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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Getting ready to conceive
Date: 1/8/2007
My wife and I are getting ready to conceive a baby. I wanted to know if there are any side effects of the procerin on the unborn baby??


AskDocWeb: With Procerin there are no problems at all with birth defects so go ahead and make babies.

Subj: Is there a good shampoo
Date: 1/9/2007
I’m planing to start using Rogaine foam and Procerin tablets together. My question is that, is there a good shampoo to use with this combo? Also currently I have some itching and dandruff on my scalp, what’s the best way to get rid of this without using anything too harsh that would damage my hair?


AskDocWeb: To avoid damaging your hair, use a shampoo made for those with hair loss. We recommend Nisim. It should also help with that itching and dandruff.

Subj: 18 years old
Date: 1/9/2007
Hi, I am 18 years old and within the past 6 months my hairline has been receding a great deal. I am thinking of taking Procerin and have even heard that also taking Advecia helps. Should I take both products and if I do, when can I expect to see results, if any at all? Thanks


AskDocWeb: With Procerin, some men see results in three or four weeks but for most it takes a few months. We’re still collecting data on Advecia but so far it looks good. Let us know what you decide and what results you get.

Subj: Propecia decreased libido
Date: 1/9/2007
Hello, first I would like to thank you very much for your work on this website. It is almost impossible to find an unbiased and honest site out there covering all popular hair loss remedies. My question is this, I have recently begun taking Propecia, and while I have not noticed many of the other common side effects reported, the one that I can definitely pinpoint is a decreased libido, and therefor a decrease in natural erections. Procerin advertises that they block the DHT at different phases than Propecia, and that it also does not have the side effects of prescription medications because it does not interfere with testosterone. What they do not say, is how it targets DHT production differently than Propecia? Could you enlighten me? Thanks a bunch!


AskDocWeb: Sorry Lucas, we don’t know the technical difference in how the two products work. If readers have any explanation please share it.

Subj: Hoping for good results
Date: 1/10/2007
Hi, I’ve just started the use of Procerin. I am hoping that I will get some good results or at least maintain what hair I have now. I am only 18 but have a pretty bad hairline and scalp showing already. I’m also Asian. I hope these comments are from true people, because I’ve read a lot of sites claiming that Procerin is a scam but I will give this site the benefit of a doubt and try the product. Thanks.


Subj: Procerin tablets
Date: 1/11/2007
I would like to know what procerin tablets look like. Because I have seen pictures were it is in a shape of a hexagon but the ones that I ordered look nothing like them. Thanx


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you have a counterfeit pill, the ones we seen were round. If you buy from the manufacturer then you don’t have to worry about fakes.

Subj: I need to act
Date: 1/11/2007
Hi, I’m 24 and have noticed thinning on the top of my head for the last couple of years, however predominantly on the crown and around the temples. Its reached the point where I think I need to act so I have just started using procerin and Nisim (shampoo and extract) combined – 4 days and no procerin side effects by the way – will let you know how it goes…here’s hoping anyway, however I’m confident for some reason after reading other peoples comments. Cheers

Al, UK

Subj: Just starting
Date: 1/12/2007
I’m 26 and I’ve been gradually losing my hair since 21. I have been taking procerin for two weeks to date. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but I haven’t been keeping any real track either. Today I will begin cleaning and checking the shower drain, as that is the only way I can conceive of actually documenting or checking results. I’ll update in a one week.


AskDocWeb: Most guys don’t notice any change until the second or third month, be patient.

Subj: Discontinued use because of the side effect
Date: 1/19/2007
I took procerin for 6 months or so. I noticed it reduced my shedding, however I had some bad side effects. When I first started taking it I got this lump behind my ear, I went to the doctor and it was full of pus and blood. Antibiotics worked to make it go away. I took a reduced dose after that, but I would still get very deep, painful acne, especially on my forehead. Even though I grew some tiny hairs at my temples, I have discontinued use because of the side effect.


AskDocWeb: Anyone can get a lump, whether or not they are on a hair loss product makes no difference. These lumps most commonly occur on the breasts, arms, legs and back although they can show up on any part of the body. The most common kink of lump doesn’t even need treatment although it’s a good idea to always tell your doctor about them. Sorry to hear that yours got infected.

Subj: Amoxdil not working
Date: 1/22/2007
I am using kerastase hair fall product amoxdil but it’s not working. My hair is falling too much.


Subj: Provillus not working
Date: 1/23/2007
Hi there, I have been taking provillus for about 1.5 months now and haven’t noticed anything yet. in fact, people still tell me I’m still losing hair… I think it’s very thin, I don’t think I am losing it, but it’s so thin on top of my head that it can look pretty bald. Either way, what if I combined provillus and procerin? Or stop provillus and try procerin? I thought for sure I would see something, at least a little bit, in almost 2 months… I don’t know if I should buy another bottle of provillus and keep going, or wait till this 2nd month bottle is finished and try something else? … I’m 25.


AskDocWeb: You need to be patient and give any hair loss product you try at least 3 months before deciding.

Subj: Blood flow?
Date: 1/27/2007
Hi there I started using procerin about 2 weeks ago and I started to get two prominent veins on my forehead which have never been there before, I can only assume by using procerin. I read one of the ingredients stimulates your blood flow to the hair follicle and by this is this what is making the veins more prominent on my forehead? I have since reduced my tablets to two a day instead of three, but I’m worried by reducing the tablets I won’t get as good of results at stopping the dht and also regrowing my hair again. Could you advise me if this is ok reducing the tablets? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: I couldn’t find a reference to which ingredient you might be talking about that would stimulate blood flow. Are you sure it was Procerin? By reducing the number of tables from 3 a day to 2 a day you reduce the effect by one third. That’s still enough to see results, let us know how it works out.

Subj: My first 3 bottles
Date: 1/28/2007
I just got my first 3 bottles of procerin, I’m gonna take it from tomorrow. And I’ll be the living prove if this works or not. And, I am writing this to see if this feedback site is fake or not.


Subj: Pill and XT
Date: 1/28/2007
I’m 53 and have had a receding hairline (front and on crown) since forever, but my dad had same hairline and when he died still had hair on top. Been using both the Pill and XT for about a week. Unlike everyone else I don’t seem to have a problem with itching, burning, anything. Herb has been the most useful to me. As I shouldn’t have, I notice no change as of now, just posting my first input. Will add comments after 90 days.


Subj: Hopeful
Date: 1/28/2007
I been taking Procerin for a week now, and it has really helped so far. My scalp used to be kind of sweaty, hot, dry and generally irritated, that has almost gone away completely and hair is already beginning to get more thick, the way it used to be. I think it is because of the DHT is no longer accumulating in the scalp. I hope that Procerin can halt the hereditary hairloss completely.


Subj: No hair growth
Date: 1/29/2007
I’ve been using procerin for about 4 or 5 months now. I haven’t noticed any hair growth at all. I don’t know if it works or not. I still continue to take it because I think that it will help inhibit continuing hair loss. I hope I am not just getting ripped off.


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