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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Subj: Big receding hairline
Date: 5/27/2010
hey, I’m 23 with a full head of hair but a big receding hairline on the frontal, started loosing when I was in highschool around 12th grade but seem to never cared as much didn’t knowing it would turn out worst, so I was wondering if procerin the right product to use? would it do the trick on growing my receding hairline out or not all but some? any suggestions?…. well I already order a month supply just to see how it would turn out…thanks,


AskDocWeb: A one month supply will let you know if you are going to have any side effects or not but since hair grows so slowly it typically takes a few months to see results. Most guys report seeing results in their 3th or 4th month. The longest time to see results was in the 6th month.

Subj: Accutane?
Date: 6/7/2010
Can I take Procerin with Accutane?


AskDocWeb: With almost 1,000 lawsuits against the manufacturer of Accutane (Roche Holding AG) for damages, it is hard for anyone to recommend that drug. In one news article ( 6 Accutane users won awards totaling $56 million. Roche stopped selling the drug in June 2009, citing the high cost of defending personal injury lawsuits. Although Accutane is still available in generic form, we do not recommend it to anyone.

Subj: Procerin in India?
Date: 6/12/2010
Hi, I’m 28 years old male from India. After reading this reviews about Procerin, I’m interested to use for my hair because I too suffer by baldness. I’m single. Can I get Procerin over here (all medical shops) or need to get from the authorized dealer. I need your reply as soon as possible pls. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: We have not heard of any shops in India that has this product. The safest place to get Procerin online is the manufacturer’s website.

Subj: Maintain or regrow new hair?
Date: 6/19/2010
I just got a year supply of the procerin pills and I was wondering if those just help me maintain my hair or do they help regrow new hairs as well?


AskDocWeb: Different age groups respond differently to Procerin. It may be helpful if you take a look at the Procerin Study Results.

Subj: Cure for hair loss?
Date: 6/20/2010
I’m 26 yr old male and I have started to notice my hair thinning. its really depressing watchin your hair fall out when washing it. I have ordered procerin tablets to block dht. will these tablets cure this problem? Many thanks.


AskDocWeb: There are treatments for hair loss but so far there is no cure. Once a person starts using an effective treatment for hair loss, they have to keep using it in order to keep the benefits. This is true for every hair loss treatment on the market.

Subj: ED?
Date: 6/27/2010
I was just wondering if Procerin could be causing a decrease in sex drive? I’ve been on it for two weeks and I take it as directed. In the morning I also take a mens multi vitamin and a 1000mg saw palmetto vitamin, and in the evening I take a 5000mcg biotin vitamin before bed. After adding Procerin to my daily regimen, I’ve found that erections are soft and I feel a slight tingling feeling in my testicals at times. This never happened until Procerin. Could I be taking to much saw palmetto? Is there a vitamin I’d be able to take to help increase the sex drive and balance out? I like Procerin, I want to continue usage but not if it could be causing ED. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


AskDocWeb: Saw palmetto is used in combination with other herb (PC-SPES) to treat prostate cancer at doses up to 2000mg daily. Pills like VigRX Plus™ have ingredients such as Epimedium Leaf Extract, Icariin, and Cuscuta Seed, all of which help enhance the libido and promote erectile function.

Subj: available in India?
Date: 6/28/2010
Is Procerine available in India.


AskDocWeb: It is probably not available in stores or shops but the manufacturer does ship worldwide.

Subj: Procerin or Provillus
Date: 6/29/2010
Hi, I am Sunil and I am from India. I am 24, And My hairs are getting thin day by day and also my hair line is also receding. Have heard alot about provillus and procerin. Could some one please tell me which one is better to get my hairs back and to make them thick. Please reply soon as I want to take an immediate action. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Currently we think Provillus is the better choice.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 7/4/2010
Hi, I’ve been using procerin for two months and have had no real change only a period of shedding, which I’m told can happen when using hair loss products and can also mean a change in the folicle make up in a positive way. Is this something you think happens?


AskDocWeb: Yes, if you read some of the minoxidil or Propecia comments you will see that an initial period of shedding also happens with other products for hair loss.

Subj: Procerin, Rogaine and Nisim
Date: 7/9/2010
Hello all. I just received my 6 month supply of Procerin yesterday. So today is literally the first day of using it. On a side note I have been using Rogaine foam for about a year. I also have used (from time to time Nisim shampoo). I have had a moderately receding hairline for a few years now and more recently up to a year ago, increased crown thinning. The Rogaine seems to have helped alot on my crown and not much for the hairline (but it doesn’t claim it will). I am very hopeful that using Procerin in conjunction with the Rogaine foam will have some sort of noticeable results before the 90 day money back time frame.

Also, on a side note, when I use the Nisim shampoo my hair length (not thickness or density) seems to grow verrrry rapidly. My wife is a hair dresser and she can always tell when I use the Nisim shampoo. It makes my hair grow freakishly fast. Again that is length not density/thickness. I hope to be writing back in the next few months with good news. But either way will return in a few months to tell my review of it.


Subj: Losing hair at 23
Date: 7/15/2010
Hi, I am using procerin for about one week. Never used any medication before and I am 23 only. My parents and grand parent have great hair and they still have full hair, but how come I am losing hair at the age of 23. I am taking proper diet, excercise and sleep. But still its getting thinner and thinner. Its been more than 1 year since I start loosing hair. Now it is visible. Went to see my doctor, and he didn’t prescribe any medication, rather he said it should stop in couple of months. Any idea what should I do next.


AskDocWeb: Did you tell your doctor that you have been losing hair for over a year now? You may want to consider a medical physical to rule out thyroid and other problems that can cause hair loss.

Subj: Sexual side effects?
Date: 7/20/2010
Does Procerin cause any dangerous sexual side effects as Propecia does? Please give an honest opinion.

AskDocWeb: No, that was one of the things we looked for in the Procerin Study. The only sexual side effect reported was libido. Of those men using Procerin, 3% reported a decrease in their desire for sex and 3% reported an increase in their desire for sex. Because there were an equal number of both and the numbers were so small it seems likely that changes in libido are just the result of expectation or suggestion (placebo effect).

Subj: Good results
Date: 7/20/2010
I’ve been using Procerin tablets for around 4 months and Procerin Foam for 3 months and have noticed some good results. Alot of regrowth on the temples and crown and some improvement on top which was extremely thin but has started returning but again is very thin. I was wondering how long can it regrow hair for, does it eventually come to a stopping point as you continue to take the product or will it continue to grow hair for as long as you use it? Can it virtually grow all your hair back if the hair was very thin to start with but still somewhat there? I’d also like to ask if I am taking both Procerin tablets and foam, could I also take and benefit further from taking Propecia also? If so can the pills both be ingested at the same time? Thank you.

AskDocWeb: No one has reported that Procerin grew back ALL of their hair. How long the hair growth lasts is unknown but 7 out of 10 men are still using it a year after starting so that is encouraging. Please read the feedback about propecia before deciding about that drug.

Subj: Worth the money?
Date: 7/28/2010
I am 22, I have a full head of hair other then a receeding hairline. Is prcerin worth the money to try and regain lost hair?

AskDocWeb: Most men use Procerin to slow or stop their hair loss. Only about 35% of men using Procerin report new hair growth so you decide. Is a one in three chance of success in that area worth taking a chance?

Subj: Hair is starting to get thinner
Date: 8/10/2010
Hi Just wanna know if you guys are still on this…I just read it..imagine August 2010…and realized about all the great benefits.. my hair is just starting to get thinner and I really missed the structure it used to have a few years ago (I am 34 now) I just wanted to give it a try…any update in 2010 about this wonderful product..??? Regards to all of you ..I am located in Costa Rica, central America…

AskDocWeb: Hello Central America! Yes, we are still taking reports as to how effective this product is so if you decide to try it, be sure to share your results.

Subj: Topical solution?
Date: 8/16/2010
I a planning to use procerin, but i am not interested to use the topical solution. With out topical solution will it works? What is the function of topical solution.

AskDocWeb: The topical solution allows you to combine minoxidil with Procerin. Both have been reported to help with hair loss. This just doubles up on the fight against hair loss. Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 67 68 69Page 70 71 72 73Last Page 80

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