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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Dividing pills
Date: 1/2/2005
How can I divide Proscar pills? and how can I tell if they are working (I take proscar since 3 weeks)


AskDocWeb: You can use a simple little device called a pill splitter, available from medical supply stores or drug stores.

Subj: Is Procerin genuine?
Date: 1/6/2005
Is Procerin a genuine product as far as you have heard? Also is it Safe to take with Avacor together?


AskDocWeb: Yes, Procerin is a genuine product. Although we have a low opinion of Avacor, you should have no problem using these products together.

Subj: Reduced amount of ejaculate
Date: 1/6/2005
I have been taking propecia for over a year. I have not had any of the mentioned side affects so far accept one I believe. I have noticed a reduction in my amount of ejaculate. My libido is fine. Is this side affect a problem?

I fly to Brazil frequently and this is where I purchase my Propecia. I find it much cheaper but I wonder if it’s a watered down version. I do buy it in a pharmacy (no prescription needed there).


AskDocWeb: A reduction in the amount of ejaculate is a side effect of Propecia for some men.

Sorry but I’m not familiar with the consumer protection laws and quality control (if any) in other countries.

Subj: Rogaine and hairline
Date: 1/7/2005
I am a 20 year old who has started to notice a receding hairline. I was about to buy some Rogaine the other day, but it states on the box that Rogaine “may not work” for that. Can I expect Rogaine to work or should I try something else?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Sergio, Rogaine has demonstrated limited success with the hairline but not enough to recommend it for that.

Subj: Propecia at 16?
Date: 1/8/2005
I’ve noticed boys losing their hair at such a much younger age nowadays. My son is 16 & his father has MPB. My son’s hair is thinning & falling out drastically. He is so fearful of losing it. He wants to go on Propecia. IS he too young? Would procerin be a better option at his age? Have you finished your results on Procerin yet?


AskDocWeb: Yes, we have finished our study on Procerin. There were two minors in the study. Both were 17 years old and both had positive results.

With all the possible sexual side effects of Propecia it would seem to be a bad idea to subject minors to that drug.

Subj: After 5 Years on Propecia
Date: 1/8/2005
I took Propecia for 5 years, starting in Med School. The hair results are outstanding (temporal and vertex) but I eventually (after 4 years) got annoyed with the progression of Side Effects-first eczema around my eyes/ears, then libido drop and finally weaker erections. I have stopped for 2 weeks and seen gradual slow improvement in side effects and yes, my hair has again started falling out.


Subj: How long?
Date: 1/10/2005
If I stop taking Propecia, how long would it take before it becomes uneffective, 2 weeks, 2months, 6months? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Everyone is different, but usually a month for it to get out of your system. You will gradually lose the benefits over the 12 months following discontinuance.

Subj: Long-term effects of Finpecia
Date: 1/13/2005
I’m 29 and have been taking Propecia for just over 5 years now. I could notice hair thickening results within 3 months of taking it. Way better than the shampoos and formulas on the market. I can’t say I noticed any sexual side effects within the first year and still don’t 5 years later. I must be one of those lucky guys. After taking Propecia for 3 years my hair looked great but my wallet was taking a hit. It’s not cheap medication and I looked for an alternative, finding Finpecia. I’ve been taking Finpecia for 2 years now with it costing me half the price of Propecia. I haven’t noticed any change in hair loss or sexual side effects with Finpecia. I’m not sure if tests have been done on Finpecia and I’m wondering if I could be subjecting myself to long-term side effects with this brand. I’m planning on continuing with Finpecia unless I hear of a danger I’m putting myself in. What are your thoughts?


AskDocWeb: As I understand it, Finpecia is made in India. It may not be a counterfeit of the drug Propecia since the name is different, but it does seem to be a copycat product. If Finpecia has the same active ingredient (finasteride) as Propecia then it is a federal crime to import it into the United States. That may not be a side effect but it could result in some very unpleasant consequences.

Subj: Shedding hair while on Propecia
Date: 1/14/2005
Hello! I’m on propecia for 6 months, the first month I shed a lot of hair and after a month I notice a stop in hair loss, and the regrowth new hair. Then about 4 months or so after starting the treatment, I seemed to be losing hair again. Is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes, some men do seem to go through periods of shedding while on Propecia. It is nothing to be concerned about unless the shedding lasts for more than 6 weeks. In that case it would be time to talk to your doctor about it.

Subj: Three months on Propecia
Date: 1/15/2005
I have started to take this tablet befor 3 month ago, now I am seeing no improvement. Should I stop it?


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, it may take up to a year before you see results. In our experience, if you haven’t seen results in the first 6 months you are not likely to have any.

Subj: Acne and Propecia
Date: 1/17/2005
I never had acne problems before taking propecia. After starting propecia 10 weeks ago, I suddenly have an acne problem. Is it possible that this is a rare side effect?


AskDocWeb: Hypersensitivity is a side effect of this medication, so yes, your acne could be from the propecia.

Subj: Itchy areolas
Date: 1/23/2005
I took Propecia for a month, I was feeling not like my self, but the most worrying thing is that my breast started to grow a little and itchy in the areola. So I stopped taking it, but since then 6 months ago, my areolas are still itchy and the skin is dry. What could be happening?


AskDocWeb: That is likely a side effect of the Propecia. We are keeping track of how long it takes these affects to disappear after discontinuing the drug. You could help others by letting us know how long it takes for this to go away. On the other hand, you may have a simple skin irritation or dermatitis. Your doctor can prescribe a cream to be placed on the areas of irritation.

Subj: Testosterone levels
Date: 1/27/2005
I am now 36 yrs old and up to 1 month ago had been taking Propecia for 5 years. Due to lack of libido, I stopped taking Propecia and have now been taking Procerin. Do you know how long it will take or can take to get my testosterone levels back to what they were before I started taking Propecia?


AskDocWeb: It may take months. You can have your testosterone level checked at your doctor’s office, then again in a couple of months to see if there’s an improvement.

Subj: A medical student’s view of Propecia
Date: 1/28/2005
Its a joke to refer to propecia as an innocent drug for “treating” any stage of hairloss. After having tried almost any known product for the above condition I decided to jump to propecia knowing of the adverse effects on libido. Nevertheless even being a student of medicine I was suprised of the immediate bad results. Took the drug for 2 months, in which I lost all my sex drive, started having severe pain in lower part of penis, volume of ejaculate was reduced, size of penis shrunk about 2 inches and still after 18 months haven’t seen a slight change in these conditions despite discontinuing the product.

So have most of my friends who used it all over the world. Most of them live on viagra and other stimulants ever since having used as little as 10 propecia pills. Problem with propecia is that in most cases it damages liver cells and messes up your metabolism in such a way that you are no longer considered to be a normal human being but just a senseless individual. Conclusion of most pathophysiologists and pharmacologists I have visited was that it’s impossible to use propecia without having effects on your manhood.

The greatest problem of all however is that the drugs you need to treat the effects of propecia on sex drive are too expensive and their use is complicated and quite long term, and have nothing to do with viagra, as the main target of propecia is damaging the production of liver metabolites and damaging of receptors as well as several important precursors and not interfering with your circulatory system directly.


Subj: Great sense of humor
Date: 1/30/2005
My husband has been taking Propecia for 4 months now and there’s no difference in his hair, but there’s the nasty side effect to our bedroom life. He has not lost his desire for wanting to make love, just that his other brain is not cooperating. Because of this he is stressed, overwelmed, and depressed. Not knowing the side-effects cause the doctor told him there was none, we had each thought that the problem was each ourselves to blame. When we began to suspect the Propecia, we came to this site and it was kind of a relief to both of us. He plans on quitting this medication immediately. We have not hovever lost our sense of humor though…We firmly believe this would be a great drug for sex offenders.


AskDocWeb: Now that IS an idea! Thanks, Mary! You made us laugh out loud.

Subj: Are these side effects?
Date: 1/31/2005
I’ve just stopped using proscar after ten months use and I’ve been experiencing headaches, dizzy spells, nervousness and blurred vision… are they side effects of the drug?


AskDocWeb: What you describe sounds like very high blood pressure. Go to your doctor about this immediately.

Subj: Bloody nose and dizzy spells
Date: 2/2/2005
I’ve had uneven hair loss in terms of specific locations on the top of my scalp, but in all its been typical male pattern baldness for the past few years. I just turned 27 and have been on the pills for 3 weeks. No problem maintaining erection but libido seems to be down a little. A few things happened since I began the meds…3 bloody noses in first week ( I never get them and they haven’t returned), 2 dizzy spells in last week (I’ve never had them either). any reports of these side effects? hair seems to be the same…still sucks. I started Rogaine one week ago as well.


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you have enough going on to justify a visit to your doctor. And tell him everything you just told us.

Subj: Concerned about hairline
Date: 2/2/2005
My hair line is receding now to a point where it is very high. I’ve being using propecia for one month now and although I don’t expect it to lower my hairline, I am hoping that it will stop any continued receding. The hair on the top of my head is very full and I am not experiencing any significant loss there. With continued use of this drug can I expect total or partial ceasing of this type of hair loss. I am worried because I don’t wish for my hairline to recede much further. Also I read somewhere that receding hair lines often stop at a point naturally, is this true?


AskDocWeb: It is true for some people but for others it continues on back. Genetics plays a strong role with this. You may get an idea of where your hairline will stop by looking at the hairline of your parents and grandparents (on both sides).

Subj: Hopeful combination
Date: 2/2/2005
I have been taking propecia for 3 months now along with rogain and nizarol. It’s still kind of early to know the full benefit it will have on me, but since taking the propecia I have noticed my hair is no longer falling out and the texture seems thicker. I’m not sure, but I might have even grown more hair. I am hopeful it will work for me to regrow enough hair.


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