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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Problem with laser hair removal
Date: 2/16/2008
Propecia is great for my scalp, but I am having laser hair removal to my back, chest & arms and it is not working well. My laser operator says that may be because of the Propecia. Is that true? Would I need to stop Propecia to have successful hair removal on other parts of my body?


AskDocWeb: That’s a new one, we’ll have to do some research on that.

Subj: No side effects
Date: 2/22/2008
I have been using propecia for over ten years, and I could use a lower sex drive, lol. No side effects, ever! All of my brother’s went bald before thirty, I just turned forty and I wish I could post a picture. At my parents 55th wedding anniversary, friends and relatives asked how I “dodged a bullet!” As far as the sexual symptoms, someone tell me why the blind placebo test patients had similar dysfunctions, why do you see ads for erectile dysfunction all over TV? Must be a problem in general, right? Psychological perhaps?


Subj: Shen-Min?
Date: 2/22/2008
Can you tell me why you don’t recommend Shen-Min? I am not interested in Propecia, because of the various side-effects possible, so I was wondering what your thoughts are on Shen-Min.


AskDocWeb: Sorry, we recommend only those products that we believe will benefit you.

Subj: Finsteride and nandrolone
Date: 2/24/2008
Can you tell me what happens if you take finsteride and nandrolone together I’ve heard it cause faster hairloss than if you don’t take it? Also if a woman has been exposed to a minute amount if finasteride how long would it take to be out of her system, if at all does, it cause any permanent problems?


AskDocWeb: Nandrolone is harder on the scalp than dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride blocks the conversion of nandrolone into DHN. If nandrolone remains in its original form it causes rapid hair loss. This has been observed but has not yet been tested in vivo.

No permanent problems have been reported by women who were exposed to finasteride before conception or after giving birth. The question of how long small amounts stay in the body does not seem to have been addressed by the manufacturer but there is no indication that any amount would stay in the body. The serum half-life of finasteride is 6 to 8 hours and a single dose is not detectable after 96 hours.

Subj: Risks to impregnation?
Date: 2/27/2008
Are there any risks/results of a male taking propecia and trying to impregnate his wife?


AskDocWeb: The only risk to conception the manufacturer has indicated is that dust from broken pills can be absorbed through the skin. A woman must not come into physical contact with dust from broken pills because of a possibility of a specific type of birth defect. To address this concern, wash your hands after handling the pills.

Subj: Low libido
Date: 3/1/2008
My boyfriend has recently been cutting down his dosage of propecia due to a low libido. He cuts his tablets into quarters – I have not noticed that is has made a difference – have others experienced this? Could there be any side effects of cutting the medication? Is there any remedy for the sexual side effects apart from stopping the drug altogether?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Sally, there is no remedy for the sexual side effects other than discontinuing the propecia. Any yes, others have experienced a low libido while on Propecia.

Subj: Terrible side effects
Date: 3/1/2008
Hi guys, Been using finastéride for one week and I have terrible side effects: difficulty to focus, to have a thorough mental process, in the morning I feel crucified to my bed, my libido has gone up strangely enough. All these symptoms started two days after taking finastéride and stopped quickly one day and half after stopping. I guess it’s a start up process and I was going through the change of in my DHT. First, I am not going to stop completely but I will try again. I am writing to make a point on buying proscar and dividing it. This is what I did and I have to say that this is totally messing around with one’s hormonal system. Indeed, as you can thoroughly know the exact amount of finastéride taken (even you u mix the crushed proscar), your body will always have a fluctant rate of DHT and this is unhealthy in order to achieve balance. My second goal now is to buy propecia and try it. If side effects continue, I will not continue it and resort maybe to duastéride or else. See ya,


Subj: Long term use
Date: 3/3/2008
There is a guy on you tube that has a video for all to see. he has taken propecia for 10+ years and has never had any side effects and has had two children whilst on the drug. This is the longest I’ve ever heard any one take the drug and yet he has no health issues. Just thought I’d share that to those who have been taking the drug and are worried about long term use.


Subj: Worried about cancer and heart disease
Date: 3/5/2008
I have been using propecia, after a hair transplant, and I didn’t have a whole lot of donor hair, so after the transplant it was kind of thin. I started using propecia and actually grew some hair, and it also got thicker, made the transplant look much better, but I am worried about health risks later in life, like cancer or heart disease. Has propecia been known to cause this?


AskDocWeb: No, there are no reports of Propecia having any long-term affects on the heart nor does it cause any kind of cancer.

Subj: Once I take propecia
Date: 3/7/2008
Ok why is it that once I take propecia my heart starts racing, my back aches, my teeth grinds, and my testicles got a sharp pain? Is this drug right for me? Can I take half a day? Oh ya, and plus I can’t sleep at night! I really don’t doubt the product but can I take the sides.


AskDocWeb: Please report your side effects to the doctor that prescribed the drug.

Subj: Severe acne
Date: 3/10/2008
I recently took Propecia and developed severe acne. I took the medication (1 pill per day) on a Monday morn and then on a Tuesday morning. Tuesday my face started itching along the right jaw line. I stopped taking Propecia at that point. The following Sunday night I resumed taking Propecia, hoping the itching was a mere coincidence. I took 1 pill Sun night, then another Monday night. My face broke out quite bad Tuesday afternoon. It developed into severe ingrown hairs. Now I have to see a dermatologist. I’ve never had complexion problems and I’m a healthy male in my mid 20s. This was not mere coincidence. I’m surprised this side effect is not mentioned. Beware,


Subj: Heart disease and Propecia?
Date: 3/11/2008
After taking propecia 2.5 months, I experienced heart disease. I could not breathe suddenly. I felt I was suffocating. I had very short breathing. I felt that I am going to die. Still now I have chest pain, very weak body. I have stopped taking propecia. Do you have answer about the relation between heart disease and propecia?


AskDocWeb: Several men have reported an increased heart rate, racing heart or palpitations but the Physician’s Desk Reference does not list any side effects on the heart.

Subj: During pregnancy
Date: 3/12/2008
Hello, I stopped using Propecia while trying to get my wife pregnant and got pregnant right away. Is there any harm in now continuing taking propecia when she is 12 weeks pregnant? My doctor said there is really nothing on passing the drug in bodily fluid when having sex while she is pregnant. Should I be concerned about starting my prescription again during the pregnancy as long as she does not handle the pills?


AskDocWeb: Aside from the fact that finasteride dust from broken pills can be absorbed through the skin, we have read nothing that would indicate a concern.

Subj: My advice
Date: 3/12/2008
I used Propecia and after four months I saw regrowth. However, I went almost a week without it over Christmas Break and then got my hands on some more. My hair loss after that little break has been the most rapid ever, even though some follicles are trying to grow back. My advice – if you are going to do it, don’t go a day without it.


Subj: Liver damage
Date: 3/17/2008
My husband is using propecia for the last 5-6 years. I just want to know if it can damage his liver since he has to use it for rest of his life to be able to keep the result. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Clinical studies have not revealed any liver damage but so far they have all been short-term studies, long-term studies have not been done. We’ve read that some physicians have linked the use of Propecia with permanent liver damage but we have not found evidence of that.

Subj: Ability to gain muscle mass?
Date: 3/18/2008
I recently starting using Propecia and have a question regarding its effect on male hormones. Is there any effect on the ability to gain muscle mass through weight lifting or is the effect specific to preventing hair loss only?


AskDocWeb: Some men have reported that they thought the Propecia prevented them from getting the “burn” during workouts and affected their muscle growth but there is no clinical evidence of that. Read more feedback.
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