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Procerin Feedback

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Subj: Temple area?
Date: 3/27/2010
Does using Procerin help regrowth in the temple area of the hairlne?

AskDocWeb: There are a few reports of success in growing hair in the temple areas but for most guys it didn’t work there.

Subj: Methotrexate for psoriasis
Date: 3/30/2010
I am about to start using Methotrexate for psoriasis, I am using procerin, is this ok to mix the two.

AskDocWeb: Over the past seven years there have been no reports of any drug interactions with Procerin. However, there are many unknowns concerning interactions between herbs and drugs. People taking prescription drugs who want to use supplements should always consult with their physician first.

Subj: Procerin with NISIM?
Date: 3/31/2010
I used Minoxidil 5% with retinol 0.025% (or 0.25% can’t recall) some years back but it caused a lot of itchiness and I had to end using it. I am interested in trying procerin after reading reviews here. Also, I notice a shampoo called NISIM which I saw you recommended someone. What do you think is a good plan – should I try procerin on its own or with the shampoo simultaneously? I am in Asutralia and do you know where I can get these here in Oz?

AskDocWeb: Using both products sounds like a good plan, and fortunately they both ship worldwide.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 3/31/2010
I have been using Procerin for 2 months now, and in the last 3 weeks I noticed I had more hair shedding than before. I was wondering that does this means that procerin won’t work for me or should I see results soon? Also could it be that since we are in season change (early Spring) it is normal to have more hair shedding. I am shedding about 40 hairs whenever I shower.

AskDocWeb: There are quit a few reports of men going through a period of increased shedding in the first or second month, not just with Procerin but also Propecia and Minoxidil. These reports of increased shedding range from 2 weeks all the way up to 3 months. The amount of hair lost in the shower during shedding ranges from 30 to 150. Compared to that your loss of 40 doesn’t sound all that bad. Give it time to work.

Subj: XT foam or Nisim shampoo?
Date: 4/8/2010
Hi, I am 26 and i am receding on the temples. I am going to give the procerin capsules a try and was wondering if i should also try the procerin XT foam as well? Or would you recommend the nisim shampoo over the procerin XT foam for regrowth? Thanks for your help, im trying not to waste my money and cant decide between the XT foam or the nisim shampoo thanks again.


AskDocWeb: Because the XT foam has not received very good reviews, we recommend the Nisim shampoo over the XT foam.

Subj: Buy Procerin?
Date: 4/9/2010
Hi i was wondering if i can buy Procerin in stores?


AskDocWeb: As far as we know it is only available at the Procerin website.

Subj: Stopped hair falling
Date: 4/12/2010
I used 3 bottles of Procerin( 3 months treatment) plus the syrum (which smells really bad). It did work fine for me, stopped the hair falling, and I saw some hair where there was none or little before. And NO side effects at all. Should I continue using it, or 3 months treatment is enough? Will I get better results (more and fuller hair as if I was 16) if I keep using it or it will keep the same results as I have now? Will Propecia give me better results?


AskDocWeb: In order to keep the results you have to continue using it. The maximum results may take up to a year to show up.

Subj: After 3 years of Procerin
Date: 4/12/2010
Hi to everyone. Just dropping in again to update. 1 year ago, I posted a review of Procerin here (page 62, ‘My Personal View’). At that time, I had been taking the pill form of Procerin for two years. My hairloss had significantly abatted, even stopped. 1 year on (3 in total taking Procerin) and my hair is still here. No further significant loss or resumption of shedding. I believe it works and truely believe that if I hadnt tried it I would be bald at this stage. Over the 3 years, there has been gaps in my usage but overall, my hairloss has stopped and Ive retained hair. Procerin has been the ONLY medication I have tried. Thats my story. Hope it helps someone. Best of luck,


Subj: I see little fuzzy hairs
Date: 4/25/2010
I’ve been using Procerin for a month and a half now, Im confused with the product..I started taking it because i’ve noticed a receding hairline getting worse..I think it has helped stop this and i see little fuzzy hairs, replacing what was even fuzzier! Im confused though because i’ve noticed that my hair is thinner on top than the rest of my hair and i didn’t notice this till about 4 days ago (Now i cant stop noticing it). So my question is, does the hair around the back etc..grow faster than the hair on top of your head or could it be because im taking this product which causes to grow your hair back thicker and darker it just appears that way and looks like my hair is thinner on top? I have a shaved head by the way Number 1..Does Procerin target certain areas of the hair more than others? Which is why im noticing the back darker and thicker than what is on top? Cheers.


AskDocWeb: Now that you are paying more attention to your hair, it’s not surprising that you’ve noticed that the hair on the back of your head is growing faster than the top, that is the typical growth pattern. And when the hair on the back of your head is growing in thicker then of course there will be a more noticeable difference between that and the top. The back of the head and the sides seem to respond first but it will take several months to see the full effect.

Subj: Longest time to see results
Date: 4/27/2010
Hi guys, I am a 20 year old male (so should be an ideal candidate?) with thinning hair all over (most noticeable on crown currently). I have been using procerin for 3 months now (tablets, foam and shampoo) but I am yet to see results – no hair re-growth and not a slowing of hair loss. I was wondering what the longest period of time it has taken for some people to see results is? Basically, I am trying to decide if it is worth buying another 3 month supply – any advice? Cheers. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The longest time to see results was in the 6th month.

Subj: Shedding and libido questions
Date: 5/4/2010
Im 21 years old, 2 months in to the product, initially took it for a receding hairline(I wouldn’t have bothered) if I knew that nothing really does work well in this area, but I found out the hard way, I had a full set of hair otherwise apart from receding a little bit, Now after taking it for 2 months i’ve further receded and gone major thin, I cant even shave my head to a number 1 because the contrast and thickness of my hair is different all over from taking this product I look bald on top, anyway im confident this is the shedding phase and done enough research to know that you have to ride it out and apparantly there’s chance it gets better, but the lack of knowledge on that subject in this forum doesn’t give me much hope for that matter.It seems i’ve lost my hair and even if it does grow back I doubt it’s gonna do what I hoped it would?(Cure my receding hairline) plus my hair which didn’t need to be tapered with will be completely reliant on procerin, therefore if I stop using il go thin all over again! Im completely not satisfied with this product at all yet, but the first couple of months are supposed to be the worst with it, So hopefully this shedding phase slows and reverses! 2 questions which I hope you can truly answer (For the people that have shedded, what percent would you say have grown back and come out better with a cured receded hairline?) And…Is the decreased sex drive anything major to worry about, e.g. continual use of the product causing permanent sexual problems in any kind of way? I just want the truthful answer and not false optimism!


AskDocWeb: Expecting results in just two months is not realistic. It is more likely to take 3 to 6 months. If you are looking for something to restore your hairline to what it was before you started losing hair, the hard truth is, short of a transplant, that there is no cure. For most guys the best they can hope for is to halt the hair loss and keep their hairline where it is now. For sure, some guys have reported an improvement in their hairline but there are not enough of the guys who see an improvement to recommend it for that. There is not enough data available to give you a statistical answer to your question about shedding. Of the 118 men in our study, 3% reported an increase in sex drive and 3% reported a decrease in sex drive. Aside from a change in libido for that small percentage of men there were no other sexual side effects reported.

Subj: Concern about breast cancer
Date: 5/13/2010
Hi, I have just ordered Procerin, but I dare not start on it yet as I have had reports of finasteride causing breast cancer in men due to Type II alpha reductase being inhibited to convert testosterone to DHT which resulted in high levels of oestrotrial… This resulted in increased risks to breast cancer… Is it really safe to consume Procerin? Also is Procerin XT (topical) safe to use hand in hand with minox 5%?


AskDocWeb: Finasteride is the active ingredient in Propecia and Proscar but Procerin does not contain any finasteride so that is not an issue. The topical Procerin XT serum contains minoxidil and using it with any other product that contains minoxidil is not recommended. Using more than one product with minoxidil in it would increase the chance of scalp irritation, inflammation, and side effects.

Subj: General hair thinning
Date: 5/17/2010
I have been using Procerin for the past week now with no side affects. I would just like to know what other treatments you would suggest for general hair thinning. I am not receding but simply thinning all over but not too drastic at the moment but I am counting about 20-30 hairs in the shower on washing my hair. What other products would you suggest using in conjunction with procerin? Thank you


AskDocWeb: We recommend using a shampoo that helps you keep as much hair as you can for as long as you can. The best one found so far is Nisim NewHair Biofactors. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 66 67 68Page 69 70 71 72Last Page 82

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