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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Thinning all over head
Date: 3/30/2004
I am experiencing thinning all over my head. I am still 22 years old. I heard taking propecia will give a better chance when you are younger. Is it true?


AskDocWeb: Yes, that is what we found.

Subj: Weak erections
Date: 4/9/2004
Hellow I am an athletic fit 26yr old male suffering from week erection from propecia. The history of my situation is this. I have been taking propecia for about 4yrs now and only suffered side effects at the beginning of the therapy. Recently I switched to proscar which I divide into for parts, which as a result gives me an extra .25mg of finasteride. This is where my problem began after a few weeks I started suffering for week erection, inability to keep an erection, and loss of libido. being that I had encountered these effects before I did what Merck suggest, and kept taking the drug hoping they would subside, they never did instead they continued to get worse. After about 3 months of treatment I quit proscar, hoping for improvement in my performance. I have now been of the drug for about 6wks with little improvement. My question is if anybody else has encountered this, and how long can it take for me to get back to my normal self. PLEASE HELP!


AskDocWeb: Yes, others have had your experience but, so far, no one has reported on how long it takes to recover sexual function after discontinuing Propecia. Please let us know how you come out.

Subj: Stopping Propecia
Date: 4/13/2004
I took propecia with positive results for 3 months but stopped when I started having erection, lbido, and orgasm problems. Some studies show that if you stay on it these effects might go away. I didn’t take the risk and the effects were gone in a week or so but my hair loss started up again fast. I’m considering giving it a longer trial period but hesitate because I don’t want to speed up the hair the loss if I have to stop eventually. Does hair loss rate increase by starting then stopping porpecia?


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer says that you will lose the benefits you had over the 9 to 12 months following stopping so it may seem like your loss rate has increased for awhile.

Subj: Finpecia
Date: 4/16/2004
I have been taking propecia for around 2 years and was happy that my hair loss had reduced. Recently I changed to a cheaper product from India called finpecia which was apparently exactly the same. I feel my hair loss has increased again. Do you know or have you heard anything about finpecia.


AskDocWeb: Only one other person mentioned Finpecia but we never heard if they tried it. Okay, so you tried it and your hair loss increased. Evidently it is not the same thing as Propecia. Thanks for letting us know.

Subj: Greater hair loss
Date: 4/20/2004
I am 18 years old and have been experiencing a thinning of my hair for the past year. I recently saw a doctor who recommended Propecia as well as extra strength minoxidil for the frontal area. I have been doing this combination for about one month and have noticed greater hair loss, especially in the front area. Is this normal? I have read that this can occur befor the medications kick in and hair growth starts. What do you think?


AskDocWeb: We refer to this as “shedding” and many have reported going through this experience. Please let us know how long your shedding lasts. Others have said it lasts from 4 to 5 weeks.

Subj: Effects on ability to conceive
Date: 4/21/2004
Hi, I’ve recently started taking Propecia and it seems to be working quite well. I was a little concerned about side effects so I did a bit of net research. I’m not experiencing any of the sexual disfunctions described by other users though I’m quite concerned after reading the effects it has on women. My question is if a woman is exposed to Propecia in a broken form or perhaps taking a pill accidentally while NOT pregnant can this have any long term effects on her ability to conceive? I’m scared if my girlfriend is exposed she may suffer long term and I don’t want that all. We want kids one day! Thanks, a response would be greatly appreciated.


AskDocWeb: We found nothing to indicate that kind of long-term effect. The possibility of birth defects occurs with exposure during pregnancy or if she has Propecia in her system when she becomes pregnant.

Subj: Dividing Proscar
Date: 4/22/2004
I want to know whether take every day 1.25mg of Finasteride (Proscar/4) could be dangerous or not have the right effect (stop hair loss).


AskDocWeb: The possible side effects are the same as those for Propecia because the active ingredient is the same. Dividing the Proscar into quarters also exposes the drug, which is then a hazard to pregnant women because it can be absorbed through the skin.

Subj: Sleepless
Date: 4/22/2004
My boyfriend uses Propecia, but ran out of his medication over a week ago and hasn’t refilled it yet. Coincidentally, he hasn’t been able to sleep a full night in the last week. Could the reason be linked to him not taking Propecia right now?


AskDocWeb: It could but, we haven’t found any reference to that. Unfortunately the list of things that cause a bad night’s sleep is very long. Does he take a nap during the day (bad), go to bed at the same time each day (good), diet, changes in diet, stress level, problems that need dealt with, worry, other medication being taken, all contribute to the quality of your sleep. It may just be time to buy a new mattress.

Subj: Finpecia
Date: 4/23/2004
Hi! I have been into Finpecia, (I guess another version of Propecia) in the Indian market to treat hair loss. Its been around 6 months now since I am on it. We are planning to have a baby and I wish to know if intake of Finpecia would lead to any defects to our future baby. For precautions sake I have stopped the drug because I have heard that it would impact and may induce defects in the child. Also I have heard women need to keep away. Does it mean she should not even handle it? Regards….


AskDocWeb: If finasteride is the active ingredient, it is the same as in Propecia and it can be absorbed through the skin. Women should not touch or handle the pills and you should wash your hands after you use or handle it.

Subj: Starting Propecia
Date: 4/25/2004
I’m gonna start taking propecia. I was just wondering IF I don’t experience any side effects, does that mean I won’t get it in the long run? Also were there a lot of people complaining about breast enlargement due to propecia? thanks!


AskDocWeb: The possible side effects of any medication are not limited to just short term. According to the manufacturer less than one percent had breast tenderness or enlargement.

Subj: Dropping Propecia
Date: 4/28/2004
I am a Caucasian, 21 year old who has been on propecia for 1 year and 2 months. I have had no side-affects. The thing is, I was never really loosing any hair. Three of my friends my age have had quite noticeable hairloss and I got scared [my hair is on the finer side to begin with] and just figured it would be a good preventative mean. One indent on my hairline caused me to do this, but after this year and 2 months I am convinced it is just how my hairline is. However, I am going to see a tracheologist to see for sure. No family members have any hairloss, however my mother and her mother have similar quite fine hair as me, and since I have fine hair I am very concerned with warding off hairloss if it is in my cards. If I drop propecia after this time of use, will there be negative side-affects on my hair? I am probably going to use procerin to offset this and as a preventative means. I know you guys don’t respond to all emails, but your opinion would be greatly appreciated by email as in this decision to drop has caused much concern and anxiety. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: The only negative side effect of dropping Propecia is that you lose whatever benefit it provided, over the 12 months following stopping. If you were never really loosing hair then you probably have nothing to worry about.

Subj: Finasteride
Date: 5/12/2004
Propecia versus Proscar? What is your opinion. I know I’d have to break up a Proscar tablet, but isn’t it cheaper. A concern is that the finasteride is not evenly distributed within a Proscar tablet. Also, are the trials done on Procerin?


AskDocWeb: Before Propecia came out, the manufacturer assured us that the finasteride was evenly distributed throughout the Proscar tablets. I imagine they removed that assurance in order to sell more Propecia but the formulation is probably the same. Our initial assessment of Procerin is finishing up this month. We hope to have something for you on that next month.

Subj: Big mistake
Date: 5/13/2004
I took propecia for 2 years, I used to have a somewhat thin side parting, rest of my hair was thick & lustrous, I hoped it would thicken my hair further. It was a big mistake, the biggest of my life, I lost the ability to get an erection so I came off the drug after 2 years of no sex. Now my hair is horribly thin in the entire MPB area, I have started to shave my head so I don’t look like an escaped mental patient. This is all true, please don’t touch it unless you have nothing to lose…


Subj: Transferring drug in saliva?
Date: 5/15/2004
My wife is 3 months pregnant. I am thinking about taking propecia, but heard that there is a risk of transferring the drug to her in saliva when kissing. Is that a real risk? At what month would the risk be negligible?


AskDocWeb: It wouldn’t seem to be a risk unless you are letting the pills dissolve in your mouth or chewing them (avoid that). The pills are coated to prevent such things although, if it is a concern, you could always rinse out your mouth after taking each one.

Subj: Breast enlargement problem
Date: 5/15/2004
I have been using propecia for about 15 months. During this time I noticed a little decrease in my sex drive but nothing too drastic or dramatic. Also during this time I gained a lot of weight, about 40 extra pounds. In the last month and a half I have been eating right working out and the weight is coming off. I recently noticed that I have developed enlarged breasts. I stopped taking the propecia about 3 days ago after noticing this. I’m not sure when it started because I was over weight and thought that’s what was causing the breast issue. But now that the weight is off its clear to see. I never had enlarged breast prior to taking propecia. I asked my doctor if this side effect would go away after stopping propecia. He said it would as long as you haven’t been taking propecia for a long time. Has anyone ever had this breast enlargement problem and how long does it take to get back to normal. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Yes, other men have reported breast enlargement with propecia and according to the manufacturer, this side effect took up to a year to go away.

Subj: Testicle pain
Date: 5/19/2004
I have been taking propecia for 2 months and recently began having pain testicle.


AskDocWeb: Please see your doctor. Testicle pain was not listed among the side effect and may be a sign of another problem that needs attention.

Subj: Decrease of sensation and enjoyment
Date: 5/23/2004
I have been taking Propecia. In the side effects it mentions decrease in the amount of semen. I did my own measuring study and did notice a drastic decrease in the amount of semen. In addition, I noticed a decrease of ejaculatory sensation and enjoyment. Is the amount of semen directly proportional to the amount of sensation? If it is, then this is the answer to what I was thinking was happening. Please let me know as SOON AS POSSIBLE! Sincerely,


AskDocWeb: It is not just semen, but the total volume of ejaculate has been reported to be affected.

Subj: Eyebrows thinning
Date: 5/25/2004
Hi, I am a 42 year old male and I started losing my hair at 26. I currently have thin hair all over the top of my head but no bald patches yet.

A few years ago I started using Propecia, I didn’t notice my hair getting thicker but it definitely seemed to slow or stop it getting thinner, although hairs were still falling out – I assume they must have been growing back. About 10 months ago I stopped taking it for a while and quickly felt my scalp grow tender again (the way it often felt before Propecia), I also noticed my erection get harder. I then switched to Finpecia, the cheaper indian version of Propecia, and the tenderness seemed to have gone and my erection wasn’t as hard so I assumed it must be the same as Propecia.

My problem is that I recently noticed that my eyebrows have thinned a lot and I am very worried that I might lose them, but I don’t want to lose my hair either! I don’t know if my eyebrows have been thinning since I first started taking Propecia or if it’s the Finpecia that’s causing it, or perhaps it’s just the way MPB works! I’ve searched the web but not found much help, but have found that body hair increases with DHT and scalp hair decreases!

Is it possible that any DHT inhibitor will cause this problem? Has anyone else experienced eyebrow thinning with Propecia or Finpecia? Thanks for your help.


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