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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Returned to using Procerin
Date: 4/3/2007
I have returned to using Procerin after trying Propecia and Hair Genesis treatments for the past 12 months. I am 30 years old and have slowly been loosing my hair for the past 6 years. Procerin definitely slows the rate of shedding and has helped slightly with the thinning on my crown. The main benefit I have noticed is the health and quality of my hair generally since using this product.


Subj: Sudden excessive loss of hair
Date: 4/11/2007
I’m a 28yr old with a sudden excessive loss of hair before Christmas my hair was thick with no obvious signs of hair thinning since then my hair suddenly started to thin rapidly and excessive volumes of hair started to come out very easily especially when I wash my hair. I’ve been using Procerin for almost two months now and showing little evidence of improvement in fact over the months since January my hair on my scalp has thinned considerably the scalp is quite visible a big contrast to as it was three months ago. From reading these feedbacks some users said they had excessive hair shedding after a few weeks of use but apparently improves soon after has others mentioned increased hair thinning?


AskDocWeb: Sudden excessive hair loss should be investigated by a dermatologist. You may have a thyroid or other problem that needs medical attention, in which case no hair loss product will work for you.

Subj: Procerin use
Date: 4/11/2007
Hi, I have been using Procerin for about 3 days now and woke up this morning and had a slight rash on my chest looks a little like a heat rash more than anything and I was wondering as my body is not use to taking procerin could this have caused it and does procerin make blood vessels come to the top of the skin and in time my body will get use to it? Also, I have only got thinning of the hair at the front and am bit worried that if I start using procerin and then stop after say 6 months that my hair will fall out worse. Do you think I need to be concerned about only using the product for 6 months? Many thanks,


AskDocWeb: If you were allergic to anything in Procerin the rash would appear in several places, not just in one little area. And no, there is no need to be concerned if you do use it for 6 months and then stop. At that point you would only lose the hair that Procerin was protecting.

Subj: Trials on Procerin
Date: 4/13/2007
I notice your trials on Procerine are all in 2003- 2005 period. Are there any current information here at all?


AskDocWeb: Yes, the feedback from 2006 starts about halfway down page 25. Although the study is done we have kept the feedback open to find out if there are any other side effects. So far it still looks good as nothing has shown up.

Subj: Impatient?
Date: 4/15/2007
I’ve been using the procerin serum and tablets for 6 weeks and nissim biofactors shampoo for 2 weeks now. However, I haven’t seen any improvement on my hair thickness and I still notice my hair shedding off slowly. Am I just being impatient? I’m feeling so hopeless now since I’ve already tried many hair loss treatment products and thought procerin and nissim would be the answer to my thinning hair problem. Please advise. Thanks a lot.


AskDocWeb: Yes, you are being impatient. For some people it takes 3 to 6 months to see results.

Subj: Great results
Date: 4/18/2007
I have been using the Procerin (both tablets & topical dressing) in combination with Nisim Biofactors shampoo for over two months now and have had great results. I am 53 and have a normal receeding hairline. Hairloss stopped almost immediately and I have had moderate growth. New hair is approximately two inches now. Wish I could send pictures.


AskDocWeb: We’ll take your word for it.

Subj: Stopping and starting
Date: 4/18/2007
I I’ve been using Procerin for a while now and I haven’t lost any more hair but I don’t think I’ve regrown any either, but I haven’t been using it as much as I should, usually due to the fact I don’t order more till I run out, so I have a couple of questions. 1) For how long can I interrupt my daily dosage without risking losing more hair? 2) I might have an over-active thyroid, which can cause hair loss. Will Procerin help with this? Thanks in advance.


AskDocWeb: By stopping and starting you could stimulate shedding. Your thyroid issue is much more important. Please get this checked out by your doctor. Once you take care of your thyroid you may not have a hair loss problem.

Subj: Procerin with propecia?
Date: 4/21/2007
I am 26 years old and I started using propecia a week ago. I am interested in using procerin along with propecia. On the website they sell both a pill and a topical solution, is just taking the pills good enough, or should I use the topical solution with it? I also use a shampoo called zulvera, do you know anything about the results of this shampoo? Should I and can I continue to use with the procerin topical solution? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: We suggest you use only one hair loss product for the first three or four months to find out how that is going to work for you. We don’t know anything about Zulvera, the only shampoo we recommend to fight hair loss is Nisim.

Subj: Significant reduction of hair loss
Date: 4/25/2007
I’m on my 4th month taking Procerin religiously, and half-assed taking the serum since I think it’s BS. The pills have caused a significant reduction in the hairs I’m finding after shampooing, gelling, etc. The frontal area appears thicker also. The blond hairs at my temples are slowly turning black, although not really multiplying as far as I can tell. I think I’ll order another 4-month supply. Some quick comments for the young men in my situation:

1. If you smoke cigarettes/marijuana then QUIT. Then benefits of quitting are far greater then keeping your hair, but there is an apparent link to hair loss.

2. If you’re out of shape, start exercising! I’ve been lifting weights intensely for 2 months and the improvement in my physique gives me more confidence, thus making me stress less about my hair loss. More stress = more hair loss.

3. Don’t let people tell you herbal supplements are BS. What’s so far-fetched about a natural product working? Where do you think asprin comes from genius? (Granted, if you’re bald as a plucked chicken, the herbal stuff won’t do much)


AskDocWeb: Be sure to check the ingredient list in any herbal remedy that you try. Some herbs interact with medication.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 4/30/2007
I am about to order procerin, however some reports of shedding scares me! Why would it shed before it gets better? And what if it sheds and never grows back?


AskDocWeb: The cause of shedding is not known but it does happen in a small number of cases with all hair loss products.

Subj: Procerin, Minoxidil and Nisim Biofactors
Date: 5/4/2007
Can you use Procerin, Minoxidil and Nisim Biofactors together? Can there be any problems from using all three? Does the Nisim shampoo cause more absorption of the minoxidil?


AskDocWeb: Using those three together is what we recommend if you want to get a quick start and no problems have been reported by those who do that. Be sure to read the booklet that comes with the Rogaine. Remember it is flammable so keep away from fire/flame until your hair is dry.

Subj: Widow’s peak at 23
Date: 5/9/2007
Many thanks for your excellent forum! I’m 23 and, over the last few years, have noticed my hairline receding and a widow’s peak forming (crown & sides are still full). I’ve never used a hairloss product before but am preparing to begin taking Procerin. I hope it will stop my hairline from receding further. What are the chances for regrowth? Based on success reported, do you recommend I supplement it with any other topicals or shampoos. If so, which brands? Thank you!


AskDocWeb: You have a better chance of slowing or stopping your hair loss than regrowing it with Procerin. If stopping hair loss is your goal then you have a 70% chance of success, about one in three report noticeable hair growth. We don’t recommend topical products because of the mess, and the time it takes to apply them. The only exception to that is Nisim Biofactors shampoo. Since you would use some kind of shampoo anyway it makes sense to use one that fights hair loss and supports hair growth.

Subj: Reordering Procerin
Date: 5/10/2007
Decided to reorder procerin after 4 months. My hairline, where the enemy was advancing, appears thicker and stronger but I’m still finding hairs (about 5) on my fingers when I gel. I’m assuming this is the normal daily hair loss that everybody gets. Thin hairs are beginning to appear. I was wondering what the statistics for building tolerances (in procerin) is, if you know?


AskDocWeb: The small amount of hair loss you have is less than normal, congratulations. As far as we know there are no published stats on building up a tolerance for Procerin. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 46 47 48Page 49 50 51 52Last Page 80

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