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Procerin Study Feedback

Procerin Study results at 1 year

Subj: Make me a lab rat
Date: 4/8/2004
My name is Ric. I’m 29 years old and I’ve had thin hair since I was in grade school. It’s always been a concern of mine considering my mother’s father is bald. I’m starting now to get a receeding hair line and I want to stop it! So please, if there’s anything you can do, make me a lab rat or something for this product. It seems to be pretty safe out of all of the reading I’ve been doing for it. Thank you so much for any help that you can provide.


AskDocWeb: If you want to join our Procerin Study, send us your name and address, take pictures (front, side, back and top) and order the product. Volunteers are not paid so we have no influence on what they write, one way or another.

Subj: Wil
Date: 4/13/2004
Just ordered some. Also taking propecia but might need to stop soon because of sexual side effects.


Subj: Trying your study
Date: 4/13/2004
I am a 32 year old male and have been gradually losing hair since about 20 years old. I have some thinning in the front and have noticed some thinning on the crown. I am interested in trying your study and will be happy to track my results. Thanx alot!


Subj: This study
Date: 4/16/2004
I read the study will be finished in June. Isn’t it too early to make sound conclusions? Guys that have been on procerin for the longest periods don’t go beyond 6 months. I hope you won’t include 2 or 3 week guys in the study. I think this is not enough time for the supplement to work ( if it does at all ) and one can be physiologically influenced. I’ve been taking procerin for 2 months now and have noticed no significant changes yet, for better or worse. I’m 32 and still have a lot of hair so I think it will be harder for me to tell the difference, I would be satisfied if I could keep the amount of hair that I have now or at least slowdown the hairloss process. I’ll keep you posted. Regards,


P.S. Sorry if my English is not the best, it’s not my native language.

AskDocWeb: Six months is long enough to make some preliminary conclusions and see trends. We will publish those. Since several people have said they would like the study to continue, we will probably do that.

Subj: 3 months – Joey
Date: 4/19/2004
What is this about side effects being loss of concentration and short term memory. I have gone through this site and have seen no testimonies to this. I have been on procerin for about 3 months and have not experienced this yet but I must say this would be a concern if it is true.

Oh and an update: I think the procerin is working. I have at least kept the hair that I have.


AskDocWeb: One person asked if there was any problem with short-term memory. They did not say they experienced it. Two men reported a loss of concentration and one reported an increase in their ability concentrate. It’s probably not a problem.

Date: 4/19/2004
I am just about to order my 2nd 3 month supply. At first, I did not see anything and had stomach upset. Then before completely giving up, I tried one more time. First, I had remembered a chiropractor had told me that pill forms of supplements usually are mostly wasted. Ever taken a bc powder for a headache and it works almost immediately? well, I crush my procerin supplements in a portable coffee grinder(given to me as a “christmas gift”) and I take them with my food. No more stomach upset, and I am growing hair!! I wish I had taken pictures, but it’s hard in the light to see. I am due another haircut 3 weeks after I just had it cut. Will report back again. VERY HAPPY! I paid for propecia for 2 1/2 years and only maintained what I had. Thanks! (I am telling everyone!)


Subj: 1+ month – Justin
Date: 4/20/2004
I am a 20 year old male with the M shaped hairline. I have been taking procerin for 1 and half months now. I must say that my hair has stopped falling out completely. As for regrowth, it has been slow. I have seen some, but not a ton. May need more time, but the fact that it stopped it from falling out is good enough for me.


Subj: Benchmark
Date: 4/21/2004
Hi, the only reason I am concerned about excess application/ intake of Saw palmetto because of what I have heard from this and other websites. I will take this opportunity to ask another question. Are there ANY cases in which a hairline has been fully restored using ANY product? Do these people report their success? or do they no longer feel obligated once they are “cured?” The reason I ask is that one needs a benchmark so that one feels as though they are working towards something. Especially if they have the same type of hairloss in the same region.


AskDocWeb: It seems that for most, the benchmark is, “keeping the hair you have left.” We found no cases in which a hairline was fully restored using any product. The closest to that is hair transplant surgery, and most of the men who tried that were unhappy with the resulting appearance. As to the number of people who have success (with any product) but don’t return to report it, we have no way of measuring that.

Subj: Disheartening
Date: 4/21/2004
I’m a 21 year old male, always have a had a good head of hair till my 20th birthday when it was like someone flipped a switch and it started thinning at the crown and slowly receeding. My dad’s balding but it didn’t start till he was in his 30’s. It’s disheartening how many products are out there and how many of them all say the other ones don’t work. Seems like a jungle of money crazy poeple. I’ve just ordered some procerin we’ll see if it at least halts some of the loss. Thanks for putting up a study on it. This is 2004 shouldn’t science know how to fix something like this? 🙂


Subj: Stopped and started again
Date: 4/21/2004
Hello, finished my first bottle and as stated earlier in a previous post I saw good results a few weeks into bottle no.1 however, I was getting some chest pains so I stopped using the product, and the chest pains went away. I was taking 1 in the morning and 2 at night. Lately I noticed increase in hair loss so I started to take the pills again but only 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM and have had no chest pains or any other side effects so far… anyone know why the chest pain… is it dangerous???? Any input would be very appreciated.


Please Note: If you are using Procerin with another product, you can keep us updated on the Procerin Feedback pages. The ProcerinStudy pages will be used for those who use Procerin by itself.

Subj: Oily scalp
Date: 4/22/2004
I have frequent bowel movements since taking this product. Also I work out alot and the more I sweat the more my scalp gets oily and hairs get blocked up by the sebum, I think. Has anyone have any feedback on this. I’m also out of country alot and sometimes I forget to take the procerin. But from the feedbacks I have read on this site I am very optimistic. Do you have any advice on sebum buildup. Thanks


AskDocWeb: We are checking out the theory that sebum buildup causes hair loss. In the mean time, if your scalp produces more oil, wash it more frequently.

Subj: hair transplantation
Date: 4/24/2004
I have just ordered my 3 month supply of procerin. I am 37 years old who had 2 micrograph hair transplantation in the last 7 years for 2 sessions. I am still losing hair like everyone else, so I am looking forward to see the result what this vitamin will provide. I’ll keep everyone posted for my result for the next few months.


AskDocWeb: Hi Lydon. Can you tell us more about your hair transplants? Do you think they were worth the time and money? Would you recommend them or not?

Subj: 55 year old male
Date: 4/25/2004
I am a 55 year old male who is about 2/3 bald. I was told by the Procerin staff that I am not too old to get good results from the product. I have been taking Procerin for 5 days and have been feeling nausious, which I was told will stop in a week or 2. Do you agree? Also my Labido has increased, I read that Indians used saw palmetto for this reason, any truth?


AskDocWeb: We are doing the Procerin study to find out about things like the nausea. Of those that had nausea, several have reported the nausea reduced or disappeared when taking it with food. Others have reduced their dosage from 3 pills a day down to 2 pills a day to get rid of side effects. Let us know your results.

As for the Indians using saw palmetto, the North American Indians did use the saw palmetto berries to increase libido.

Subj: 2 months – Diobaggio
Date: 4/26/2004
Hi guys…I have been using Procerin for 2 months. Altho they MAY have been there before without me noticing, I have loads of translucent hairs growing on my scalp…these weak, see through little hairs that fall out more easily than the coloured hairs. Do you know if this is a good sign? As I said, perhaps they were always there, but I doubt it. Thanks


AskDocWeb: We would take that as a good sign, at least it is encouraging.

Subj: Reduced dose
Date: 4/29/2004
I am taking procerin for the past 2 weeks. Now I reduced the dose to 2 per day instead of 3 as result of abdominal discomfort. I am OK with reduced dose. But, does this have any effect on the result. Thanks


AskDocWeb: That is another question we hope this study will answer. Be sure to check in once a month and let us know how you are doing.

Subj: Just ordered
Date: 4/30/2004
I have just ordered a 6 month supply, for international delivery to Eastern Europe. I am 42 y.o. with thinning crown and front receding hairline. I first noticed thinning crown about 3 years ago and have taken Rogaine, Neryl (German), and am now using Amoxyl which is supposed to slow hair loss (studies give only an 8% improvement). I am not so worried about going bald, but it simply doesn’t suit me, I look better with hair! I will be back to let people know how the shipping went and results from the treatment.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Nils. Going bald doesn’t suit a lot of us.

Subj: This stuff works
Date: 4/30/2004
I am 26 and experiencing hair loss mainly around my temples. I am in my sixth week of taking Procerin. I began to see some positive results around three to four weeks. It started as some regrowth of small, white hairs, but in the last week, I have noticed normal dark hairs begining to come in. I think for me, this stuff works.


Subj: 4 days – David
Date: 4/30/2004
I’ve been using procerin for only 4 days and I seem to think it’s working. Too early to tell really but good so far!


AskDocWeb: Welcome David. You still have time to take some before pictures to share with us but, don’t expect to see results in just days, more likely it will take months.

Subj: 11 months – Kevin
Date: 5/2/2004
Hello. This is my 3rd time writing and I just wanted to give a update. I have been on Procerin almost a year now and am very pleased with the product. I do not hesitate to order more when I am out. I am not bald, just have a receding hairline. Not to concerned about that…just want to keep the hair I have now. I am 30 years of age and in the military…so I keep the hair short anyway. The reason I am writing this now is just to let all you new users know, give it time, you will see a difference. Do what I did, shave your head bald and watch it grow back…you’ll be amazed. I hope this product stays around for a long time. Just think…it will get better as researchers advance this great product.


Subj: Any Advice?
Date: 5/3/2004
I am 25 and my hairline has started receding about 2 years ago. At the same time I notices hair on my pillow and alot more in my hand every time I washed my hair. All my uncles have some degree of hairloss so I think I am very prone to it. I started doing some research on hair loss treatments. So far HairGenesis and procerin are the two I have on my list. HairGenesis is a lot more expensive however but it has alot of research to back it up. Do you have any advise on the route I should take (procerin Vs HairGenesis). Thanks


AskDocWeb: We make no recommendation about Procerin until July when we publish our preliminary findings. When we looked at HairGenesis (2/2/2004), we found their guarantee misleading. They say they have a 12 month 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. According to their website, if you look at the fine print, that 12-month time period applies only if you purchase a 12-month supply. The 100% money back part, applies only if you request a refund in the first 10 days. After that there is a 2.5% restocking fee. Their refund (if you qualify) does not cover shipping costs (either way). Because of this and several other conditions you have to meet to qualify for a refund, we get the impression they do not believe in their own product. If they did, they would offer a better guarantee.

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