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Procerin Feedback

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Subj: Questions about Procerin
Date: 2/8/2009
Hi, I’m 20 years old. I first noticed my hairline was receding at about 18. My father went bald by the time he was in his 30’s, and likewise all of the men on my mom’s side balded around their 40’s and 50’s. My cousin (also in his early 20’s) is taking propecia and they say it is working wonders for him, and his hairline was worse than mine. I really don’t want to take propecia though cuz of the rumored side effects so I’m looking into procerin. My question is: have there been reports of people with short hair (shaved or #1 gaurd) seeing results in the straightness of their hairlines? Or does it just thicken your hairline enough so that if you have long hair it will make it look better. Also are there reports of people losing their hair (shedding) and not getting it back?


AskDocWeb: There have been several reports from men with short hair who said they were getting good results with their hairline but no reports of any product changing the straightness of a hairline. Most of those who report good results are not very specific as to either the quality or quantity of their results. Understand that there were not enough reports of success with the hairline for us to recommend Procerin for that use. If you just want to keep the hair you have then you are more likely to be satisfied with your results. There were no reports of shed hair that did not grow back.

Subj: Supplements to improve chances of regrowth
Date: 2/14/2009
I’m 24 and have been losing hair on top for a little over a year. At this point I’ve experienced moderate recession at the temples (which doesn’t bother me) and more-than-moderate thinning throughout the crown, which worries me. I started taking procerin two weeks ago. So far, I haven’t experienced any side effects, and I think I’ll go with it for six months before making any decisions. I’m interested in knowing if there are any foods or additional supplements that might improve chances of regrowth. I eat a healthy diet, but I wonder if increasing my protein intake would speed things up.


AskDocWeb: Increasing your protein intake may speed things up but only if you are protein deficient. If your hair loss is stress related then you might consider a multi-vitamin supplement for stress. The B vitamins, especially B5 (Pantothenic acid and B3 (niacin), are especially important for hair growth.

Subj: Using the Nisim Biofactor
Date: 2/15/2009
Hi, AskDocWeb, a couple of questions for you. I am currently looking into taking Procerin tablets and also using the Nisim Biofactor. However should I used the shampoo for a couple of weeks before taking the pills? So that I can observed the effects of both on my hair loss condition. What do you suggest?


AskDocWeb: One of the problems with evaluating how well a product for hair loss works is that hair grows very slowly and it can take a long time to see results. The soonest we would expect to see results is three months but six months would be more realistic. If we were using a hair loss product we would wait three months before adding a second hair loss product. The reason for this is that some side effects take several weeks to show up. That is not meant to imply that you would have any side effects, most people don’t, we are just extra cautious.

Subj: Which store for procerin?
Date: 2/16/2009
Hi, which store can I get procerin in New York, Manhattan, Chicago or in Singapore? I will be visting these places shortly for a holiday…thanks,


AskDocWeb: As far as we know Procerin is not sold in stores, it is only available online.

Subj: What happens if you don’t need it?
Date: 2/22/2009
I’m 25 I luv my hair I’m not sure if I’m loseing it or just a bit paroanoid. What happens if you take it and you don’t actually need it? Could it cause my hair to become dependent on something it doesn’t need? Will it cause body hair to thicken and I end up lookn like an ape?


AskDocWeb: In the 6 years that we have been tracking the side effects of Procerin nothing like that has ever been reported. The FDA keeps a complete list of all products that have a potential for dependency and Procerin is not on that list.

Subj: My personal view
Date: 2/28/2009
Hi everyone. My experience is as follows. My hairloss is hereditary and began at about 25 (I’m now 31). 2 years ago I reviewed Procerin (this site was particularly helpful) and decided to go for a batch and see what happened. I believe it has significantly slowed, possibly even stopped my hairloss. The rate of hairloss before I began to take the medication was slow but regular and I have to say I am pretty sure I have retained hair for the last 2 years due to Procerin. I also tried the serum but found it messy and reverted back to the pills. My use of the medication was rather erratic at times, with a three month gap in use at one stage but I didnt notice any resumption of hairloss in this time. I did not experience any adverse effects during use. I wrote to the manufacturers of Procerin regarding their suitability for vegetarians and they assured me that the pills were fine to use. On a related note, I underwent a DHI procedure in the last year to improve my hairline and was very pleased with the results. Although quite expensive, I highly recommend it to anyone with the means and anyone looking for a little peace of mind regarding their hair.. My personal view is that Procerin is certainly worth trying. I did not notice regrowth but my hairloss abatted noticibly. I hope this helps somebody make a decision. Regards,


Subj: No new loss and no side effects
Date: 3/2/2009
I’ve been using procerin along with a biotin supplement for one month now. No hair growth, but no new loss and no side effects. I lost most of my formerly thick crown hair in the space of a couple of weeks last April. It happened so suddenly that for a long time I was convinced I was going through a bout of telogen effluvium. In the last year, I’ve gone through some very stressful periods, so I still wonder sometimes if it’s TE that’s taking longer than usual to run its course. Most of the men in my family have followed the traditional pattern of loss beginning at the vertex and temples, but my hairline is normal for my age (24) and I have no noticeable thinning at the vertex. If it’s TE, is there any reason why procerin would interfere with the recovery process?


AskDocWeb: None at all, the only thing Procerin interferes with is the conversion of testosterone into DHT and that is what you want it to do.

Subj: Results were amazing from pills but not for serum
Date: 3/24/2009
I am 31 years old and have been using procerin tablets and the serum for almost a year now. Initially, I was just using just the tablets and my hair was actually regrowing pretty well and the results were amazing. However, for the last one month and more, I started using the serum as well, and things started going from bad to worse. I am losing a lot more hair than I ever did. So I have stopped using the serum, and I seem to be losing lesser hair. I am researching on Minoxidil at the moment and plan to give it a try. I am wondering if a combination of Procerin tablet and Minoxidil 5% would help.


AskDocWeb: Minoxidil may help for awhile but according to the FDA’s, Drug Facts from the FDA “Hair regrowth has not been shown to last longer than 48 weeks of continuous treatment in large clinical trials with minoxidil topical solution 5% for men.” Since you are researching hair loss products you might take a look at a shampoo that fights hair loss.

Subj: Punch resistance
Date: 3/17/2009
I have just ordered procerin and hope it will work. I took propecia for 2 years and it stopped my hair loss. But I experienced sexual side effects as well as not being able to take a punch as I was a professional boxer with a good record till taking propecia so I stopped taking it. Could propecia have effected my punch resistance like it did effect my penis as I could not get an erection no more?


AskDocWeb: There are no reports of any change in punch resistance but a few have reported that it was harder to gain more muscle mass and to get the same pump as before while taking Propecia. Several body builders have also questioned the possibility that Propecia might effect their strength but so far no connection has been proven.

Subj: Gynecomastia?
Date: 3/25/2009
I need help. Does procerin can cause gynecomastia?, like finasteride could.


AskDocWeb: No, Procerin does not cause enlarged breasts (gynecomastia).

Subj: Had to stop taking the proscar
Date: 3/27/2009
Hello, I have been on the Ashley and martin program for 18 months. I take proscar (finasteride) tablets, saw palmetto tablets and use a minoxidil ointment. I had to stop taking the proscar because of bad side effects. I still take saw palmetto and minoxidil ointment, since stopping the proscar my hair has rapidly started to fall out again but there is no way I can keep taking it. I have to put the ointment on for 4 hours a day, I cannot go out during this time because of how it looks and because of this it severly disrupts my day to day life. Also when I play sport I sweat only on the top of my head where I put the ointment on which makes it look rediculously bald and very embarassing, I rarely play sport now. Does anybody else have this problem? Is it common? Because of these factors are there any products that I should avoid? I’ve been reading about provillus, profollica, procerin and herbal shampoos but am so confused as to which to try next? I want my life back but really don’t want to loose my hair anymore as I am only 23 and it has killed my confidence. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: If your hair loss is having that much impact on your life (at 23) then it may be worth getting a professional opinion from a dermatologist. You need to know the cause of your hair loss so that you can make an informed choice for a treatment. Consulting a dermatologist would also reveal any underlying health issues that may be causing hair loss, such as a thyroid problem.

Subj: What are my chances
Date: 4/5/2009
Being 24, what are my chances that after taking procerin for 6 months that my hair loss will continue?


AskDocWeb: Of the men in this study 70% were still taking it after one year. If you want to regrow your hair, there is only a 1 in 3 chance that Procerin will work for you and we don’t recommend it for that. If you want to slow or stop your hair loss, your chances of success are better than 2 out of 3. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 59 60 61Page 62 63 64 65Last Page 80

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