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Procerin Feedback

If you’ve used Procerin, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Procerin review.

Seems to be working
Date: 1/30/2012
I think this product works it seem to me to have made my scalp healthy an is this good the top part of my hair is having fine white hair growin in next to my brownish hair an the little fine white hair on my hair line some are turning to brownish color. Is that a sign that its working?


AskDocWeb: Yes, when those fine hairs start turning darker, more toward your normal healthy hair color, that is a good sign.

New hair growth and shedding
Date: 2/9/2012
Been using pills and foam for Pocerin for 6 months and have seen new hair growth in the front hair line and was happy. Decided to include the shampoo a month agao. Within the last two weeks have suddenly seen shedding. Any cooments or thoughts. Anyone else in a similar situation. Thinking of including rogaine.


AskDocWeb: If you decide to use Rogaine you may want to discontinue the Procerin XT foam because like Rogaine, it also contains Minoxidil. Getting a double dose of minoxidil may be irritating for the scalp.

Expiration dates
Date: 2/12/2012
This product been great but i have a question these products have expiration dates on them right?


AskDocWeb: Yes, they do have expiration dates. It’s stamped on the bottom left side of the label just to the right after the lot number.

Update from Jack
Date: 2/12/2012
Hi again. It coming up to my third week on Procerin. The talk at the Belgravia centre went ok and I was told my hair line is between between the first two pictures on the Norwood chart. I bought some ‘Hair Vitalics’ from them, but no treatment as it is quite expensive for me. I have also begun to use the Alepecin c1 shampoo due to reading Jonathan’s comment up top, which I hope does some good.

Assessing my hairline, I feel it is still receding back, and I still notice I am loosing hair. However, by hairline is now lined with small 2mm to 1cm dark hairs, which hopefully are new healthy hairs that will last. My hair is long and has always been quite thick so its hard to assess any other part of my scalp except the hairline.

Provillus is a tempting alternative if after 3 months I don’t see any benefits to Procerin. I was wondering if it’s possible to incorporate the two products? And also, since your tests on Procerin and all the feedback since, do you still believe its an effective product for young people? Thanks again for the feedback and the website, it’s been the most useful and appreciated one out there on the web.


AskDocWeb: Based on the feedback from consumers, 77% of men using Procerin for 3 months were satisfied enough with their results to continue using it.

Our objection to using more than one product for hair loss at the same time is that it is impossible to tell which product caused a particular effect, good or bad. If you are using two products and have a side effect, how do you know which one was responsible? If you had hair growth, how do you determine which product caused it?

Rogaine or Procerin?
Date: 2/13/2012
Hi I see a welcoming reviews for Procerin. I have not used any such hair care products. For my scalp itching i have been using Head & shoulders. Just read yday that Nizoral AD is better and actually slightly help DHT as well. My qs. 1) Whcih one is better. Rogaine or Procerin? 2) Is there any user that reported side effects relating to Sex by taking procerin or Rogaine? 3) Topical vs Supplement ? which one is better as well as safe?


AskDocWeb: Rogaine produces more results but it also has more side effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, if too much minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) is absorbed through the scalp it can result in a decrease in sexual ability or desire. That is one of the tradeoffs with most medications. The stronger the med the more likely you are to have side effects.

Out of the several hundred posts from Procerin users, 3% said their libido decreased and 3% said their libido increased. Since the statistics cancel out, we are inclined to think that was just a placebo effect. Note that the topical Procerin (XT Serum) contains minoxidil, the same active ingredient in Rogaine.

Fahad at 2 months
Date: 2/25/2012
Hi, I am 23 male. I started hairfall about 2 years ago, hoping it would stop eventually, but it didn’t, so I started using Procerin about 2 months ago. While using it I am not quite sure if my hairfall is less or not, it seems sometimes its drastically less to sometimes extreme. 1) I have noticed that I sometimes get greenish urine when I am on procerin. Is it safe? 2) I dont know if it was like that before or naturally to every human, but I noticed a couple of fallen hair that is very fine at the tip but gets thicker and thickest at the root, is it a sign of procerin working? 3) I notice that using procerin shampoo, I get more hairfall and using some other ordinary antidandruff shampoo, it’s quite less. What to do? 4) I feel tingling/itchy feeling at times, when my scalp gets oily (usually if I skip to shampoo one day), even get boils and pimples at time, how can fight this?


AskDocWeb: Green urine is most often caused by foods such as asparagus, artificial food coloring, green beer, and even black licorice. However it may also indicate a urinary tract infection caused by pseudomonas bacteria so it might be worth checking with your doctor about that. Green urine is not a side effect of Procerin. (See Urine colors)

Boils on the scalp come in two categories; infectious and non-infectious. The non-infectious is caused by a build up of oil and grease. This blocks the hair follicles and causes boils on scalp.

Infectious boils typically develops due to damage of hair follicles by friction or injury. Combing or brushing your hair too vigorously can cause this type of damage. The damaged hair follicles are attacked by a number of microorganisms which leads to an infection called folliculitis. When boils on the scalp reoccur, that is a sign that it is time to visit your doctor or a dermatologist for advice.

Update from Jack
Date: 3/4/2012
Coming up to a month and 1 week on Procerin now. I’m feeling very sceptical on this product, as I don’t believe I’ve seen a decrease in hair loss, and on closer inspection I feel my hair overall on top is starting to thin. Had my hair cut shorter a week ago and the hairdresser said MY hair was thick, but that each individual follicle was very thin, I just had lots of them. The front of my hairline, at the top of the ‘widows peak’ still has fresh dark hairs growing in the front row, and they seem to have survived so far. There is a fuzz of blonde and darker hairs growing at the back of the widows peak. I have also noticed real itchiness around the scalp, but especially at the hairline, which I’m afraid to scratch in-case I loose more hair from it. My opinion is still very mixed on this product, but ill keep going for another two months.


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