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Procerin Study Feedback

Procerin Study results at 1 year

Subj: One month – Sal
Date: 2/5/2004
I have been using procerin for about a month, and I see little thin hairs starting to buildup in the front. A couple of people have even said they notice a difference! – But they happened to be my Girlfriend and my Mom, so they might of been just trying to make me feel good 🙁


Subj: New user
Date: 2/6/2004
I started losing my hair about 3 months ago it happened out of now where. This past summer I had a full head of hair. I ordered this last week January. It will be here soon. Hopefully it works or my modeling career for Abercrombie will be down the drain with my hair.


Subj: 3 months – Matthew
Date: 2/6/2004
Hi. I’m a 25 year old male and have been using Procerin for 3 months. I noticed regrowth at my temples within a few weeks. This growth has continued and I feel pretty good with the overall results so far. Let’s just say that I’ll definitely order more Procerin when my supply runs out.

Also I may not know what I’m talking about but I think that doing yoga and cutting back on smoking have helped me.

Oh yeah, and I noticed a lot of questions about how Procerin affects your sex drive. I have had no problems in that area. My girlfriend seems to be happy. Take care.


Subj: Three months – Brian
Date: 2/6/2004
Just a little update here guys. I posted my results after about a month of taking procerin and now I’ve just about finished my first 3 month supply. I have to say that the thin black hairs that initially began growing, are now getting thicker and as they get thicker new thinner ones begin to sprout. So far I’m very happy with what I’m seeing and I will continue to update. I’ve also started using Nizoral shampoo about 2 weeks ago and 500mcg of biotin daily.


Subj: 1 month – TD
Date: 2/8/2004
I’ve just finished one bottle of Procerin. Nothing noticeable yet, but I will keep everyone informed.

Would a supplement with anti-androgenic qualities such as Procerin have a negative effect on building muscle? I work out regularly and was curious if Procerin would hamper my progress.


AskDocWeb: Thanks for the update, TD. We didn’t come across any reference to the effects on building muscle.

Subj: Reduced dosage of procerin?
Date: 2/9/2004
I was wondering with procerin it says to take 1 pill in the morning and 2 at night. My hair loss is just starting and not very bad. I wanted to know, since procerin is an herbal med and not a prescription med would taking a smaller dose still work? Maybe 1 pill at morning and 1 at night. Or even only one a day. Would a smaller dosage still offer benefit? I just don’t feel I need to go all out if I don’t have too. I just want to halt the thinning. I just received my first 3 month supply today and think I will start tomorrow.


AskDocWeb: You could try taking one a day for a few weeks to see if that stops your hair loss. If it doesn’t, raise the count to two a day and find out if that works. You may be able to get by with less than the full dose. If you try this, Dakota, let us know how it works out.

Subj: 3 months – Jon
Date: 2/9/2004
I’m 27 and I’ve been losing hair for about 5 years. It’s really picked up of late, so I started using Procerin, the first and only thing I’ve ever used to address my hair loss.

Since I started the procerin about three months ago, my hair has been flying off my head (hairline, temples, crown, everywhere). It’s hard to say whether this increase in hair loss was caused by the procerin or whether it was going to happen anyway and the procerin merely did nothing to stop it.

Side effects have been minimal, except for an occasional dull ache in my groin.

I will probably finish another three bottles just in case this is some kind of shedding thing (a la propecia) that can be partially remedied by continued use. I will write back at that time.

My hopes are not high, considering some of the propaganda websites out there for procerin. Here is one of the creepiest examples: (link and description deleted)

I won’t take anything like propecia because my sex drive already isn’t what it was when I was 17, and I don’t need to make it even worse. I hope this info helps someone.


AskDocWeb: We are limiting comments to Procerin and its effects. Most people know there are many scam websites on the Internet. We will not discuss them or provide links to them. That is not what we do here.

Subj: This is Luke again.
Date: 2/10/2004
I forgot to mention I was 21 and I just got my procerin today. I also wondered if identical twins are affected with the same hairloss, I have an identical twin and have not talked to him for awhile and would love to compare results of use with out procerin and with it.


AskDocWeb: That’s a great idea, Luke. You are the only twin we have in the sutdy. Keep us updated.

Subj: 50 year old
Date: 2/10/2004
I have been using Procerin for appx. 3 weeks now and have noticed no improvements. I am 50 years of age but have only recently, in the last year, noticed the loss of hair. This loss has been only in a particular area and not the hairline as with other more common cases. I am hoping that with the use of this herbal remedy I will see a gain in follicle production or at least a waning in loss. I will keep you informed if you will send an email to me that I can save as a reminder. I am going to try this without Rogaine and follow the regimen for the full three months supply I purchased and we shall see what happens.


Subj: 2 months – Christian
Date: 2/10/2004
I am a 30yr old male who is completely satisfied so far with a 6 month supply of procerin that I recently purchased!!!! I have only been using it for 2 months and the results are amazing!!! It works even better than I hoped for…Give it a try guys!!!!!!!!!!


Subj: 2 months – Jeffrey
Date: 2/11/2004
I am 36 years old and I have just finished my second bottle of procerin. I have noticed that my hair loss has halted. As for regrowth, nothing yet, but…I think procerin needs more time to work. I have very short hair, so waiting for a half inch shouldn’t take long, one would think.


Subj: 3 months – Ed
Date: 2/11/2004
Just completed a 3 month supply and did not notice a difference. I’m 43 and slowly losing hair, no spots yet however. I do the pillow test to gauge hair loss, simply use a tape roller to wipe the slate clean each night then evaluate in the AM. Deciding if another 3 months is worth the investment. Side effects – would wake up often in the middle of the night, like a caffeine high.


Subj: new volunteer
Date: 2/12/2004
I just ordered the three months supply, I will keep you updated. Thanks


Subj: 1 month – Bt
Date: 2/13/2004
I have been using Procerin for about 1 month and 1 week. I must say first off, that I have not seen any results yet. I had longer hair when I started taking it, but have since shaved my head. It could be a little harder to see progress since I am not used to the shaved head. Anyway, I am hopeful that this stuff will work out. I am in my early 20’s with a receding hairline. I also have fine hair, which is not a good hair type to begin with, especially when thinning. I will keep you posted on my progress. I think in the next month and a half I will know whether still stuff is for real…


Subj: real deal
Date: 2/16/2004
I started loosing my hair about 4 months ago so I got this product right away, I had thinning hair up top and a bit of a receding hairline, I started taking it about a week ago and already my hair is not shedding any it is a lot thicker, I think I got my problem early enough. This is the real deal.


Subj: 3 months – Kenny
Date: 2/16/2004
I have been using Procerin now for 3 months and I can see an improvement already in the regrowth of hair around my temples. My wife has been taking photographs of my head every week to moniter my progress and I’d be happy to send them to anybody who’s interested. I’m a big fan of this product!


Subj: volunteer
Date: 2/16/2004
I would like to volunteer for the Procerin study if you are still taking volunteers… I was on Propecia for several years, but want to try something new.


AskDocWeb: This study will run through June so there is still plenty of time. Be sure to take lots of before and after pictures!

Subj: new volunteer
Date: 2/16/2004
This page is great and helpful to man. Thank you for your work into this site. Reading your site convinced me to try procerin. I also am using Nioxin to wash my hair. Both these together I hope will produce some good results. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


Subj: 3 months – Ed
Date: 2/17/2004
I have been losing hair since 1989. By age 38 I had just about loss 30% of my hair on the crown of my head and for head. Since trying this product I am growing hair back on top of my head, and slowly seeing hair regrowing on my crown. This has giving me hope. It’s been 90 days and I am happy with the results so far , which has giving me a reason to re-order another 90 day supply. I notice fuss growing after 60 days and seen the lite fuzz turn to a dark color. It’s my hair that I am now seeing. I hope this helps someone take the next step. I will e-mail you in the next 90 day on my newest results.


Subj: Almost 1 month – Jeffrey
Date: 2/21/2004
I ordered a 6-month supply of Procerin and am almost finished w/ the first bottle. My hairline is fine, it’s my crown that I ordered it for. However, since taking Procerin, my crown has gotten THINNER! Is this normal? I’m a 29-year-old black male. Were any people of color used for the study, or is it the typical white male sample size like Rogaine uses? Thanks…


AskDocWeb: We have had several reports of men going through a month or so of shedding when starting Procerin. At this point we aren’t sure if this is caused by the Procerin or if it just takes that long to start having an effect for some.

Subj: 1 or 2 pills instead of 3?
Date: 2/23/2004
Ok, so I was wondering. Have there been any reports on people who are only taking 2 pills a day instead of 3? By lessening the dose, is it still effective? I still have a good head of hair and wonder if only 1-2 pills may work. I’m on procerin now for 2 weeks and the pills in the bottle are often broken in half. So sometimes, I’ll take 1 and 1/2 at night. Any information, comments?


AskDocWeb: Obviously by reducing the dose you reduce the effect but you still have an effect, just not as much. You say you still have a good head of hair now, so it’s possible you don’t need the full effect. If the amount you are taking is working to stop your hair loss then that would seem to be good enough. Just keep track of hair loss by using the “tape on the pillow” or the “drain count” technique.

Subj: New user
Date: 2/23/2004
I would like to participate with progress that I do or do not have. I have done research on my own for several years on hair loss as I have been thinning for about 5 years the worst thinning within the last year and a half.

Everything I find and read basically shows products like procerin to be effective mostly in blocking dht. There are different products, such as those containing copper peptides, that seem to actually stimulate the follicles back into a growth phase so that more hair actually grows at the same time.

Hope some of this helps. I for one plan to use procerin as part or a regiment (shampoo, topical, oral). This method may be much more effective in seeing overall goals achieved will be interested to see my own results.


Subj: Taking procerin at night
Date: 2/24/2004
My hair is still doing all right, but not growing as much. I was wondering if I take it at night time but do not actually go to sleep right away, will that effect that results?


AskDocWeb: The idea is to separate the doses morning and evening to reduce the possibility of upset stomach or headache. We doubt if staying up after the second dose will have an effect on your results.

Subj: 7 months – Kevin
Date: 2/24/2004
I just turned 30 Feb 6 and have a receding hairline. It is not horrendous but I don’t want anymore hair to fall out. I have been taking Procerin for almost 7 months now and have been very pleased. I keep my hair short (I am in the military) but also want to keep my hair. Best way to tell if this product works is to shave your head before taking the product and see how well your hair comes in. That’s what I did. It works. Trust me. This is NOT A SCAM!!!!


Subj: 1 month – Lewis
Date: 2/25/2004
I’m 59 and my hair started slowly thinning about 4 years ago. I decided to try Porcerin and have been taking it one month today. I ordered a six-month supply. For older men who are curious about this product I will let you know if it did anything for me in a few months. Thanks for this web site.


Subj: a week and half – Derek
Date: 2/26/2004
Been about a week and half since I started using Procerin. I sometimes think its already working and other times I think it can’t already be working in just this little time and it must be psychological…

In any case I definitely have seen a slow down in hair loss, less hair on the hair brush, less hair on the hands in the shower and in the sink…

As for side effects, never got nausea or any thing like that, but I also noticed like another writer here, some chest pain at the beginning, but I’m not quiet sure if its from working out hard that week or from procerin…. do you know what in the contents may cause chest pain. Thanks.


Subj: Just ordered – Eric
Date: 2/26/2004
I just ordered a 3 month supple of Procerin. AS a 22 year old male who still likes to go out and drink sometimes, will this induce any side effects with the pill? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: None that we have heard about so far. Another reason for doing this study is to find out things like this.

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