverse side affect as in losing my hair?


AskDocWeb: That is one of the things we are looking for in our Procerin study.

Subj: procerin and saw palmetto gel caps?
Date: 2/12/2004
I started to lose my hair at 23 and at 25 I started taking propecia which seemed to slow down the loss. After over a year it seemed that my body became immune to the effects of propecia and I also developed pain under my right rib cage where the liver is supposed to be located so I stopped taking propecia to avoid liver damage. I am now 30 and of course, my hair continues to fall out.
Cutting my hair really short seemed to also slowed the loss; however, I shaved my head in September and as soon as it started to grow back I could see all these tiny hairs falling out when I showered.
I received a magazine from Ballys with an article about saw palmetto, zinc and green tea for hair loss. I started to take saw palmetto in powder form then I ran into procerin while researching the net on saw palmetto. I have been taking Procerin for two months and it seemed to slowed my hair loss but mostly on the top of my head and back. I do continue to see my hair falling out more so in the front.
I am currently taking one cap of procerin and one gel cap of saw palmetto twice daily.
Is it ok for me to combine procerin and saw palmetto gel caps or should I just stick to one or the other?
Thank you for your time and support through this horrific time of my life.


AskDocWeb: We would caution you to keep track of the overall amount of saw palmetto you are taking and watch for possible side effects. Since our study of Procerin is not yet complete, we will hold off on making any recommendations.

Subj: HairGenesis
Date: 2/12/2004
I guess I’m like a majority of men in their mid-twenties starting to loose their hair. Have heard a lot about Avacor, did a search, and saw your link. Thank you for your research. You have saved me a lot of money and time. I am also interested in saving my hair.

Have you heard of a product called HairGenesis? They claim to be “all natural” and FDA approved.

Just curious if you have had any other requests about this product and what the results were for others. I wonder if they are legit or if they are like everyone else; a scam or just selling a lousy product to get customers money? Thank you for your time and making this website available. Sincerely,


AskDocWeb: Yes, we have heard of them, and from them. They have requested us to review their product line. That is not likely at this time. The reason for this is their guarantee. They say they have a 12 month 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. We find this somewhat misleading. According to their website, in the fine print (if you look for it), that 12 month time period applies only if you purchase a 12 month supply. The 100% money back part, applies only if you request a refund in the first 10 days. After that there is a 2.5% restocking fee. Their refund (if you qualify) does not cover shipping costs (either way). Because of this and several other conditions you have to meet to qualify for a refund, we get the impression they do not believe in their own product. If they did, they would offer a better guarantee.

Subj: what product really works?
Date: 2/13/2004
My hair is thinning and I have a receding hair line. My question is what product out there really works. I tried a few products out there and it didn’t seem to work. It’s pretty discouraging and not cheap either. Please help…


AskDocWeb: Propecia really does work for most men, but it has some side effects that make it unacceptable to a lot of people. We are expanding our research on hair loss beyond our Procerin Study and hope to have more for you on this by summer.

Subj: How long?
Date: 2/13/2004
I am 19 and has been experiencing rapid hair loss for about 2 years. I started taking rogaine about a year and a half ago and it has maybe slowed the hairloss at the back of my head, but it is annoying to apply and has done nothing for the frontal hairline. I started taking procerin about 2 weeks ago and a half weeks ago and have seen no progress and perhaps an increase in hairloss. I was wondering if procerin, like Rogaine, claims that increased hairloss is a precursor to the problem getting better and on average how long it normally takes for procerin to stop hair loss (since it only talks about when regrowth starts). Thanks for your feedback.


AskDocWeb: We have had a few reports of increased shedding that lasts about a month and then stops.

Subj: Ordering
Date: 2/14/2004
I tried to submit the form to buy 3 months procerin at but failed to complete the transaction for unknown reasons. Although the credit card has a valid limit and expiry date. Is it a fraud case?


AskDocWeb: A fraud happens when money is exchanged for goods or services and one party lies in order to make the transaction. That could be either the company or the buyer. In your case, no money was exchanged so it couldn’t be fraud.
If you are sure your credit card is good (and not maxed out), it’s likely a problem with the ordering system on their website. They have had a few growing pains, as Procerin seems to be gaining in popularity. Try them again and make sure all the numbers are correct.

Subj: Xandrox
Date: 2/16/2004

Did anyone ever heard Xandrox here (minoxidil + azelaic acid)? I’ve been using it for
about 16 months now. I just bought a six month supply of Procerin to supplement Xandrox
which seems to retard my hairloss. I do hope that Procerin could speed-up my hair regrowth.


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