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Propecia Reviews

If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Lumps below nipples with Propecia
Date: 5/12/2005
I took Propecia for around 2 years. At first everything was fine and my hair loss stopped and even regrew somewhat – great. I then began to notice that my formally healthy libido had vanished. Some months later I developed sore hard lumps below my nipples. I visited my doctor who told me that Propecia had caused me to start to develop breast tissue! Not good. So I was faced with 2 options hair and breasts or baldness and a libido. I opted for the latter and have stopped taking the tablets the lumps have vanished and I have noticed an improvement in my sex drive. However my hair is vanishing fast.. I have tried Regain but have noticed no improvement.


Subj: Nausea and Propecia
Date: 5/13/2005
I’ve noticed my hairline receding and thinning the past couple of years. Since I know it’s easier to keep hair than try to get it back, I thought I’d start Propeica now. The problem was that about 5 days into it, I had problems with nausea. Anytime I would eat more than a handful of anything, I would become nauseated for a few hours afterward. I had to drink energy drinks and ear very small portions. I lost some weight (that part wasn’t bad 😉 After a week of feeling nauseous, I went to a GI doctor. He said that starting the propecia a week earlier couldn’t be a coincidence and that I should stop and wait for a few days for it to get out of my system. I did, and after about 3 days, I no longer got nauseous. Is this common? Could it be a coincidence? Or a drug reaction with something like Claritin?


AskDocWeb: Nausea is not common but it has been reported by others taking Propecia. It didn’t have anything to do with Claritin.

Subj: Online places to buy Propecia
Date: 5/15/2005
Where are the most reliable online places to buy propecia?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Mike, we no longer provide that kind of information. Last year a multi-national drug company published a press release saying they were going to sue us for providing a link to an online pharmacy. So we removed all such links to avoid the hassle.

Subj: Propecia prescription?
Date: 5/17/2005
Can I just ask my dermatologist for a propecia prescription? Is it legal in Canada?


AskDocWeb: Yes, your dermatologist should be able to do that.

Subj: Fincpecia
Date: 5/17/2005
I am 23 years old and suffering from hairfall since the age 19. I tried minoxidil but it caused me a lot of side effects and hence I stopped it. Then I swithched to Fincpecia. I did not have lot of side effects but a light pain under my stomach(say liver). Can I continue the drug. What should I take with Finpecia if I have to. Please give me a conclusion. Is there any other drug for stopping hairfall?


AskDocWeb: We do not keep track of Fincpecia. That is the counterfeit version of Propecia made in India.

Subj: Shedding with finasteride
Date: 5/18/2005
I’ve been taking finasteride for 2.5 months now but have actually noticed more hair loss. Also, I’ve noticed dandruff! I heard that dandruff can actually cause further hair loss. What should I do? Continue to take finasteride or quit? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Others have reported the same combination of shedding with dandruff. Judging by the feedback we hear, this seems to be common for several hair loss products. When your hair follicles start opening up to allow regrowth, some dandruff can result as they get cleaned out. This phase seems to last 4 to 6 weeks. Hang in there and hope for the best.

Subj: Finpecia
Date: 5/19/2005
Can you tell me if Finpecia could leads to Kidney or liver damage?


AskDocWeb: Finpecia is manufactured in India. We know of no studies available on that product about kidney or liver damage.

Subj: Risk to girlfriend
Date: 5/19/2005
My boyfriend wants to take Propecia, but my doctor told me we would have to use condoms or else I (the girlfriend) would be at some risk, is that true?


AskDocWeb: Yes but, you only heard part of the story. Please read up on the side effects of Propecia and the importance of avoiding coming into contact with the pills or even the dust from the pills. Propecia can be absorbed through your skin.

Subj: Propecia:
Date: 5/21/2005
What’s the upper age limit it can still be effective.


AskDocWeb: We know that men in their 60’s are using it, but the older you are the more chance of having side effects.

Subj: Increased skin sensitivity
Date: 5/21/2005
I started taking Propecia about three months ago and, as of late, have noticed an increased skin sensitivity all throughout my body, especially in the hands, knees, feet and groin. What’s the deal? Am I having an allergic reaction, or should I just mosturize more?


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to Propecia.

Subj: Very positive results with Procerin
Date: 5/24/2005
I have been taking Procerin well over a year with very positive results. I am 42 so I was concerned that it would not work but to my surprise the hair on my crown has thickened considerably. I have been on Propecia over 6 years without the results I have achieved with this product. I have not encountered any side effects either. I hope this information helps other men who are considering Procerin.


Subj: Propecia and weight lifting
Date: 5/26/2005
I’ve been suffering a gradual thinning since age 18. I am now 30 and the hair loss is beginning to be more noticeable. I recently started taking Propecia – but only for about 7 days. During that short period of time I developed a dull pain in my testicles as well as a decrease in sexual interest (which I’ve NEVER had before).

As well, I routinely lift weights and I believe I am very in tune with my body. About 3 days into taking the drug, I felt that my workouts were less effective. I felt I was working out just as hard, but I wasn’t getting the “burn” that I used to. DHT while bad for hair does play an important role in muscle development. So while it may be okay for a soft-bodied, desk-jockey, it’s wasn’t exactly okay for me.

Of course, one could argue that I quit too soon. However, it presented a risk that I was not willing to take – especially since I would like to have kids someday. I’m not vain enough to threaten that. And the sexual desire is alive and well today (I quit about a week ago).

For now, I’m starting up Rogaine 5% – which will hopefully maintain what I have until a “safer” treatment is available. I’ll take bald and hard over a limp noodle any day. Think about this guys, so what if you have a great head of hair and a “hot chick” if you can’t get laid! I know a lot of balding guys with good looking women. Shave it short and hit the gym!


Subj: Generic propecia
Date: 5/26/2005
Using generic propecia, (is it) as effective as the brand?


AskDocWeb: Propecia is still covered by patent. There is no generic for this drug on the market, which means you are taking a counterfeit. That is not as likely to be as effective as the real thing.

Subj: Birth defect caused by Propecia?
Date: 5/26/2005
My husband was taking propecia 7 months before we conceived our first child, who was born with a genetic syndrome (Prader-Willi) which is the deletion of some of chromosome 15 from her father.

We were advised that propecia did not need to be discontinued before conceiving our daughter, but now I wonder if her genetic syndrome was a result of this medication? Please advise!


AskDocWeb: Lack of evidence is not proof one way or the other but, you can still file a complaint with the FDA: Complaints to the FDA. If they get enough complaints maybe they will do something about this.

Subj: Propecia and rogaine?
Date: 5/27/2005
I’ve been taking propecia for 2-3 years now. It has worked wonders and probably given me back half of the hair I originally lost. Now I was thinking of adding rogaine. And I was curious. Could I use rogaine for 6-8 months, and then stop? Would the propecia that I take every morning keep the extra hair that the rogaine grew? Or will it fall out. And if so, will only the “new” rogaine hair fall out…or will it take the hair that the propecia grew too (2-3 years ago)? I know I don’t want to take rogaine for the rest of my life. That’s why I chose propecia, a once a day, easy to take pill. No mess, no fuss. But it made me wonder if rogaine could encourage new growth, and then maybe the propecia would keep the DHT levels down, so I wouldn’t lose the new rogaine hair.

AskDocWeb: That is an interesting idea. Thanks Chris, you have just given us something new to try. Let us know if using propecia enables you keep the hair that the Rogaine grows.

Subj: Propecia and pregnancy
Date: 5/27/2005
I have been taking Propecia for three months. I just found out that my wife is pregnant. I am very concerned that the finasteride in my system transfer into my wife through sexual intercourse. I am afraid that this will affect the baby and cause birth defects. Keeping my hair (it has worked for me in the past) isn’t worth harming my wife or baby. Please let me know if I can safely have sex with my wife without having to use a condom!


AskDocWeb: Women who are pregnant should avoid coming in contact with broken or crushed tablets, including any dust from the container. Our personal opinion is to avoid any possible contamination with the propecia. We would discontinue use, bag it, put it away, and wash our hands afterward.

Subj: Numbness and Propecia
Date: 5/28/2005
I’ve been taking Propecia for nearly 2 months. About a week ago, I noticed a constant numbness on the exterior sides of the lower legs and feet. Could this be a side effect from Propecia?


AskDocWeb: This wasn’t listed as one of the side effects. Sounds like something you should talk to your physician about. Read more feedback.
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