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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: When Merck’s patent expires
Date: 12/28/2007
I’m 61 years old and I’ve been taking Propecia since it was first made available to the public years ago. Is that about 10 years? Propecia has not grown any new hair for me but I can certainly say that it has prevented additional hair loss. I noticed the sexual side effects right away when I started with Propecia but if I take a viagra I become a rock hard man of steel again! Most doctors won’t recommend taking a one drug to counteract another but it works fine for me. I’m waiting for a real generic propecia to hit the market. Does anyone know when Merck’s patent expires?


AskDocWeb: The patent for Propecia doesn’t run out until 2013.

Subj: Stomach pains
Date: 1/1/2008
I was using Propecia a year ago, but stopped. I thought it was bothering my stomach. I re-started taking it again, and I got pains in my stomach. Is this one of the side effects?


AskDocWeb: It is not listed as a side effect but three men using Propecia have reported stomach pain to this website.

Subj: Proscar going generic?
Date: 1/1/2008
I have been taking Propecia for almost 8 years now. I am 53 year sold. I feel it has lost its effectiveness in the last three years. I feel the body gets used to it and it no longer works. I have also noticed the price has increased by about 50-70% in the last fours years. I have been told that Proscar is going generic and that if you cut the 5 mg pill in fours that would be just as effective. Any Comments? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Merck`s patent on Proscar expired June 16, 2006. Those who cut the 5mg pill into quarters face an increased chance of negative side effects. Cutting the pill will also expose the active ingredient and that can be absorbed through the skin. If you read the warnings you will see that there is a possibility of birth defects if a woman carrying a child comes into contact with dust from a cut pill.

Subj: No improvement
Date: 1/3/2008
I’ve been using propecia for 4 1/2 months now and in my opinion have not seen any improvement in my hair regrowth yet. However, I’m wondering about my sex life a little. I don’t know if I’m just thinking about it too much or what but I have no problem getting and keeping an erection, it seems though as if I have become the “One minute Man” sort of speak. Is this because of the Propecia, or something else? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: That has not been reported as a side effect of Propecia, at least here.

Subj: Long term use
Date: 1/4/2008
I have been of Propecia for 7 years. I have not experienced any side effects. However do you think long term use may cause illness later in life…I am 30 Years old…


AskDocWeb: Propecia was only approved by the FDA in 1997. It hasn’t been around long enough to know what the affects are that may occur long term.

Subj: Missing a day?
Date: 1/6/2008
What happens if you miss a day, or two or three, does it effect the process?


AskDocWeb: Yes, the more pills you miss, the more the level of finasteride in your body drops. When it drops low enough your hair loss will begin again.

Subj: 14 year old daughter
Date: 1/7/2008
My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. She was put on Yaz with lowered her testosterone but her DHT remained high and she continued to lose hair on the crown of her head. Is Propecia safe for 14 year old girls and what will be the side effects for her? The Pediatric Endocrinologist has prescribed it for her.


AskDocWeb: According to the 2008 Physician’s Desk Reference, Propecia should not to be used by children.

Subj: Wish I had read before I took this drug
Date: 1/9/2008
Please do not take Propecia. The chance that a drug could significantly alter your life is not worth it, and right now, I would trade every hair on my head (including eyebrows) to have never touched the drug at all. It’s caused sexual side effects, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, depression, weakness, fatigue, low testosterone… The list goes on and on. This is a forum that I wish I had read before I took this drug. I recommend you all do the same before touching this stuff.


Subj: This drug does come at a price
Date: 1/10/2008
Anyone looking for feedback on this product I am your man. I have been on this product for seven years, I am a 36 year old white male, blond hair, and yes I still have ALL my hair and plus some compared to when I was thinning out. This drug does come at a price:

1) Yes, it is expensive approximately $3.00 a pill but how can you put a price on your self confidence.

2) Some side effects nothing that lasts forever, for example sensitivity will go away, tiredness goes away.

3) Sex drive does not decrease it is mostly a mental game, I can have sex twice a day if I wanted to.
4) Penis size is not affected. I know nothing is perfect after all I am putting a chemical in my body. I will continue to use this drug as long as I keep my hair. Bottom line is if you want to stop hair loss this is the best product on the market at the moment, until something better comes along I will use Propecia. Highly recommendable for those who have an issue with hair loss.


Subj: It does not look good
Date: 1/10/2008
Propecia gave me anxiety, blurred vision, dark under eyes and watery semen. I quit taking the pills and thought everything would go back to normal: a few weeks later my genitals completely died (are still numb), I got gyno, weight gain and a depression unlike anything I have ever experienced. I went to the doc and got my blood tests done: my hormones were all over the place…low T, high cortisol and high prolactin. It has been almost six months since quitting and it does not look good. T is getting up but the symptoms stay. My hair even looked ok before fin, but I was self conscious about it. Now I am more self-conscious about my shrunken non-working genitals, manboobs and belly. Will never mess around with my hormones again, if not absolutely necessary


Update December 2010: Merck has officially added depression to the list of possible side effects of Propecia.

Subj: Worried about prostate issues
Date: 1/10/2008
I’ve been on Propecia since I was 20 years old; I’m 31 now and have had no sexual side effects and have maintained the little bit of hair I had on the front center of my head since I started the treatment. My grandfather was completely bald by the time he was 20, so Propecia has worked great for me. I’ve had several blood tests since starting Propecia(the last being less then a year ago) and all have turned out ok. My question is this: Over the last year or so I’ve been very busy and have only renewed my prescription a couple times; is there any known harm in stopping the medication after having been on it for so long? I know I might lose some hair, but I’m more worried about any prostate issues. Is there any harm in taking a dose every 2-3 days to see what, if any, benefits are maintained? I’ve been off of it for the better part of a month now and though I’ve never had any sexual problems, I’m now perpetually semi-aroused and my ability to “recharge” has vastly improved.


AskDocWeb: There are no known issues with discontinuing and no known harm in reducing the amount you take.

Subj: Get the best of both worlds?
Date: 1/10/2008
I have been taking Propecia for 10 years, since the drug hit the market in January 1998. I was 26 years old at the time. I’ve achieved significant results from Propecia and have a full head of hair today at 36. If not for the drug, I truly feel I would be completely bald today like my brother and father. The bad news is I started experiencing sexual side effects this past year (loss of sex drive, dry orgasms, etc.) I stopped taking the drug for a little over two weeks, and it appears the sexual side effects have gone away. Do you have any recommendations on taking a lower dosage (half pill per day or one pill every other day) so I can get the best of both worlds, or do I need to experiment on my own?


AskDocWeb: If you divide the pills then you need to be aware of the danger that splitting those pills creates. Every effort should be made to protect pregnant women from coming into contact with dust from split pills. That dust can be absorbed through the skin and poses a hazard to fetal development.

Subj: Can’t find statistics
Date: 1/11/2008
I’m almost 27. I had qualms about possible side-effects, but was ready to take it after my doctor seemed relaxed about them while giving me the prescription. After getting my first bottle, I noticed the label said…”…side effects USUALLY reversible…” and decided not to take it unless I had specific statistics about the number of documented side effects. On the Propecia website, many percentages are given when discussing the 5-year study, but the website does not say that 100% or all side effects went about upon discontinuation. Instead, there is a statement: “Side effects went away in patients who stopped taking Propecia because of them” which, of course, just means that side effects went away in at least more than one case. Further, there is no amount of time discussed for the disappearance of side effects.

I want to know how many people are taking Propecia and how many documented cases of not-yet-reversed side effects there are. I want to know what percent of people under 30 with active sex lives noticed a difference on the drug. I can’t find this information, and my doctor said he had no additional information–he recommended I talk to some pharmacies with a bigger sample size. My feeling is at best, Propecia causes side effects reversible over varying periods of time; at worst Propecia in fact has a sexual effect on much more than 2% of people which would be noticeable if these people were more sexually active, and, an unscreenable population up to .5% experiences side effects irreversible within a year or even more. I have long hair and my image is important to me. However, if there is any statistically significant risk of irreversible side effects then my image is just a silly cosmetic concern in comparison. Can this website help me with any of the info I need?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Jonathan, those statistics do not seem to be available to the general public. Read more feedback.
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