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Procerin Feedback

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Subj: Back of my head is balding
Date: 4/22/2011
Question – I just started taking Procerin along with Rogaine 5%, and I haven’t done enough research on it but the back of my head is balding. That said, do you know how well they work together? I’m 31 years old and I’m hoping for the best. Please advise if you can.


AskDocWeb: It seems to be an effective combination for many men. It is likely that the Rogaine stimulates hair growth while the Procerin prevents hair loss.

Subj: When to apply XT serum
Date: 4/28/2011
I wanted to know if theres any problem with using procerin xt directly before bed? is this a good time to apply it?


AskDocWeb: Since the XT serum is intended to be applied only on those areas where you want hair growth, applying it at bedtime is probably NOT a good idea. There is a chance that your pillow may transfer it to your ears, nose, or other areas where you would not want hair growth.

Subj: Update from Marc
Date: 5/4/2011
Hello, I’ve started procerin as of September last year. Now twenty years old, I’ve been fairly consistent with the uptake of the pills. In the second month I had noticed a reduction in hair loss after showering and throughout the day. The fourth month showed very small hairs at my temples. This excited me as they had begun to grow slightly darker. However, within the last month hair loss has begun appear almost as it was before I had started, the numerous hairs in my hand while showering and the towel had made a comeback. It is discomforting, especially knowing that since this has picked up, my over all scalp hair appears to be thinning. I will continue until a full year, but I just wanted to contribute my experience thus far.


Subj: Trouble sleeping – insomnia
Date: 5/6/2011
I have been taking this for 2 weeks now. I have noticed that I have been having trouble sleeping. I usually am able to fall asleep normally but wake up very early in and cannot fall back asleep. Is this something that is common and will it go away soon?


AskDocWeb: Less than 1% of men taking Procerin reported insomnia. Unfortunately there is not enough data to determine whether or not that is something that will go away with continued use.

Subj: If I shave my head
Date: 5/12/2011
Hi, I am 29 years old with family history of MPB, but they all started younger, about a year ago, my hair started thinning on top, and now it is noticeable if I leave my hair long. I’ve been using Procerin for two months now and onto my third month of supply. I can see the little hairs growing, and can definitely see regrowth at the base of my crown in the back. my question is…if I shave my head once a week, does this effect the regrowth by any means? Also, if I used rogaine in conjunction with procerin, would I lose my hair and regrow? just dont want to go through that?


AskDocWeb: Shaving your scalp does nothing to promote or prevent hair growth. However there are a few things to consider depending on the time of year that you shave your head. If you shave your head at the warmest time of year, you’ll probably notice that your freshly shaved scalp is lighter in colour than your face, neck, and ears. This is because the hair was sheltering your scalp, and the skin hasn’t tanned in that area. At this point, your scalp is more vulnerable to getting sunburned than the rest of your skin. You should always protect your skin from the sun but at this stage it’s especially important to wear sunscreen.

If you shave your head in the colder part of the year, you’ll probably notice that you feel the cold air more than you used to. Your hair provided some insulation against the cold. Over time your scalp will gradually become accustomed to the change and will be no more sensitive to the cold than your face. In the meantime wearing a hat when it is cold is a commonly accepted practice.

If you are going to shave your head then you will need to get acquainted with the shape of your head. Most likely you will be shaving mostly by feel. It may take a while to learn to do it right and not leave stripes of unshaved areas on your head, but you’ll get it. Of course you are likely to save a fortune in hair-related expenses too. There are some pretty successful men with that look. Remember these guys?

  • Billy Zane
  • Bruce Willis
  • Ed Harris
  • Michael Chiklis
  • Michael Clarke Duncan
  • Michael Jordan
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Vin Diesel

Side note from a nurse: Bald is sexy, bald spot’s are not.

Subj: Shedding
Date: 5/16/2011
I am 27 years-old and recently noticed a thinning and receding hairline. I started taking Procerin on March 11. I soon began to notice quite a few new hairs sprouting even after just a few weeks. However, from the last week of March until now, I have noticed a LOT of shedding hairs–and the shedding is showing no sign of slowing down. I notice new hair growing, but I feel as though it is one step forward, two steps backwards with my hair loss. Is this shedding normal?? Could the product actually cause hair loss to worsen???


AskDocWeb: It is not uncommon to start shedding more hair after beginning any hair loss treatment. However the hair shedding usually temporary. Hair growth works in cycles and when the hair shaft to falls off, the follicle enters a dormant phase in the cycle (temporarily) while the matrix is restructured for future growth, hopefully with a thicker and stronger hair shaft. In the meantime through you may lose more hair, but after waiting for several months you may have thicker and stronger hair with new hair growth.

There also seems to be a shed cycle in humans although it has not been investigated in much detail. A few studies from the UK demonstrate the seasonal shed cycles in spring and fall. Some people can be high shedders, but also have high rates of hair growth and replacement so they have no net loss of hair. To understand your own seasonal hair shedding it is better to compare the hair shed rate in spring/fall to summer/winter within yourself rather than compare it to other people.
Source: Randall VA, Ebling FJ. Seasonal changes in human hair growth. Br J Dermatol. 1991 Feb;124(2):146-51.

Subj: Muscle mass?
Date: 5/17/2011
Hi I am 21 years old have full head of hair still however notice I have a receding hairline. I workout and weightlift a lot. I am curious that if I take procerin will I loose all my muscle mass and have a harder time building muscle?


AskDocWeb: That seems a strange idea but we checked. Out of the 1,600 plus reports about Procerin over the past 8 years nothing like that has been reported.

Subj: Hormone levels or skin irritation?
Date: 5/25/2011
Hi, I am curious if procerin will change any of my hormone levels at at all besides dht? Also, could you get skin irritation from procerin?


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer of Advecia makes no such claims and there are no reports of that happening. Skin irritation did not show up in the one year study of Procerin.

Subj: Bangladesh?
Date: 6/2/2011
Hi, is procerin available in Bangladesh?


AskDocWeb: Speedwinds ships worldwide, including to Bangladesh. The last time we checked, the only countries that they didn’t ship to were Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, and South Africa.

Subj: Research about saw palmetto
Date: 6/2/2011
Hi, I was doing research about saw palmetto and why hair loss produucts are using it. They say that it works by altering the 5AR enzyme and how it interacts with the androgen. However, my problem with that theory is that isn’t the 5AR enzymes almost identical to many of our other steroid metablolizing enzymes, including those which counteract DHT and create useable forms of estrogen to counteract testosterone. The saw palmetto does not specifically target the 5AR; all enzymes with a similar molecular makeup would be sensitive to the herb. So wouldn’t taking procerin risk other enzymes functions as well?


AskDocWeb: The problem with debating a theory is that, until research produces answers, it is all just speculation. Minoxidil started out as a drug used to treat blood pressure problems and during the clinical trials someone noticed that it caused hair growth in some people. The formulation was changed from a pill to a topical product for hair loss but medical science still doesn’t know exactly how or why it works, just that it does for some people. It is satisfying to know why something works but it is not necessary in order to make use of it. Procerin is one of those things.

Subj: Cancer or birth defects?
Date: 6/2/2011
Hi, I am wondering if procerin could cause cancer or birth defects?


AskDocWeb: No, if there were any evidence of that it would been taken off the market years ago.

Subj: Sexual side effects
Date: 6/2/2011
Hi, procerin says that it doesn’t cause sexual side effects because it does not interact with testosterone. Can you please tell me how it doesn’t react with it?


AskDocWeb: Your question implies that it is possible to prove a negative but that is not true. In the USA the burden of proof is on the one who says that something is true. What is your evidence that it has any sexual side effects? We have not seen any.

Subj: Purchase procerin online?
Date: 6/14/2011
Hi, I’m 28 years old male from India. After reading this reviews about Procerin, I’m interested to use for my hair because I too suffer by baldness. when I try to purchase procerin through online, there is no INDIA in country list on shipping address. what to do? how I get procerin?


AskDocWeb: That sounds like a good question for their order department. You can contact them by email at Read more feedback about Procerin. Procerin Report 71 72 73Page 74 75 76 77Last Page 80

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