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Subj: The part that amazes me
Date: 6/21/2009
Hi I am a 29yo male who has been receding for aproxomatly 5 years with a dramatic decrease in frontal hair quality within the last year to the point where it became more like fluff than hair. Not knowing much about hairloss facts I’ve spent a lot of time educating myself on it within the last 2 months. I chose to shave my head to examine what was happening closer to the scalp (I did not like what I saw, very sparse, very thin hairs of inferior quality to the rest of my head) I made an order for procerin attracted by the fact side effects are minimal.

Since I am currently living and working in turkey I expected my order to take longer than the specfied two weeks and asked the pharmacy here for some in the meantime, they hadn’t heard of it(not surprisingly) and put me through to an English girl in some other pharmacy who said to try a Turkish product called bioxcin (herbal based shampoo and serum)”Turkish men buy it like bread, supposed to be very good” she said. Sold. Opening the box, it was very professionally packaged with the syrum in small glass capsules in a hard case looking like something out of a sci fi movie. Funnily enough my procerin came the following day.

I have been on all 3 now for 2 weeks, shampoo, syrum and procerin. Results: My hair growth is rapid. the frontal area I was talking about was like fluff resembles normal hair. I have sprouts of normal hair within my frontal McDonalds arches(not many but they are there. The part that amazes me the most is I have had a alopecia the size of a pea at the front of my head since I was about 21, that has sprouts of hair…as far as I was concerned those follicles were dead, it appears I was wrong. There is no doubt something or a combination of things here is working. I can’t find anything about bioxcin on the web, at least nothing in English. Do you know anything about it?

I will keep you posted on my progress and thanks for providing a non biast site, there is so much bullsh*t on the net, done some homework on you guys too, so cheers. Just quickly want to mention to the guys out there freaking out about hairloss…I’ve always done well with the ladies and have watched that decline along with my hair (this is not co-incidence) giving my self esteem a battering so I know how you feel. there is hope, stay positive. Focus on getting your hair back not what you’re losing (no stressing). The mind is also an important factor, what the mind can percieve it can achieve) combine a healthy attitude with the right medication and there is hope for all of us baldys.


AskDocWeb: Sorry David, we have no data on bioxcin. Maybe a reader can fill in something helpful. If you are taking any prescription medication, be sure to check the ingredient list of any herbal remedy that you try. Some herbs interact with medication.

Subj: PROCERIN feedback
Date: 6/21/2009
PROCERIN was just wondering since you recieve so much feedback on procerin…is there a quck way I can find youre response to my feedback I sent you without scrolling through hundreds to find it. Also how long do u normally take to reply to feedback. I understand youre busy, just wondering thanks,


AskDocWeb: You can use the search box at the top of the page to search for your name and AskDocWeb. That will give you a list of all the pages here where that is found.

Subj: Slight improvement
Date: 6/22/2009
Hi I’ve began Procerin 1.5 months ago and so far have noticed a slight improvement 20% I would say, I am 29yrs of age, male, hair continues to fall out but not as much as it did before, slight stomach upset and no decrease in sex drive. Got 3 months supply so hoping that I see less or stop hair falling out. Fingers crossed and god willing.


Subj: Seemed to halt my hair from shedding
Date: 6/22/2009
I’ve been using procerin for about 2 1/2 weeks. It seemed to work for the first week really good. It seemed to halt my hair from shedding all together.but… it seemed to satrt shedding again but not as muck ima try and ad nism shampoo to my regimen


AskDocWeb: What you saw in the first week was most likely your imagination. No hair loss product works that fast. Give it a few months and then check back to let us know how you are doing.

Subj: A few questions
Date: 7/1/2009
I have been taking Procerin pills for about three months and have seen less hair loss however, not what I have expected. I thought I’d give the serum a try too and it’s been about a month since I’ve started using that. I have been applying it every other day. The results were not good as I have started seeing more hair loss that became quite noticeable on my head. So I have a few questions: 1. Is it normal for more hair loss at the begining of usage? 2. Would the fact that I’m using it every other day cause more negative effects then positive effects? 3. Does hair spray cause hair loss?


AskDocWeb: Getting more hair loss when first starting (initial shedding) does not happen to everyone but it has been reported in a small percentage of users with all hair loss products. The instructions tell you how to get the best results. If you don’t follow the instructions, well, let’s just say that your results are likely to be less than what you want. There are no reports of any hair spray causing hair loss.

Subj: Starting to help
Date: 7/4/2009
I’ve been using procerin for almost 3 months and I believe its starting to help me grow back hair all over and in the places where it was thinner before. I will be able to tell better when I cut my hair to a buzz cut. Once my hair is cut I will be able to tell how it grows back better. I’m going to go ahead and give it the full 6 months to see how effective it really is.


Subj: It annoys me
Date: 7/6/2009
Hi, I sent in a review a few weeks ago when I was just a couple of weeks into my first bottle of procerin tablets I havent yet seen my review of that stage printed so not sure if I’m wasting my time by typing this.. I’m 29 and was losing hair rapidly, not anymore. Before starting procerin if I even slightly pulled on the hair on the frontal area of my head it came out, same with rubbing to hard when drying my hair and pretty much even if I gave it a look in the mirror it didnt like. I shaved it off to start a fresh with my procerin. My new hair there now feels anchored in place, hair folicles are thicker, healthier, darker and are growing at an alarming rate. I suffer from the classic McDonalds arch type of receding hairline which came to quite a sharp point, most noticeably is how much more blunt and wide that middle section is with hairs also sprouting up the back in the actual recedes.

Ok now when I asked my bald doctor 2 years ago when I noticed thinning about all the products available on the market and if there was any truth to them? His response was basically ”save your money” ”there’s no hope for us baldys”. How do I feel about that doctor now?? I feel like punching him in the face!! (of course I’m not going to), Same goes for all these idiots on the net coming out with ”scam”, ”just a placebo affect”. I have no doubt if 2 years ago I had got procerin I WOULD have ALL my hair still. It annoys me that these people try and take hope away from people whos confidence is already suffering. It might not work for everyone but there’s a bloody good chance it will work for you. If things keep going this well I’m going to be a very happy man (again) ..will keep you posted


Subj: Procerin study
Date: 7/7/2009
Hi, I’ve sent you 2 emails since starting procerin and my apologies but I never read the part at the top of this page about sending my address and photos so that’s obviously why I haven’t seen my 1st report, I only sent my second yesterday. I am from Australia but I am travelling and working around Europe and will not be home untill next year. I would very much like to help with the study, is there any arrangments we can make for me to be involved??? As I am seeing results which are very exciting and would like to help others by sharing them. I just dont have a fixed address in Europe because of how much time I am on the move. I hope to here from you and would very much like to keep you all informed of my progress. Keep up the great work, this is now the only site I read as far as forums on hair loss go. Regards,


AskDocWeb: The Procerin study concluded in January of 2005. The results and conclusion of that study are posted here.

Subj: Here’s hoping!
Date: 7/14/2009
Hi all Ok I am 24 and have just this minute popped my first Procerin pill. I have been reading non stop online about hair loss treatments and I thought this was the best as about 0.001% of people said it effected there sex drive and obviously who wants that! Could you answer me this though, why is it 2 tabs at night? Could this not be spaced out through out the day? And 3 tabs a day is loads, will it matter if I forget once and a while? I hope this stuff works I will post on here either once a month or when something happens. Also I suffer from IBS and I am allergic to many things so I will post if anything changes, as I read somewhere some one actually had allergy relief, here’s hoping! much love,


AskDocWeb: We haven’t heard an explanation of why they say to take 2 tabs at night. It may just be what they found to be the most effective. A few men have mentioned spacing out the pills throughout the day but no one has reported on how that affects them. Maybe you could help out with that.

Subj: Stopped using Procerin now shedding
Date: 7/14/2009
Hi, I used procerin before along with a laser comb and it did seem to improve the quality of my hair after month 2. I noticed that my hair was fuller and I was able to style easier, sayin that, I did stop ( why I dont know ) and I’m prob worse off than ever! I’m in a sheeding pahse now 🙁 its depressing … the topic by Subj: 1 month – Kevin Date: 6/6/2004 using an anti inflam shampoo along with procerin might be the trick as advised by this Doc, I have started to use Nizoral 2% ketoconazole with acts as an anti inflam and also is said to be better than 2 % minoxidil??? This shampoo is widely used as a part of a hair loss regime… I’m thinking of ordering procerin again but all I’m seeing is poor results…


AskDocWeb: This is one of the problems with all hair loss treatments, you have to continue using them in order to keep the benefits. If you stop then you lose all of the hair that you would have lost if you had never used the product. We agree, that is depressing.
Nizoral started out as an antifungal medication (Ketoconazole) used to treat fungal infections. We have no data or feedback on Nizoral’s effectiveness as a hair loss shampoo. If your hair loss is caused by some kind of fungus then it may help. With no data on a more effective hair loss shampoo, we still recommend Nisim Biofactors. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 61 62 63Page 64 65 66 67Last Page 80

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