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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Decreased libido and decreased erection strength
Date: 9/18/2006
I have posted on this website regarding Propecia numerous times. I have suffered various side-effects; including decreased libido, decreased erection strength; a weird feeling in the testicles. If you have experienced similar side-effects please email me at XXXXXXX and maybe we can discuss our symptoms. Speaking to someone who has experienced the same-side effects would be helpful. Thanks,


P.S. Why does it take so long for our posts to be posted on the website? Thanks.

AskDocWeb: Sorry Josh, the policy here is that all email addresses are held confidential. That is to protect you from getting thousands of advertisements (and other nasty things) in your mailbox.

The short answer is that we have health problems that prevent us from doing this full time. Additionally, each post is scanned for parasites and then verified to make sure it comes from a real person rather than a machine. Most of the spam can be filtered out automatically but many advertisements have to be filtered by hand. After that the posts are put in a queue for personal review and answering. Some posts require research before answering, that can take up to a full day for a single post. And the posts are answered in the order that they are received. Since our main intention here is to build an archive of consumer comments about health products we put the quality of the work above the response time. You won’t see any flame wars, name calling or other such nonsense here but all that processing takes time.

Subj: Lump behind nipple
Date: 9/19/2006
I have been taking propecia for two years. I have developed a lump behind my right nipple and it is very, very tender and sore. I also feel that I have gynecomastia. Could all this be related to my taking propecia? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Yes, gynecomastia is an abnormal swelling of one or both of the breasts in men. Several things can cause it; a hormonal imbalance, tumor of the testis or pituitary, failure of the liver to dissolve estrogen from the bloodstream, and drugs that contain estrogen or steroids and Propecia.

Subj: Hair loss from Propecia?
Date: 9/19/2006
Is it be possible that propecia can cause more hair loss??


AskDocWeb: That seems to be the case with a few men. Several men have reported going through a period of shedding that lasted from 4 to 6 weeks after starting Propecia.

Subj: Propecia and irregular heartbeat
Date: 9/19/2006
I’ve been taking propecia for over a year and a half and have had great results except for one thing — I’ve had almost daily bouts with a highly irregular heartbeat that’s become worse over time. Ever since I stopped taking the propecia my heart has calmed down and I rarely have any problems. I’m going to try to use the “holiday” technique to try to avoid this problem. I haven’t noticed anyone mention this. Anyone have a similar experience?


Subj: Hair is falling more than before
Date: 9/19/2006
I took propecia for about 6-9 months and I think it worked very well. It didn’t grow hair but my hair stopped falling after it was falling rapidly. I stopped for 2-3 months and resumed later and I am entering the 5th month right now. The results right now that my hair is falling more than before even though I took 150 tablets already. Do I have to wait more to see the result? Is the reason for that me stopping for 3 months? Or it will not work with me anymore like it did before? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: When a man stops using Propecia there is an increase in hair loss that lasts for several months. It would take another few months after starting again for the benefits of the drug to build up to the previous level. If the hair loss continues beyond six months after starting again we would discontinue use and seek an alternative.

Subj: Generic propecia
Date: 9/20/2006
Any thoughts on “generic” propecia?


AskDocWeb: Yes, we expect “legal” generic Propecia to appear on the market right before the patent runs out in 2013. The generic Propecia you see on the market today is the illegal copycat drug made in other countries. Bringing illegal drugs into this country is a federal crime. Those who sell generic Propecia today can be considered drug dealers.

Subj: Developing a tolerance to Propecia
Date: 9/20/2006
At the first page of feedbacks, one after another, there are two opposite answers: 1) AskDocWeb: Yes, it is possible to develop a tolerance. 2)AskDocWeb: Haven’t heard of anyone developing a tolerance to propecia. So which one is the truth? Is it possible? Is it likely? Another question – Is Propecia also proven to work for the temple and front area? I know it’s not the main act of the drug, but can it help there too?


AskDocWeb: Number 1 is true, some men do develop a tolerance for Propecia and it stops working when that happens. Number 2 is an interpretation of what we said. What we intended to convey is that no one had given feedback on this website of their first hand experience with developing a tolerance to Propecia. That was over three years ago. Since then several men have reported developing such a tolerance. We have yet to find any statistics on how often this happens.

Some men have reported limited success with regrowth in the temple and frontal areas.

Subj: Propecia steroid?
Date: 9/25/2006
Is propecia any way shape or form of steroids?


AskDocWeb: The active ingredient in Propecia is finasteride. This is a synthetic 4-azasteroid compound, a specific inhibitor of the steroid Type II 5(alpha)-reductase. That’s the enzyme that converts the androgen testosterone into 5(alpha)-dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Subj: Decreased volume of ejaculate
Date: 9/27/2006
Though I stopped taking Propecia several years ago, I had experienced this symptom after taking and it has not improved since my discontinuation of the product: Decreased volume of ejaculate (0.8%) and force. Any recommendations? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: You could try Procerin, it is free of sexual side effects.

Subj: Can’t maintain erections
Date: 9/29/2006
I took propecia for 5 years. The worst mistake I could possibly have ever made. Can’t maintain erections now and just got treated for testicular cancer. Oh and I have a sperm count of about 1 million! Doctors are ignorant about this side effect. Merck does not care and what’s to hide this. This drug has ruined my life and my relationship. Hey but I do have a full head of hair. DONT BE STUPID STAY AWAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PILL.


Subj: Stopped Propecia two years ago
Date: 9/29/2006
Stopped propecia two years ago. Still suffering from low sperm count and no erections or libido. No sign of improvement either. Merck lies about side effects going away. Docs say I am fine. Can’t masturbate. No sex whatsoever. Viagra works barely but not good enough.


Subj: Facial cyst
Date: 9/29/2006
I have always have perfectly clear facial skin. I have been on Propecia for just over a year. Since I began I have developed facial, cyst like acne. Is this caused by the propecia?


AskDocWeb: Although not listed as a “known” side effect, some users have reported small blackheads on forehead and increased skin oil across face. Two report suffering from acne 6 months after discontinuing Propecia. One reported that acne was still present after 3 years.

Subj: Skin problems
Date: 9/30/2006
I am having a serious skin itching problem. I have been to two different doctors about this matter but neither can figure out the problem. I am currently taking Propecia and an allergic reaction does not seem to be a side affect. Also, I have been on the pills for several months but just started to have this problem about 2 months ago. Is it possible that now, after successful months of use, that my body is rejecting it? I have thought of everything and nothing seems to work so this is my last point of concern. Can you help? The itching is mostly on my torso and upper legs. However, today I awoke with a rash under my right arm.


AskDocWeb: Sounds like it’s getting worse, time to visit a dermatologist. While it could be the Propecia, you need to check out the possibility of an unrelated event. Whatever the cause, a dermatologist is the specialist you need to see.

Subj: Avoiding a tolerance for Propecia
Date: 10/4/2006
Firstly, thanks for providing a great website. I’m 21 and, in the early stage of hair loss. I’ve been on Propecia for about 3 months now, but regretting now that I should’ve tried Procerin before using Propecia if I knew it existed. I know that Propecia is more effective compared to Procerin for most people but, I’m most concerned about the “build up of tolerance“ of using Propecia for long term. Do you think it is better to start with Procerin and switch to Propecia if no longer effective? I am trying to avoid tolerance to Propecia by taking the pill every second day. This is also because study shows that DHT level is continually reduced on the second day after taking the pill without taking another. So, I don’t understand why you need to take a pill every day. Why would this be? I’m also planning to take a break from the medication for a couple of weeks every 3 months or so to avoid tolerance. I know that these questions are hard to answer because there hasn’t been enough study done about it, although it’ll be great if you can give your personal opinions. I won’t blame you or sue you so, please give me an opinion! Thanks heap!


AskDocWeb: Because of the lack of research into the tolerance issue we would only be guessing. It would be helpful if people like you would post about your efforts in avoiding the tolerance build up so that others can benefit from your experience. Good luck Edward. Read more feedback.
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