Procerin Study Results at 6 Months

Procerin Study Results at 6 Months

Our six-month assessment of Procerin produced mixed results. We had 94 people giving feedback about this product.
Overall, taking Procerin was a positive experience for 60% of participants.

Favorable results

80% of participants said they had no side effects at all.

21% of participants reported hair loss had slowed.

13% of participants reported hair loss had stopped.

37% of participants reported new hair growth or regrowth. The growth of new hair started from 3 weeks to 4 months from start date of Procerin intake.

Unfavorable Results

27% said hair loss remained the same with no increase or decrease.

32% of those who tried Procerin reported no new growth of hair.

8 Participants were lost

Of the 94 participants, 8 men stopped taking Procerin for the following reasons:

  • 1 stopped because he didn’t want to be, in his words, “a slave to pills.”
  • 1 stopped because of something he read on another website even though he said his hair loss had stopped!
  • 6 stopped taking Procerin because of side effects. These included a burning sensation on top of the head (1), chest pains (2), insomnia (1), and shedding (1).

Other Side Effects

18% of participants experienced shedding. This is contrary to what the manufacturer says but there it is. This shedding started anywhere from the second to the fourth month and, for those who continued taking Procerin, lasted from 4 to 8 weeks.

One participant reported that his liver enzymes were slightly elevated after taking Procerin. We suspect this may be related to the reported chest pains. Any input on this side effect would be greatly appreciated.

3% reported having to go to the bathroom more often.

Change in ability to concentrate:

  • 1 man said his concentration skyrocketed.
  • 1 man said he had trouble concentrating.

Change in libido:

  • 4% said their libido increased.
  • 2% said their libido decreased.


  • 38% of participants said Procerin works and they will continue taking it.
  • Procerin did not work for 33% of participants.
  • The other 29% of participants were undecided because they haven’t taken it long enough to make up their minds.
  • Overall, taking Procerin was a positive experience for 60% of participants.
  • If you are losing hair, we believe Procerin is worth trying.

We will continue this study through the end of the year and welcome your thoughts. Please note that all addresses are held confidential.