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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Body hair growth with Finpecia
Date: 12/12/2006
Hi, I’ve been taking Finpecia on an off for about 2 months. I’m 26 year old male in good condition and my hair is thinning. However, I should note that I have become a little more moody, less patient with people and sometimes more forgetful. I should also note that since I started taking Finpecia my skin has become extremely dry and cracked all around my body. I’ve also noticed a rapid increase in the growth of body hair, in areas where I had none before such as the shoulders, upper back and parts of my neck. Has anyone reported problems with abnormal or rapid growth of body hair when taking Finpecia or Propecia?


AskDocWeb: We’ve only had one report of increased body hair growth with Propecia and none with Finpecia. With just the one report over the past several years, we are inclined to think that is was a coincidence.

Subj: Proscar
Date: 12/12/2006
I took proscar, this is the same as propecia for 8 months and noticed that both my balls and penis had shrunk a noticeable amount. The skin on my penis also feels different. This problem has remained even though I stopped taking it about 10 months ago. Is this permanent or is there some treatment to get it back to normal?


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, men with this problem return to normal without treatment. They don’t say how long that takes.

Subj: Plucked hair
Date: 12/13/2006
I’m 25 years old and I’ve been thinning and getting a receding hair line(mainly at the front) from when I was about 20yrs old. I have what they call in my town a cow’s lick where my hair grows in a different direction… since my hair was getting finer and finer I had to use more stronger products to style my hair to disguise my cow lick, but the way I apply the products through my hair follow the direction of my “cow’s lick” and thus my hair thinned more as it was weak and pulled out on my cow’s lick side over the years as I used my products. So from the front it appeared as if I was balder on the right hand side of the front of my head (about 2 inches more bald) so…what I done was plucked hair from my left side with tweezers to even the look out, what my question is, with this procerin it says that it works best when your hair is still in the growth cycle, since on the left of head my hair was about 2 inches further down than my right(because of “cow’s lick”) and the only reason my hair is missing from the left is because I plucked it out it didn’t fall out naturally, If I use precerin it should definitely grow the left of my hair back because I recently done this plucking in the last few months… but my hair from the right has been missing for a few years will this grow back too? Assuming that the growth cycle follows a pattern will this grow to match my left side? I’m going to order this after Christmas and try it out.


AskDocWeb: It will be interesting to find out what happens but don’t get your hopes up. Plucking may damage the roots and regrowth is doubtful.

Subj: Propecia potency
Date: 12/14/2006
I was taking propecia for six months with a vitamin every day at the same time. Will this affect propecia’s potency? (try saying that five times fast) thanks….


AskDocWeb: No, vitamins will not change the potency of Propecia.

Subj: 23 year old male
Date: 12/16/2006
I’m a 23 year old male. I started using both Propecia and Nizoral shampoo 2 weeks ago. Since then, it seems as if my hair loss has slowed quite considerably and it looks thicker. Is there any way this is related to the Propecia already, or is this likely the Nizoral? I’m considering stopping it and switching to Rogaine because of all the potential problems. Plus, I inexplicably put on a few pounds even though I am going to the gym and eating healthy. I think this may be because of increased estrogen levels. Will stopping the Propecia result in any hair loss at this point?


AskDocWeb: For most people it takes months for Propecia to show results. If you stop now, you will begin to lose hair at a normal rate, that is, unless the Nizoral is the cause of the hair growth.

Subj: Hair loss after discontinuing Propecia
Date: 12/17/2006
Hello, I am 22 and have been experiencing hair loss for over two years. I have tried scalp med and Follicare and neither worked. I tried propecia and it worked well. I was regrowing hair within four months. But then I started experiencing sexual side effects so I stopped using it. After looking through your site, I decided to try Nisim. I have been using the product for 10 days now and my hair loss has drastically increased. I notice five times as many hairs falling out. So I have stopped using the product. I wanted to know if this was normal, or if I should stay away from the shampoo, hair extract, and conditioner. Thank you


AskDocWeb: The increased hair loss is normal when you stop using Propecia. As far as we know there is no way to avoid that but it should stop within a couple of months.

Subj: Getting thin at the crown
Date: 12/18/2006
Rogaine. I’ve been using Rogaine for over 15 years. I had good results. But now (at 40) I’m getting thin at the crown – more so every month. Wondering what options I could try at this point. Thx


AskDocWeb: The simplest option would be to start using a shampoo that fights hair loss. Readers have had good results with Procerin. A step up from that is drug therapy with Propecia but, there are side effects so be sure to read the feedback from users.

Subj: Hair line
Date: 12/18/2006
I am 21 years old and I am loosing my hair. It’s receding in the front and is thinning on the top. Will propecia help regrow my receding hair line?


AskDocWeb: It is likely to help the most on the top but not much with the hairline.

Subj: Cutting Propecia in quarters?
Date: 12/20/2006
I read on another website that cutting Propecia in quarters and taking smaller doses could still produce favorable results and of course save money. What is your opinion on this claim? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It sounds like they are talking about Proscar, not Propecia. Proscar is drug similar to Propecia but with five times the active ingredient of finasteride. Since the two drugs cost about the same the savings seem to make sense but there are problems. Finasteride can cause birth defects if ingested by pregnant women and it can be absorbed through the skin. The tablets are coated to prevent that but breaking them exposes the finasteride and the danger. We do not recommend it.

Subj: Severe acne with Propecia plus sex drive problem
Date: 12/20/2006
I started noticing hair loss around 28, I’m 30 now. 3 months into using propecia this year I noticed a dramatic change and was thrilled, also note I was single at the time. Then about 6-7 months into it started to wear out a bit like a reversal. I developed the same looking pattern albeit not as severe, but that wasn’t what worried me. I developed severe acne on my forehead which I never even had as a teenager. Also recently I noticed a change in desire for sex. Not just not being horny but it was like I’d be dismissive of beautiful women. I’m dating a girl and eliminated a potentially embarrassing moment by setting my cell phone to ring when things got too serious cause it wasn’t happening downstairs. Scared the hell out of me cause I’m starting to really enjoy this woman’s company and it also has averse effects on your confidence as a man and started to depress me even before that happened. Guys be careful, because someone has to be in that 1.8% and I was it so I stopped it completely after my derm gave me the thumbs up to do so.

I recently started rogaine foam as a substitute considering that in a few months it’ll respond and I will surely prefer losing hair than my sex drive. It instantly made my hair look thicker and it dries quickly. I add it after washing my hair at night and before work in the morning. Its a leap of faith of course but considering the roller coaster propecia put me through I’d rather use it twice daily than not be able to use my nether regions at all lol! Watch out guys, don’t believe everything you read including myself if its working 4 u but it did happen. This was not a commercial for either of the products I discussed but it has been proven to be true with myself at least. Buyer beware.

Libido 1.8% right here

Subj: Bad experience with Propecia
Date: 12/21/2006
Well, lets see…blurry vision, panic attacks, anxiety, food not digesting, have been off-work for 3 months having suffered all kinds of anxiety, ears ringing, chest pains-enlarged. Is there any chance that one of you knows what to do with the anxiety and why it is caused after only 25 pills?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like this drug just isn’t going to work out for you. You should have discontinued Propecia at the first onset of your symptoms so you wouldn’t have missed your income. That’s too high a price to pay for hair. Please see your doctor.

Subj: Any long term users out there?
Date: 12/21/2006
I have been on propecia for 1 year now and I have found it to be great. I have had 70% re-hair growth and luckily “knock on wood” no sexual side effects which seems to be what I am seeing on here. Has anyone on here been on it for an extreme long amount of time like 20+ years?


Subj: Big loss of libido
Date: 12/22/2006
I was using Propecia for 5 months from July to November. I had just started to slightly lose my hair (very mild) and wanted to prevent any further hair loss. Propecia actually worked great in stopping the hair loss and actually helped me regrow some hair back. I gained new confidence and was actually really happy with the results. The problem came when I started having erectile dysfunctions after about 2 months of use( problems keeping an erection up and big loss of libido). I just didn’t want to have sex anymore and it was not on my mind at all. I stopped taking it and got really scared by reading the comments on this website on how long the side effects would take to subside. It took me a total of 3 weeks and BAM I was back to my normal self… being hard for 3 hours on end and waking up morning after morning with a erection. I have approximately 15 friends using propecia and none of them has had any side effects of any kind. I wouldn’t say that the rates are badly represented its just that people who have no side effects do not bother coming to post on these walls. I just ordered 3 bottles of Minoxidil 5% and we will have to see how it works!!


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