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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Mood disorders from Propecia
Date: 10/4/2006
Hello, does propecia cause mood disorders, anxiety for example? Because I am experiencing some while I am using it.


AskDocWeb: About a half dozen men have reported mood disorders. Also a few unhappy wives have reported that their husbands a problem in this area.

Subj: Itchy nipples
Date: 10/9/2006
I have a question regarding Propecia. Have been taking for several years without any side effects, but within the last couple months have been experiencing “itchy nipples”. Is this something to be concerned about?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is. It may be the beginning of breast enlargement. We suggest you visit your doctor so you can be examined to determine what’s happening.

Subj: Worried about reproduction
Date: 10/13/2006
Hello! I am a little worried because I just learned that my boyfriend is taking Propecia for more than 7 years right now. I am really afraid that we will have serious problems in having a child when we want to. Are there any reliable scientific results to the side effects of Propecia concerning sex and reproduction? I know about the 2% reacting with less sexual desire but I am interested in more individual cases. Thank you for any advice.


AskDocWeb: This treatment for male pattern baldness comes with some serious warnings. We share your concern and it’s important for you to know that the active ingredient in Propecia can be absorbed through the skin. If that happens while you are pregnant it can cause birth defects if the child you are carrying is a boy.

It seems that the consequences to reproduction of using Propecia is not being studied or tracked by either the manufacturer or the FDA. That’s one of the reasons for this website, so people have a way to tell this story.

Subj: Worst year caused by Propecia
Date: 10/17/2006
To whom it may concern, I am a single, 29 year old male and been taking propecia 5-6 times a week for almost 10 years. I have a job which I enjoy and think of as fun on most days. Also, I don’t smoke or do drugs and I use alcohol once a week socially. The good part: propecia worked wonderfully, my head was full of healthy hair. The scary part: I stopped taking this medicine about three months ago because of severe anxiety/panic attacks/heart palpitations and tension headaches sent me to emergency room eight times during the past year. That was the worst year of my life.
During the span of past year in addition to my primary physician I’ve been seeing four different specialists on regular basis. Here’s the summary:

1. Cardiologist ran multiple stress tests of the heart, ECGs (including four wearable ones), blood tests and an ultrasound. Diagnosis: Besides from slightly elevated cholesterol level (184), my heart is in perfect health.

2. My Neurologist ran me through every possible test she knew these included MRA, MRI, seizure test, and one that I forgot the name but they make you wear a device connected to your scalp and sleep overnight with. Diagnosis: Every test came negative.

3. Head/neck/nose specialist also ran full range of tests and they revealed everything is in order.

4. Psychologist, before I saw him I did not know the symptoms I was having were anxiety/panic attacks, this doctor was the one that helped me identify these symptoms. He recommended medicine such as valium and xanax to treat it. I refused, but instead started learning cognative exercises to control and manage these horrid symptoms. Propecia was the only medicine I was taking.

Please note that all these doctors were fully aware that I was taking Propecia for hair loss treatment and all said these weren’t the side effects/symptoms associated with it. However, I have to give credit where its due to my cardiologist for he, apparently having ran out of ideas, was the one that suggested on my last visit three months ago that I stop using Propecia for awhile just to see what happens. Well, that was the best simple advice I received in my life, as the panic and anxiety attacks, headaches, and palps were dramatically reduced within only few days! It is now more than three months since I stopped taking Propecia and for the first time in over one year I feel like I have my life fully back in my control. I apologize for writing so much but if I can help one person from the suffering and anguish I endured it will make my day even better.


Subj: Major side effects to Propecia
Date: 10/24/2006
I have taken Propecia for 3.5 years with good results. My problem began about a year ago when I started to feel out of it all the time, like I had been drinking, I also felt like I had to urinate more frequently which the doctor told me I had a tender prostate. After 3 months everything went back to normal from March until June then I got hit by major side effects that I attribute to Propecia. I do not take any medications other than Propecia nor do I take supplements. That being said at the end of June I started experiencing extreme confusion, lightheaded, pressure in my head, ringing in my ears, stiff neck, nauseous, low back pain, blurry vision, pain in my testicles and shortness of breath. I went to the doctor at the end of June and told him all my problems. He told me to stop taking Propecia to see if it clears up. The testicle pain has gone away but the rest of the side effects remain. I have also seen a neurologist who did an MRI and EEG and all come back normal. How long does it take for these side effects to go away? I was told nothing regarding these side effects and the first time I had experienced them, I never though it was Propecia. Reading all the posts it seems all my side effects have happened to quite a few people. I just want to have some assurance I will go back to normal.


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer says that all side effects go away when the drug is discontinued. They used to imply that getting rid of the side effects could take up to a year but they have removed that part. We have received several reports from men who still have side effects beyond that point. In one case they were still present three and a half years later.

Subj: Finpecia
Date: 10/25/2006
I have ordered a supply of finpecia tablets. I am about to start taking them to help prevent further hair loss. The tablet is 1 mg finasteride and should therefore have the same results as Propecia. I have two concerns. The first is that I have heard reports that effects on libido are not always reversible after discontinuing despite the initial advice that they are and is there any known damage to the liver from using finasteride. Do you have any information on this. My second concern is will finpecia be as effective as propecia if it has the same amount of finasteride.


AskDocWeb: Finasteride is metabolized extensively in the liver and those with any kind of liver problems are cautioned about using this drug.

If your Finpecia has the same amount of finasteride, was manufactured by the same process and contains no contaminants then it should be as effective as Propecia, although you could be arrested for possession of an illegal drug if you live in the USA.

Subj: How long to clear up?
Date: 10/26/2006
Help!!! I stopped Propecia 4 months ago and my side effects continue. The erection problems went away, I do not feel like I am burning up and my testicles stopped hurting. I am still having headaches, greasy face, brain fog, fatigue, lightheadedness and nausea. To sum it up I feel like I am walking around drunk all the time, totally out of it. Those of you who have had problems with your head, how long did it take to clear up?


Subj: Damage that would not heal
Date: 10/26/2006
I’ve used propecia for 3 years. I started getting distracted a few months from taking propecia, but did not notice it to be connected. Then in the last year I started to see less well when I tried to see far things, but I am young. Also had become cold intolerant. I happened to have a week without this “medicine” and I felt much better. I feel like I was drugged by it and did not understand. I knew I could not focus suddenly but the changes were so slow, only when I stopped it I felt much better. I still do not feel myself. Be careful of this drug, it is dangerous. I have a feeling it did me some damage that would not heal.


Subj: First Propecia then Minoxidil?
Date: 10/27/2006
I have begun using Minoxidil 5% along with Propecia to aggressively deal with hair thinning. I am concerned about the side effects discussed here so only plan to use Propecia for one year then use the Minoxidil only. My question is will the Minoxidil alone be able to sustain/continue improvements made over the first year?


AskDocWeb: These drugs have such a range of effectiveness in individuals that it’s hard to generalize. The ability to regrow hair with Minoxidil has not been shown to last longer than 48 weeks, according to the FDA. Statistically most people don’t use Minoxidil beyond two years because it stops working. They build up a tolerance to it.

Subj: Sperm count
Date: 10/27/2006
I am 24 and have been taking Propecia for 4 years and I am not sure if my sperm count is ok for my age (I never measured it 3 years ago). How can I check this?


AskDocWeb: You would have to contact a fertility clinic where they can count the sperm.

Subj: Propecia for women?
Date: 10/28/2006
I went to see a dermatologist for my hair loss. One of the prescriptions he gave me was to take Propecia for one month. I was very surprised that he would prescribe me Propecia since on the box it was stated “Not for women”. I searched the website and found out that it may cause birth defect. I called the doctor’s office several times but could only get hold of his assistant who told me that the doctor had found some recent studies showing Propecia would work on women to jump start the regrowth of hair. And this assistant told me that it was up to me to decide whether to take the drug or not. I then asked her how I could get access to the “recent studies” so as to verify the information. She said she would talk to the doctor and then got back with me, but she never did. I didn’t call the doctor’s office back again because I simply didn’t trust this doctor. When he prescribed me this drug, he never once asked if I was pregnant or if I was planning to get pregnant. He should have asked me since this drug can cause birth defect. I think he should have also warned me of the possible side effects especially such a drug is “Not for women”. Is it safe for a woman to take Propecia? Just wonder if I am making a right decision or just being too paranoid.


AskDocWeb: Are you pregnant or planning on getting pregnant? If so then you should know about the risk of a birth defect. And yes, your doctor should have discussed this with you. A small number of woman have reported here about their success with using Propecia. Read more feedback.
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