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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Which is best?
Date: 4/6/2009
I am of 18 and suffering from andrgenetic alopcia …so propecia or procerin or provillus, among them which is best to cure or reverse it!!


AskDocWeb: Just for the record, there are treatments for androgenetic alopecia but there is no cure, yet. If it weren’t for the possibility of sexual side effects Propecia would be the best of those three. However, we came across a disturbing study that said Propecia caused erectile dysfunction in 22% of patients by the third month of treatment and 33% of patients by the sixth month (Science Direct, April 1998). It is pretty much a toss-up between Procerin and Provillus because they have much the same ingredients. Procerin has more feedback but the feedback about Provillus is also looking good. If you are going to try something you need to give it a full six months for a realistic appraisal of what it will do for you.

Subj: Beginnings of a receding hairline
Date: 4/19/2009
I am 39 and actually have a lot of hair but have noticed the beginnings of a receding hairline above my temples. Looking at one of the charts I believe it to be the corners of the frontal area. It is worse on one side than the other. I’d like to try this product but have only seen people saying they are starting to take Procerin and report back but don’t see the follow-up reports. Am I missing something? Do you think it would help this area? Also, I have gastro problems (similar to IBS) would taking this make it worse? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: It would be helpful to know the name of your gasto problem so that it could be researched. You should know that a few men have reported upset stomach when they first started taking Procerin so go cautiously where digestive problems are involved.
Some of the men who report success with the hairline are Kevin (after a year and a half), Bikram, Bob, James, David, Andy, and Mark.

Subj: Concerned about side effects
Date: 4/19/2009
I’m interested in purchasing this product. I’ve been bolding since 18 and am currently 23. I lost a lot of my hair, but there’s still a lot of it left for the average person to notice. My biggest concern is if there are any side effects in this product and if the serum solution is necessary. Will just using pills not do anything? or still help?


AskDocWeb: The study we did used just the pills and that showed results for 7 out of 10 men. Of those who try the Procerin serum only about half were satisfied with the results but that means it still may be worth a try. One out of five had side effects with the pills and that was usually just an upset stomach.

Subj: Extra hair loss?
Date: 4/28/2009
Hi, I was wondering in cases where procerin cause extra hair loss, is this hair loss permenant or would the hair grow back after I stop using procerin. Want to know all the risks of the product(s) before I jump into anything. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The only extra hair loss mentioned was the shedding and that was temporary. Shedding was reported by 18% of the men who use Procerin.

Subj: Seems to be working well
Date: 5/6/2009
I took propecia for two years and it worked very well but propecia effected my sex drive bad so I stopped. After stooping propecia my hair started to shed after 2 years though so now I have took procerin for two months nearly and it seems to be working well.


Subj: Mercury intoxication
Date: 5/9/2009
I just started taking procerin 3 weeks ago. I went to a hair specialist who diagnosed me with MPB without even doing any test for miniaturization. My hair at the moment is still thick and no one can tell that its thinning except that I know I’m losing hair. I went to a dermatologist who said that he doesn’t see any indications of MPB. I went back to the hair specialist who now tells me to do a blood test for heavy metal intoxication since I was eating 3 cans of tuna daily for the past 8 months. Can mercury intoxication cause hairloss and hair thinning at the temporal region?


AskDocWeb: Yes, mercury intoxication can cause hair loss but you would also have other symptoms along with the hair loss. The signs and symptoms of mercury intoxication include noticeable personality changes, weight loss, irritability, fatigue, nervousness, loss of memory, indecision, intellectual deterioration, tremors and loss of coordination.

Subj: Liver, blood tests or shuch?
Date: 5/10/2009
If I use procerin/finpecia, could I still partake in medical trials??? Will it have any effect on my liver, blood tests or such??? And lastly does the hair in the frontal vertex stop balding or regrow???


AskDocWeb: Sorry Budd, the trials have all concluded. Procerin and Finpecia are two very different products. Finpecia (manufactured in India) is a counterfeit version of the drug Propecia (made in the USA). The patient information sheet for Propecia advises that caution should be used in the administration of Propecia to patients with liver function abnormalities. Propecia is metabolized extensively in the liver and may affect the liver function test. Failure of the liver to dissolve estrogen from the bloodstream may lead to gynecomastia, an abnormal swelling of one or both of the breasts in men. These are sometimes referred to as “man boobs.”

Procerin is not a drug, it is a combination of herbs and minerals that does not have the side effects associated with Propecia. Procerin has been reported to have only limited success in the regrowth of hair in the frontal vertex area.

Subj: Procerin over provillus?
Date: 5/11/2009
Hi, first of all thank you for your objective, non-biased and extremely helpful website. I’m doing the research on behalf of my boyfriend who is concerned about his hairloss at 25 and just had a couple of questions before placing an order. I get the feeling you recommend procerin over provillus… is that so and if is why? Also…this is in regards to both products: pills alone a good enough start or adding the serums as well definitely worth the extra investment? Anyone or AskDocWeb feel free to reply! Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We recommend Procerin over Provillus only because there is more feedback on Procerin that says it works. There are 63 pages of feedback on Procerin and only 6 pages on Provillus. That doesn’t mean that Provillus wouldn’t work, just that we need more data for an honest comparison. Our recommendation is for the pills only. We haven’t come to a decision on the serum yet. In either case we recommend a 6 month supply to give it an adequate chance to work.

Subj: Insomnia
Date: 5/21/2009
Hi, I am on procerin for 2 weeks now, at my second week, I stated to switch the dose ( 2 in the morning another one in 8 hours apart), because while I took two pills before bed time, I think procerin it gave me a insomnia, I haven’t had a restful sleep over week. Therefor, I take 2 in the morning another 1 I take it three or four hours before bed time. My question is does this has affect on the effectiveness of the procerin? I hope u can understand my English thanks you.


AskDocWeb: No, as long as you are taking 3 a day the effectiveness of Procerin will be the same.

Subj: My opinion
Date: 5/26/2009
I completely agree with you. The fact is that procerin works 8 out of 10. It’s completely my opinion.


Subj: 20% reduction in hair loss
Date: 5/26/2009
Hi, been taking Procerin for just under 1 month and have noticed a 20% reduction in hair loss i.e. when usually.


Subj: Sex drive?
Date: 6/2/2009
Does procerin affect the sex drive for men like propecia?


AskDocWeb: No it doesn’t, anything that strong would require a prescription. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 60 61 62Page 63 64 65 66Last Page 80

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