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Procerin Study Feedback

Procerin Study results at 1 year

Subj: 1 month – Greg
Date: 9/13/2004
I am 45 years old and Asian. I have been taking Procerin since first week of August. After first month, my hair grew longer and thicker. I used to see a lot of strands in the pillow, bath and in the comb prior and now it has lessened a lot. I just see a couple, and sometimes none. As far as hair in the bald areas, I have not noticed it. I will continue using until I use up the six-months supply I purchased. I will cross my fingers hoping this medicine remedies my bald predicament. Will let you know what’s going on later.


Subj: 9 months – Brian
Date: 9/15/2004
Just wanted to give an update on my experiences. I’ve just ordered my 4th 3 month supply and I truely believe in procerin. I went through abit of a shedding period for about a month or so but I’m not sure if it was from the procerin or the stress of the new job and new home. Anyway, that was the only time I noticed any shedding since starting procerin. I rarely notice any falling hairs when shampooing or gelling my hair. my crown seems thicker and fuller however I still have tons of thin blonde hairs in my hairling (I have black hair). looked more like peach fuzz in the beggining, but now more like thin blonde hairs. I’m wondering if they will continue to thicken over time and eventually turn to my actual haircolor. I guess time will tell. Hope this is working for everyone else as well as it is for me. Talk to you guys soon,


Subj: Anything to help hair loss?
Date: 10/13/2004
I’m 21, and I’ve been losing hair slightly since I was 19. I’m in the military and always have to keep a clean cut appearance so I’m tryin to find anything to help me. My adress isย…(confidential)


AskDocWeb: If you try Propecia, you are welcome to keep track of your progress here. Propecia is FDA approved for hair loss but does have a few side effects. Another option is topical Minoxidil. It is rather messy but is relatively inexpensive.

Subj: 3 months – Robert
Date: 10/16/2004
I am beginning my 3rd month on procerin and no one is aware of my use other than partner. Friends and Co workers are beginning to talk about my hair more as I have seen it begin to thicken and more growth. I am excited to see what 3rd month of use will bring. Keep you up to date.


Subj: 1 month – Mike
Date: 11/14/2004
After reading every testimonial on this site I decided that I would purchase a 3 month supply for myself. I am just about to finish my first bottle and I am not real sure if I see any results yet. One thing I can say is that so far it has not caused any sexual side effects. If anything, it has increased ๐Ÿ™‚ .


Subj: 3 months – Justin
Date: 12/17/2004
I am 23 and have had a receding hair line since I was around 19. I have been taking procerin for 3 months now and have noticed that my hair loss has slowed. I have yet to see any new hair growth, hopefully that will occur soon so I can regain some confidence.


Subj: What is best for hair loss at 30?
Date: 12/27/2004
I,m 30, thinning in the back (crown). Thinking of propecia or procerin or avacor. Which would work the best for me?


AskDocWeb: Of the three, Propecia (a prescription drug) has the highest success rate but it comes with possible sexual side effects. Procerin (herbal compound) is the best alternative we have found to date. And Avacor, in our opinion, is a waste of money.

Subj: Is Propecia worse?
Date: 1/8/2005
Just read “Concerned about being too young” 8/14/04. He mentions procerin affects testosterone levels as does propecia. Is propecia even worse though (higher dose as libido is one of the definite side affects)?


AskDocWeb: Propecia is a prescription drug and has a lot more side effects than the herbal compound Procerin. It seems that more than a few men have problems with Propecia.

Subj: Procerin results
Date: 1/11/2005
DocWeb, I would like to try Procerin for my male pattern baldness and I am wondering how your study is going and if there is any side effects to this? Thanks so much for your website as you save me money on ordering Avacor. After reading up on Procerin I would really like to try this. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks so much for looking out for us consumers.


AskDocWeb: We found that about 70% of men who started it are still using it. They are satisfied with the results they are receiving. In some men, it seems to stimulate something in the liver, don’t know what yet. The good news is, there are no sexual side effects with this product as in others.

Subj: Question about multiple vitamin
Date: 1/13/2005
I’m a 19 year old male with a history of balding in the family. I noticed my “bald spot” beginning to be noticeable about 2 years ago. In the past 9 months, my hair has thinned considerably. My hairline is receding, bald spot increasing, and hair seems to be falling out like crazy. I started taking Procerin about 2 weeks ago. I’m hopeful that I will have favorable results as many have… I’ll keep you updated. Question: Does taking a multiple vitamin supplement or Biotin help in combating hair loss?


AskDocWeb: Yes, there is some evidence that Biotin will help with some kinds of hair loss. If you take all the vitamins and minerals that the scalp needs to grow hair and put them into a multi-vitamin product, you get something like Advecia. We are currently taking a close look at that product.

Subj: Procerin and hair color
Date: 1/20/2005
44 year old male, receding hairline plus greying. I bought 6 mo supply to just “try” procerin. I was skeptical. Well, I can’t say my hair line grew back. But what I can say is that my hair color has partially returned. Noticed not only by me, but my wife and mother. I just have to give a final note. I stopped using it for a couple of days and my hair rather quickly started to grey again. Started using it again and some color came back. That is not to say all the color but enough to notice. Thanks,


Subj: Taking precautions
Date: 2/2/2005
I’m a 25 year old handsome guy. I just noticed hairloss about 3 months ago. I started taking procerin 2 days ago. I’ll try it. I emailed procerin, and they recommend taking procerin AND propecia together. I’m scared of the side effects, but here is something you all may want to hear, I’ll go to a sperm bank, have some stored, regardless of the cost, and then I’ll use both. I’ll keep you updated.


Subj: 1 month – RJ
Date: 2/4/2005
I have been taking Procerin for about a month now. Have not noticed any results but do see little hairs growing in previously no hair area. They are minimal after one month, do look like the color of my hair just tiny. I also use minoxidil twice a day and will continue to do so. I have found that hair has continued to fall out but it seems that maybe this is the shedding phase. I would love to hear some more resent feedback as to the use of Procerin. Also, if it is not showing huge results after 6 months, is it advisable to just give up?


AskDocWeb: Read that second sentence again. You say you have no results but you do see new growth. For some people, those little hairs growing in your “no hair area” would be called results. What would you call results?

Subj: 22 year old
Date: 2/6/2005
I’m now 22 years old. I have started to loose my hair several years ago, but recently it became so severe that even I can’t sleep or even study because of thinking about that, and I’m always nerves caze I’m loosing about 130 hairs every day and the majority are from my forehead, and my problem is in that part of my head. I understand that it’s by genes I will lose my hair caze my father does, but his hair was ok till he got 38 years old.

Now I’m using minoxidil 5% since 6 months ago, and I put 2 ml on my scalp each day, but it doesn’t effect efficiently and I loose hair more and more, day by day. Even my scalp where I put minoxidil on it has started to itch, and beside that dandruff has appeared. My hair type is oily (greasy). I’m vegetarian and maybe that has a little effect on my hair loosing caze my body miss some protein. I don’t trust the hair losing shampoos caze none of them I tried is suitable for greasy hairs. I need something which is effective 100%. Please advice me what to do, and will procerin work in my situation, and can I take it with minoxidil together?


AskDocWeb: Sorry, Alek, there is nothing on the market that is 100% effective. The strongest medication available for hair loss is Propecia. It stops hair loss in the 83% of patients, and results in hair regrowth in over 65% of men who use it according to directions. I strongly suggest you read about the side effects and read the feedback from users before trying that drug.

Worrying about your hair loss is not helping your situation. It only makes it worse because you are causing stress, which causes hair loss. If you stop worrying about it you won’t lose as much hair.

Also, you need to know that when your skin starts to itch you may be having an allergic reaction to what you are using.

This is the last page of the Procerin Study but the feedback continues here.

Read the final results of our Procerin Study. Released 1/15/2005

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