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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Alopecia Areata
Date: 12/10/2006
Does Procerin help people who have had hair loss due to Alopecia Areata?


AskDocWeb: Alopecia Areata (patchy hair loss) usually clears up within 6 to 12 months without treatment. If your hair loss has lasted longer than a year then Procerin may be worth a try but we haven’t heard from anyone who tried it for this condition.

Subj: Used Procerin with Propecia
Date: 12/11/2006
I have used Procerin for 3 months now and I have found it to be very ineffective; Absolutely no re-growth at all. I have been taking propecia for 5 years and I believe that I might be in a shedding phase as I see a lot of hairs, i.e. more then before, in the drain. I started using Procerin to combat the shedding phase I believe I was going through with the propecia, but I have found no effectiveness to Procerin. This website is helpful.


Subj: Noticed thickening of hairs
Date: 12/11/2006
I’ve been using the product for 2 weeks and have noticed thickening of hairs. What would you say is the average amount of new growth?? I’m using both the pills and serum. What combination of products have you seen as the most successful for regrowth of new hairs?? Thank you for your time.


AskDocWeb: The most successful combination is the Procerin pills with Nisim Biofactors shampoo. The average amount of hair grown isn’t available, it’s never been measured.

Subj: Any truth to this?
Date: 12/12/2006
Hi, I’m thinking of buying procerin. I’m 22 years old and have noticed thinning along with very slight receding above my forehead and temples. I heard that procerin only thickens and possibly regrows hair but ONLY on the crown. Any truth to this?


AskDocWeb: Take out the word “ONLY” and you have part of the truth. Men have reported regrowth, not just on the crown but also around the temples and front hairline.

Subj: Procerin product review
Date: 12/19/2006
I have been waiting on your full Procerin product review? Is it up yet? I would like to start taking procerin myself. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: We give it a thumbs up: Procerin Report is here.

Subj: Mintop absolutely not working
Date: 12/19/2006
I’m using Mintop from past 2yrs absolutely not working, any suggestion? I’m taking finax and biotin tablets…no improvement. It’s very embarrassing, please give me a solution. I’m not completely bald but I’ve lost hairs in front part. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The only products we recommend right now are Nisim Biofactors (shampoo that fights hair loss) and Provillus.

Subj: Propecia side effects
Date: 12/19/2006
My husband has been taking Propecia for about 3 years now, and all of a sudden in the past 8-10 months, I have noticed a marked difference in his interest in sex. For a man who never had problems with an erection in his life, this has suddenly put a big damper on our lives. He is embarrassed and humiliated. He stopped taking it today. I don’t care if he becomes bald again. I’d rather have that happen then what is happening now. This company needs to do more research on this drug. I’ll bet that those statistics are wrong. With all of the comments on this website, it seems that MORE than 1% of men are affected by this drug. More investigation needs to be done. I sure hope that he gets his drive back quicker than later. I want him to be his old self again.


Subj: Using Propecia and Procerin together
Date: 12/20/2006
I been using propecia and procerin for about 8 months now the back crown feels thicker but still thin in the front, does it help there or only in the back … also do you even think procerin works at all?


AskDocWeb: Yes, Procerin does work but the hair growth varies from one man to the next.

Subj: Are you sure?
Date: 12/21/2006
Is it worth it for my husband to purchase this product? He had a hair transplant 4 years ago and is 47 years old. He was taking Propecia, but then began to see the adverse side effect (TERRIBLE). Are you SURE that this product will NOT affect him in the same way as Propecia? I SURE HOPE NOT! If I have that guarantee from you and you think that it will benefit him, then I will purchase it. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We are convinced that Procerin does not have the sexual side effects like that of Propecia. In the study we conducted, 3% of men reported a decrease in libido and another 3% reported an increase in libido. It seems most likely that there is no affect on libido at all.

Subj: Results after one week
Date: 12/21/2006
Hi, I have been using procerin for the past 1 week and it seems to show the following results: 1. Reduced hair fall. 2. New (Small) roots of hair formed. I had stomach problems initially (1-2 days) but it automatically got OK when I continued. I get heavy itching on my head when I apply the procerin oil both in the mornings and evening but I always think something is happening for good. Will keep you posted on any outcome which would help others. Thanks,


Subj: I ordered Procerin
Date: 12/21/2006
I ordered Procerin online (pills only) and received it within the time promised. I just took my first dose. I’m definitely taking after Dad, Uncles and Grandpa…very thin on top and receding, all identical. I’ve been this way for the past eight years or so. I’m now 36. I shaved my head for three years due to the condition of my hair (which is really thick around the perimeter of my head). I’m gonna let it grow now to see what happens. I’ll keep in touch.


Subj: Procerin
Date: 12/22/2006
Is procerin FDA approved? Has it ever came in a capsule form? Is there any difference in results or dosage between caps and tabs?


AskDocWeb: The FDA does not approve nor disapprove any herbal products. Procerin came in a capsule form for awhile but they switched back to pills. It’s only available in pill form now.

Subj: XT serum
Date: 12/30/2006
I agree with Herbs comment dated 11/09/06. The serum is very sticky so I can’t use it during the day. Also, I noticed that the serum turned black after a couple of days. It looked like the blackness was because the serum was eating away the black rubber that is used to collect the serum.


Subj: Very impressed with the results
Date: 1/1/2007
I’ve been using procerin (pills and XT serum)for about 3 weeks now and am already very impressed with the results. I’m 34 and have a normal receding hair line. The short fine hair that was barely hanging on is now growing and many more really fine hairs are starting to grow along my hairline. Wow, what a difference in only three weeks. I can really see the potential and I’m very excited as you can see. I’ll post again soon. I tried avacor about 4yrs ago with not very good results. This is now the second time I’ve tried to do something about my hair loss and I only gave procerin a shot because of all the positive reviews I read about it. Now I’m adding my own! Hope you all have similar results. Best wishes,


Subj: Concerned about having children
Date: 1/5/2007
Because Procerin effects DHT, should my wife and I be concerned about having children while using this product. I stopped using propecia for that reason because it just seemed too risky even though that product was working for me.


AskDocWeb: Apparently Propecia does other things beside blocking DHT. Procerin has no affect on having children.

Subj: Hair loss stopped
Date: 1/7/2007
Yo guys, I have been using the procerin stuff for 1 month, and my hair loss have stopped. That’s killer, because this stuff is herbal, and I have no side effects at all.


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