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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Libido?
Date: 1/6/2008
Hi, I have been taking Procerin for about 2 months now, both the oral tablets and the topical solution. I was wondering if there is any proof of Procerin affecting a man’s libido?


AskDocWeb: No, in there is no evidence of any affect on a man’s libido.

Subj: Add Procerin to Propecia?
Date: 1/14/2008
I recently went to see the dermatologist about some hair loss. He told me to start taking Propecia and applying Minoxidil/Rogaine. My question is do you think it would be ok to also add Procerin to the daily routine? Procerin is supposedly all natural, so I would hope taking it wouldn’t cause any harm. Also is there any way to find out if others have had success with the combination of the two?


AskDocWeb: The main ingredient in Procerin is saw palmetto and according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “Saw palmetto should not be taken with drugs that affect the levels of male sex hormones (androgens), such as finasteride (Proscar┬«, Propecia┬«) or flutamide (Eulexin┬«).”

Subj: Dermmatch with Procerin?
Date: 1/16/2008
I am using Dermmatch now. Any problem if I start to use procerin? Will I get good result?


AskDocWeb: Dermmatch is a cosmetic product that has no affect on hair growth and no problems have been reported with using the two products together.

Subj: Now here’s the deal
Date: 1/19/2008
Hi, I’ve been using the liquid and pill form of procerin for about 2 months now…Now here’s the deal I’m way too negative to actually fool myself in to thinking something is working if it really isn’t…The liquid form of procerin has some problems but if you can deal with them then its not a big deal…It stinks bad and cant give you a headache…its greasy and seem to turn urine to a bright yellow color…I started using Procerin when my hair was thinning at mild rate…so basically it looks normal to other people…but since I see it everyday I could see it thinning somewhat and since I been taking both forms of procerin I honestly have seen regrowth and thicker hair…soo I really do believe procerin works.


Subj: Question
Date: 1/26/2008
If the product doesn’t regrow hair, will it still make the hair appear thicker if it is working to some extent?


AskDocWeb: If your hair appears thicker then the Procerin is working but it is not a cosmetic product.

Subj: Nioxin?
Date: 2/2/2008
Hi, this is a great website and many thanks to the ppl behind this website. I have started procerin and hope it works. I have also heard of nioxin scalp treatment which I am going to use. Anyone using nioxin? Please give your review about this product. Thanks and god bless.


AskDocWeb: Nioxin is a bit controversial because several environmental groups object to it being on the market. There is a short review of Nioxin here.

Subj: Just started
Date: 2/6/2008
I’m 19 years old with a bad receding hairline and thinning up top. Just started a 6 month dose of procerin. I’ll leave feedback monthly.


Subj: 62 year old male
Date: 2/7/2008
I am a 62 year old male. I lose a pretty large amount of hairs on the top and in the front above hairline in a period of about 15 years. I started taking Procerin pills and serum the month of September 2007. After first month I saw a little regrowth of hair on the top. Hair fall was greatly reduced. After 3 months I saw a lot of hair regrowth on the top and on the front but not much as on the top but that is a clear improvement. I stopped using pills for the last 2 months in order to have a blood test to see if there is any side effect on liver and kidney. Fortunately there is nothing harmful. So I will continue to use pills not because hair falling again but I want more growth to the front. For serum I don’t use every day but during the weekend only. In conclusion for me Procerin is effective in regrow my hair in great number. I am sincere.


Subj: It definitely has helped
Date: 2/7/2008
As a women, I was advised to take saw-palmetto for hair loss from PCOS and insulin resistance. It definitely has helped, although the dosage recommended is about half of what many men are taking. I am excited to try it at the higher dosage. One thing that also made an improvement was adding Milk Thystle as an added support for the liver, where excess testosterone is stored. After 3 weeks, I noticed a notable thickening of my hair. When I have run out of the Milk Thystle, I noticed my hair feeling thinner again after only 2 weeks. My results are always with standardized extracts. I’ve tried others, and have not seen the same results.


Subj: Shedding
Date: 2/12/2008
Hello, I am a 23 year old male and I am in my 3rd week of procerin (I am also using generic minoxodil once a day and Nisim Biofactors). While I am pleased with the healthy feel that my hair has gotten lately, I am very frustrated by the high level of “shedding” that I am experiencing in a very short time. While it is most notable on the top of my head (where hair was already thin) I am most certainly experiencing it all over. As more and more seems to go each day, I am beginning to get very upset and nervous about this. I realize that this is supposed to be a “good sign” that the product is working for me and my hair is just in its dying cycle all at the same time due to the Procerin, but I am finding this information little comfort at the moment. If the treatment ends up not working for me, could I be left with irreparable damage from all this shedding? Or does the shedding mean that I should be seeing some improvement once all the dying hair is gone? I realize that this differs from person to person, but I was just hoping you might be able to shed some light on the situation. Id hate to come out of this even worse than when I went in because at my current level of hair loss, I really would hate to only “retain” what I have now. I would be real nice to see all that hair that has shed in the last 2 weeks come back and then some. Thanks for letting me rant and I appreciate your help. Fantastic site.


AskDocWeb: Every hair loss product we have looked at has reports of shedding that occur within the first 3 to 8 weeks of use. If you read the conclusions to our study on Procerin, you will see that 18% of Procerin users experienced shedding and 13% of users quit because of shedding, although no one reported any permanent damage. For those who continued taking Procerin the shedding lasted from 4 to 8 weeks and then reversed.

Subj: Arginine 3000 mg.
Date: 2/13/2008
Is procerin safe to take with arginine 3000 mg. my son is taking both he is 20 years old?


AskDocWeb: No problems have been reported when combining the two and several products are being sold with both saw palmetto and arginine listed in the ingredients.

Subj: Unmarked box?
Date: 3/1/2008
Does procerin come in an unmarked box?


AskDocWeb: Yes, other than the return name and address (Speedwinds Nutrition) there is no indication as to what is in the box.

Subj: Topical procerin
Date: 3/4/2008
I was thinking of trying procerin and notice that there is a bottle of topical procerin and the pills which one/s do you recommend taking, or which one/s have all the participants in the study been on (I am also using rogaine).


AskDocWeb: The men who took part in our study all used only the pills. The topical Procerin contains monoxidil, which is the active ingredient in Rogaine. Using the topical Procerin at the same time as Rogaine would likely be too much for your scalp and result in serious irritation. Since you are using Rogaine, we recommend you add only the Procerin pills.

Subj: Tablets or both
Date: 3/6/2008
Hello and thank you AskDocWeb and everyone else who has contributed to this Procerin Study. I am interested in buying Procerin but do not know if I should buy both the tablets and the serum or just the tablets alone. I have not read anywhere in this study of anyone taking both. Can I get some feedback on whether or not I should buy just the tablets or both?


AskDocWeb: The men in the study took only the pills. That was before the serum came out. So far the feedback on the serum show that about half of users are satisfied with results.

Subj: Receding hairline?
Date: 3/8/2008
I am 28 now. I have used Procerin for over a year now. I have personally found that though it might have slowed down my hair loss, it has not stopped my hair from falling. I still continue to have a receding hairline though my vertex seems fine. I recently added Nisim to my regiment, so we’ll see how that works out. I am considering possibly trying Propecia though the side-effects are keeping me away for now. Does Procerin help stop the receding hairline? From my research, it seems all hair loss solutions are generally effective for vertex region. If this is so, then I won’t risk going on Propecia. Please advise.


AskDocWeb: We have had a few reports from men that it does, but not enough for us to recommend it for that purpose.

Subj: Blue berries?
Date: 3/10/2008
Hey, I started using procerin and the serium about a week now. I was wondering if it’s ok to eat blue berries (since they have anti-oxidants) while taking procerin. I also take calcium vitamin pills and something called rigoton juvenil. they’re vitamin pills too, supplements. I’m also taking procerin because of my receding hairline. I’m not really balding, I just want my hairline to grow back.


AskDocWeb: Eating blue berries is fine, enjoy them.

Subj: procerin and rogain?
Date: 3/10/2008
I am 32 and am thinning on my crown and thinning in the front, I am just starting to look into this but from reading differnt things procerin and rogain can be used together? If so can I use hair products i.e. gel, moouse, or other products or will these products inhibit the meds?


AskDocWeb: Reports from users indicate good results from using Procerin and rogain together. You might want to do a search on the name of your gel, moouse, or other product along with the words “hair loss” (use the quotes) to see if anything shows up. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 54 55 56Page 57 58 59 60Last Page 80

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