Procerin Study Results After One Year

1 Year Study of Procerin

This study was concerned solely with the effectiveness of Procerin (pills only) – does it work, and if so, how well. We did our best to insure an honest assessment of this product. Results from 11 participants were removed because we could not verify their source. The remaining 118 men using Procerin have our thanks for helping with this study.

Because of the small number of participants it is not possible to make conclusions about some demographics, for example, effectiveness by race. There were only 2 black males in the study and while both had good results, no conclusions can be drawn from of that small a number.

Summary and Conclusions

About two thirds of the men who started taking Procerin say that it works well enough that they will continue to use it. We believe this is significant enough to give this recommendation: If you have hair loss and want to control it, try this product but don’t expect regrowth.

Although 35% of the men who tried Procerin reported growth of new hair, this number is not high enough for us to recommend it for that purpose.

Of those who discontinued use, the average length of time before quitting was 2.4 months. On the one hand we believe this has something to do with taking advantage of the guarantee. On the other hand, if you try Procerin, you will likely make up your mind about this product within the first three months.

Favorable results

  • 15% of participants reported hair loss had slowed
  • 41% of participants reported hair loss had stopped
  • 35% of participants reported new hair growth or regrowth. The growth of new hair started from 3 weeks to 4 months from start date of Procerin intake.
  • 5% experienced side effects not classified as negative
    • Increased sex drive
    • Acne cleared up
    • Nails grew faster

Unfavorable Results

  • 15% said hair loss remained the same with no increase or decrease
  • 14% said their hair loss increased
  • 9% of those who tried Procerin reported no new growth of hair
  • other negative side effects:
    • shedding (7%)
    • chest pains (5%)
    • scalp itch (2%)
    • frequent bowel movements (3%)
    • sex drive decreased (3%)
    • dandruff (2%)
    • weight gain (2%)
    • liver enzymes slightly elevated (less than 1%)
    • insomnia (less than 1%)
    • headache (less than 1%)
    • erection problem (less than 1%)

17-24 Years Old

  • 23% reported hair loss slowed
  • 38% reported hair loss stopped
  • 15% reported no change in hair loss
  • 8% reported hair loss increased
  • 23% reported growth of new hair

Note: You will notice that the above adds up to more than 100%. This is because some of those who had growth of new hair were also counted among those who’s hair loss had slowed or stopped.

  • 78% of this age group reported no side effects
  • 14% did not say if they had side effects
  • 8% reported side effects (acne cleared up and increased libido)
  • 77% of this age group is still using Procerin

This age group is usually 18 to 24 but we had 2 young men take part in the study, both 17, so we included them here.

25-30 Years Old

  • 19% reported hair loss slowed
  • 50% reported hair loss stopped
  • 6% reported no change in hair loss
  • 6% reported hair loss increased
  • 25% reported growth of new hair
  • 81% of this age group had no side effects at all
  • 19% had side effects (chest pains, scalp itch, decreased libido)
  • 69% of this age group is still using Procerin

31-42 Years Old

  • 29% reported hair loss slowed
  • 43% reported hair loss stopped
  • 14% reported no change in hair loss
  • 14% reported hair loss increased
  • 57% reported growth of new hair
  • 86% of this age group had no side effects at all
  • 14% had side effects (scalp itch)
  • 71% of this age group is still using Procerin

45-62 Years Old

Although we widened this age group, there were only 5 participants in this range. This is not enough to be statistically significant so we don’t give it as much value.

  • 2 of the 5 reported hair loss slowed
  • 2 of the 5 reported hair loss stopped
  • 1 did not report
  • none of the 5 reported an increase in hair loss
  • 2 of the 5 reported growth of new hair
  • 2 of the 5 had no side effects
  • 3 of the 5 had side effects (pain in thigh, chest pain, nails grew faster)
  • 3 of the 5 are still using Procerin

One participant in this age group reported that his liver enzymes were slightly elevated after taking Procerin. While no conclusions can be drawn from a single incident, we suspect this may be related to the reported chest pains. Any input on this side effect would be greatly appreciated.

The oldest person to successfully use Procerin was 62 years old. He reported his hair loss had stopped (which is what he wanted) but did not experience growth of new hair.

Stopped Using Procerin Because

Of the 118 participants, 44 men stopped taking Procerin for the following reasons:

  • 29 stopped because they didn’t get the results they wanted.
  • 11 stopped taking Procerin because of side effects. These included
    • a burning sensation on top of the head (1)
    • chest pains (5)
    • insomnia (1)
    • shedding (6)
  • 1 stopped because he didn’t want to be, in his words, “a slave to pills.”
  • 1 stopped because of something he read on another website even though he said his hair loss had stopped.

Other Side Effects

18% of participants experienced shedding. This is contrary to what the manufacturer says but there it is. This shedding started anywhere from the second month to the fourth month and, for those who continued taking Procerin, lasted from 4 to 8 weeks.

  • 13% of users quit because of increased shedding
  • 4% of users reported itching/itchy scalp
  • 3% reported having to go to the bathroom more often
  • 2 men had changes in their ability to concentrate
    • 1 said his concentration skyrocketed
    • 1 said he had trouble concentrating
  • Changes in libido
    • 3% said their libido increased
    • 3% said their libido decreased


Here’s the bottom line: If you want to regrow your hair, there is only a 1 in 3 chance that Procerin will work for you and we don’t recommend it for that. If you want to slow or stop your hair loss, your chances of success are better than 2 out of 3. In our opinion, to control hair loss, Procerin is worth trying.

General feedback about Procerin

Although this study is closed you can still add your feedback. We welcome your thoughts.